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  1. Impressive dose, 400 MEGA grams!
  2. I'd put 3ml in any site personally, think a teaspoon is 5ml, not actually as much volume as it looks in a syringe.
  3. Diet dictates weight loss or weight gain not steroids. You can cut with any steroid. Showing your inexperience here. Testostosterone increases lyposis, this is just a scientific fact.
  4. Where does he say this? Regardless testosterone increases liposis regardless of diet.
  5. I do agree, but my point was it been better for him to run deca at 150mg-200mg than to run HGH with his first cycle for ligament pain.
  6. Well if you got it you may as well run it. Another option would of been adding low dose deca, this increases collagen synthesis, so would aid in ligament and joint pain. Aromasin start at 12.5mg EOD. All orals cause me acid problems as does tren I take omeprazole while on cycle, works wonders.
  7. Good look with your goals, lifts can always be depressing after time off but I'm sure you'll get there. At least you've got the motivation back. Never had to administer CPR on a loved one, but be sure it not like in the movies and most times CPR doesn't work! Sorry for your loss and good luck!
  8. I'd run for 12 weeks personally. 500mg/week split twice weekly. Wouldn't bother running anavar at 40mg/day I'd double it to 80mg. HCG I wouldn't run 5 days a week either, maybe twice weekly. Others will be better to advise on this, I've had my kids so happy with my tiny ornamental balls. EDIT Just reread and seen you said HGH 5 days week not HCG, I'd honestly just stick to test for now. Plus you need to run HGH for longer than 10 weeks for best results. Simple test plus oral for first cycle will give great results as long as diet and training is good.
  9. Sounds like something you'd hear on an american forum. Test will increase fat loss and I'm sure higher risk of gyno with higher bf is just bro science?
  10. I'd just pin your test twice a week making it 800mg test 525mg tren 525mg mast But if you've been off for 5 years I'd probably say you could afford to go lower, that's the dosages I'd run after 3 years b&c and 7 years cycling. Plus I am 15 stone, albeit at around 13% bf.
  11. You won't reach peak levels until 11 days in because of the long half life. For me DNP went like this Days 1-4 Nothing much Days 5-8 heating up Days 7-12 terrible lethargy Days 9-22 really hot and sweaty, even just walking. I lost most of my weight from about day 7-15 sometimes 2lb/day. Ran with T3 50mcg, test e 250mg, tren e 200mg.
  12. I wouldn't say shoulders and traps is due to bad genetics. More age, as you get older you'll find these will grow. A lot of muscle density will come with age. I used to have a similar physique when I was your age many moons ago. Now I always get comments on my traps and I don't even train them directly anymore.
  13. Its 'relatively safe' to smoke crack too. Not sure if it'll be better pre or post WO though.
  14. Out of interest, have you ever had a self administered bad jab? Because after 10+ years I can honestly say I've never had an infection/abscess, sometimes bad pip from high strength/solvents. I wonder how many of these are down to bad technique, poor site choice or just inexperience and standard PIP.
  15. I used to train at the Olympic Gym in Eccles when I lived in Manchester. http://www.paulgeorge.org/olympicgym.htm Always used to great gym.