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  1. I'd avoid personally, it is literally cheap as chips. But the usual review sites have stories of bad pip, funky smells etc. There's plenty of other good trusted labs, I'd stick with the tried and tested.
  2. In all fairness, neck training within boxing is common. Much harder to KO someone with a neck like a tree trunk. Just reread your post and seen you do box. Cant give you a serious answer unfortunately as I don't personally train neck. But maybe try dips with head harness so not directly straining neck but obviously still working it.
  3. What's your goals? Anyone's physique you like in particular? Its the same for men I'd say, I receive lots of negative comments when I'm really lean, my Mrs doesn't even like me sub 10% but you've got to do it for you and fvck what anyone else thinks.
  4. There's a place by me that do our kids school uniform and they're machines aren't industrial. They have a contract with all the local schools and must make a fair bit as they're always rammed come September. These are obviously just school logos and such so not nesseasarly long rung as your after?
  5. You defiantly need to counteract all the negativity with pics of these booty enhancing leggings
  6. Yes, just 250mg, not planning on upping it either. Loosing about 3lbs every 4 days.
  7. Running with 50mcg of T3, but also running low dose Tren & TRT which is making the sweating and presumably lethargegy worst. Plus obvious vitamins and electrolytes. Temp is only a steady 36.8C - 37C. Just counted and on day 12 now. The mini heat wave isnt helping though!
  8. It's nice to see the unity from the British public in the news. Makes you proud to be British, not very often to see so many people stand united.
  9. How long you got left now mate? Struggling with lethargegy and I'm only on day 9!
  10. My advice is not to cheat at combat sports. Has your whining like a little girl got a point...
  11. Giving head!
  12. I did wonder!
  13. No mate, but in case you didn't notice it's a public forum, so I can give my opinion if I want to...
  14. You was a 10 stone powerlifter?
  15. I prefer mine IV, hits loads better.