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  1. Yes on tren definitely. Also really strong on dnp, smells like some sort of acid (I like it ), and also to a lesser extent on other compounds, though this may just be from a bulking diet as sparkey said.
  2. 1g is pretty standard these days, and eq is low on sides isn't it? I talked about doing 300 test + 400 deca and people said it was low, despite that I'm only about 190lbs and judt getting back after a year layoff (of working out - even longer since I've pinned). And I have decided they're right and I'll probably do 500/500 instead, despite that deca is a bit harsher (I recovered fine last time). So yeah, I wouldn't have too much trepidation about going up to 1g, though if I'm reading right, 900eq + 400T + 400M adds up to a good bit more. edit / actually I'm not reading it right at all, you're asking if adding 1.5+ of eq to a test/mast stack is too much and IDK, I've never used eq or mast before.
  3. 100 tren eod sounds decent, I would do 150 for test.
  4. Yeah my concern is that I'm not a great fan of orals. Last time I tried, a long time ago, I ended up with severe lethargy after about 20 days on 40mg dbol and had to discontinue. I'd like to do a full 28 days this time, and considering I'll be doing +10 dbol and +50 oxy I was thinking that having the occasional evening off might help with this.
  5. I'd just use adex from the start (adex is anastrozole isn't it?). Anyway, anastrozole is a suicidal inhibitor (letro too iirc, but that's harder to dose). Take .5 astro eod or .75 twice a week (2 day half life), rub your nipples in the shower every morning to check for sensitivity, and you can increase / lower the dose from there as you see fit. As for the steds I'd up the dose personally but since it's your 4th cycle you probably know how much test you like to run for gains, and in the past I dosed tren same as test, as you have done. I think lower test will give you dryer gains if that's what you want.
  6. Soldier of God will be fine.
  7. I'm thinking of doing a half dose on rest days (take the AM dose and skip the PM). Reason being I've got 25/25 dbol/oxy caps. This gives 50 of each compound daily, and I think 50 dbol is too much for me. I'm only having 2 rest days in 10 though, so that means I'm still doing 18 of 20 doses per 10 days. Is this stupid or ok?
  8. Maybe he's a Zionist.
  9. I've never used sus but iirc it's a longer esther than E, I think you mean Prop. That does seem like a huge gain in bench, and I remember reading in your OP that you've trained for years so you definitely should know your capabilities by now, so I can't give an explanation there, maybe you are right. You should also consider low dose cialis every day. Good sexual benefits, great for BP, and what I like most is that it seems to make my dick bigger when flacid (personally I'd use it for that alone, even if it's placebo )
  10. Well you're replacing the mast with test so I suppose it depends on your goal, I'd say yours is more of a bulker.
  11. WHat's your sets/reps for hammers? I have the forearms of a teenage girl and looking for a way to fix them. Currently doing reverse BB curl (2x12) and DB hammer curl (2x16) at the end of my back/bi workout cos high reps feels better than heavy but I'm not at all sure what's best.
  12. I'm pretty sure I do two or maybe three MP orders a year. My yearly total is less than what this guy 'apparently' chugged every month Dear god what must his creatine budget be???
  13. The guy says he goes through 9.6lbs, aka 4.5kg, of whey every week. One of those big myprotein bags every single week. What a load of nonsense. Just flat out lies. And expects people to believe the equally untrue stuff about roids. Like the gigantism he got in his face. Which they probably mostly do believe.
  14. Well I get hair on my biceps on deca so yeah I've certainly never noticed a decrease in body hair!
  15. Yeah, read that a few times. An absolute disgrace XD You can tell from the start he's a fckn liar when he mentions the "slabs of muscle" he gained. Gets worse as he describes his horrible infections (unlucky! I've jabbed so many times, not always super careful, never once got sick, this guy has a puss filled leg from a 12 week course), his jabs give him muscle spasms powerful enough to launch him backwards through time, every day he eats more tuna than the combined population of Tokyo do in an average month, and he has to wank more daily than you did in the entire first week you found out how to do it. Literally can't stop wanking Superman my arse. And there's probably loads more egregious s**t in there that I can't remember. I think I'll read it again for a laugh.