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  1. Yes they'll be absolutely fine. I do 6 at a time (2 weeks worth), done it this way for years. Just make sure you're using sterile practice, and put them somewhere out of the way.
  2. ok sound. Yeah I think you should always up the cardio on dnp, even though it means dropping the weights, to get maximum efficiency from the dnp (not going to be gaining muscle anyway so just add the extra effort to cardio is how I see it). Thx for the info, good luck with the rest of the course and keep us updated.
  3. Are you using the TM batch with the clear / silver sides to the package?
  4. You reckon? Most can get by on 500mg test p/w alone. This guy is running 1400 test along with the rest.
  5. I'd say yes, yes, and no. There's no need for a 175lb guy to be using 2.5g of gear a week imo (plus orals). I'd be aiming for somewhere around half of that as far as the oils go. Maybe keep the mast at 1ml, but cut the others to 0.5ml each.
  6. On 125 a day? I have to disagree. With a lot of effort I can lose 1lb of fat a day (no water) in the 375-500 range. I'd be absolutely amazed to see anyone losing 0.5 a day on 125.
  7. Latest batch? (silver on one side of the packet, clear on the other)? Sorry for all the questions, just wondering how effective my stuff will be (I've no reason to doubt TM DNP as my last lot was spot on). Also, you on T3? Doing much cardio? Sorry if this has been answered already, I haven't read the whole thread. Good results for you so far btw.
  8. What brand you using mate?
  9. Yes, when I have 2pw ester and a 3pw ester I split the 2 per week ester into 3 doses and pin with the 3pw ester.
  10. Yes, either do 500mg test for 12 weeks, or 400 test + 400 deca for 14 weeks. Deca doesn't stay in you for 18 months. I dunno what the detection time is, but as for the effects of deca they'll be gone in about 3 weeks after discontinuing. Also, have you considered a strength oral as opposed to dbol? dbol will add a lot of water, as will deca. I'm currently on deca + test and I'm using epi as my kicker (the mass will come from the deca/test but so far I'm liking the strength gains from the epi. It's only been 8 days and I can feel it already).
  11. 200 a week
  12. I like how my shoulders jut out, big and round, whereas the average guy just has a slope from his neck to the top of his arm. Their arms are probably still bigger than mine though, bastards.
  13. Hello, when will you re-stock your 5kg bags? The flavours on offer atm are not what I'd ever buy TY
  14. Renvex was really good for a while, I'm sure it was over-dosed, really felt like it. My traps exploded on two bottles of their decatest 450, and I never ever work traps.
  15. Bought 3 packs of dnp about a week ago. Took about 4 days to arrive (I prefer 2, but 4 is fine). The caps didn't look as nice as the last lot. A bit bent and crumpled. I'll be on them in 2 weeks, hopefully they're as effective as the last batch.