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  1. Been out of the game for 5 +years now, it's always been on my mind (don't think it will ever go) but didn't have the 100% commitment. Anyway, went to the gym last week and done a work out , God I missed those awesome feeling aches I had for days afterwards. Im a fitish bloke still playing footie active and healthy and I want to give training one last bash. As I hope you can appreciate I'm no 20 year old with the world being their oyster and Im going to have a little assistance in my training. Being out of the game for so long and the way things move on so fast I thought I would ask advice. Yes I know how to train and eat it's the medical scinence side of things I need help on. In your opinion taking my age into consideration would taking 50mg of anavar E/d for 10 weeks do any harm, I'm only looking for a few lbs lean muscle upper body. All my contacts have gone so no idea what's hot and not. Thanks for reading.