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  1. That drummer has some serious stamina. I'd be on the floor after 10 minutes of that
  2. Sriracha is my favourite tasting sauce, not super spicy though. Chicken fajita with plenty of cheese and sriracha is awesome.
  3. Do they sell these in the supermarkets? I'll definitely give it a try. Going to have a look at some meat free foods for her tomorrow too. I'll never go veggie cos ribs and bacon are not worth missing out on but if she's having meat free stuff and it's good enough I might as well eat it to save making 2 different meals.
  4. Oh yeah and butter is amazing, marge tastes like poo
  5. My Mrs is trying to transition to veggie atm. She's dropped all red meat so far. Just eating fish and chicken. I can't imagine being veggie from just trying to help her. I do like the thought of it but I find it hard to put weight on and I love meat so can't see me joining her any time soon.
  6. My calves are awful, and my knees! I blame my dad, his legs are also awful. Being 6 foot 4 doesn't help either. What I have found seems to be working (I think) is getting dog, a pair of walking boots and blasting these awesome Welsh hills.
  7. A tin of tuna is around 75p + a splash of O.J call it 80p Myprotein white chocolate impact whey 2.5kg bag is 28 quid, 100 servings in a bag that's 28p for a protein shake. I know which one I'd prefer
  8. Did you plan ahead and buy a suit that was too small for you? I'm going to be the other way around. I'm 14 stone and hoping to be 16 stone by my wedding next June.
  9. Can't imagine cold rice being very nice
  10. I eat a lot of vegetables. I love them. I just don't really like fruit. Don't know why, I'm not fussy with food and like near enough everything other than most fruit. Most fruit seems to give me a horrible taste in my throat. Might try some different fruits though and see what I can tolerate. Thinking about it, cheese and pineapple is one of my favourite things in the world so I start eating more pineapple.
  11. Best place to get these from? Should I also take vitamin C if I eat no fruit?
  12. Ok mate. Hope you enjoy your weekend
  13. You're still yet to tell us what great achievements you've accomplished. I don't see why you feel the need to try and put others down who are clearly happy with their lives when you seem to be not content with your own. I have failed at nothing, I'm getting married next year to my amazing fiancée, I have a great group of friends and love my family so I fill my free time doing the things I enjoy with them.
  14. Why don't you enlighten us with how you think we should be spending our free time oh great one? If these activities are what make people happy then it is far from useless. I don't work hard all week to stress over achieving anything. Spend your spare time with the people you love and do the things that make you happy, they won't care if you "achieve greatness" either. Make the most of the time you have together while you can.