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  1. I was reading it as every arrangement had to have the same number of each colour like 1,1,1 or 2,2,2.
  2. 2 blue, 3 yellow, 4 red. 2×8=16 blue 3x8=24 yellow 4x8=32 red 8 arrangements I understand now lol
  3. How can every balloon be used if all the arrangements have to be identical and every arrangement has to have the same number of each colour. Doesn't make sense to me.
  4. 7 thin bacon rashers, hovis seed sensation fried in the bacon fat, hp brown sauce. The best bacon sarnie ever.
  5. Looks more like you're pinching loose skin than fat in those pics to me. Looking good though so I wouldn't worry yourself too much.
  6. Dunno how they're so cheap, like 47 a month if you go straight to EE
  7. I got the S7 edge on its day of release and it's awesome. Camera is spot on, looks great and never had a problem. Just dont drop it and the screen is fine. How come you don't want an S8? Price? If I had to choose anything other than Samsung I'd go Google Pixel
  8. Caramelized onion burgers, English mustard, ketchup, sweet pickled cucumbers, bacon and blue cheese Cooked the mushrooms in the burger fat and blue cheese, were insane.
  9. I've just done this but with a piece of drain pipe and a thinner piece of waste pipe, haven't put it into my routine yet but I had a go and it burns like hell. Was thinking of doing it mainly to help with arm pump when downhill mountain biking
  10. What Ultrasonic asked was what training did you do and what progress did you make before this programme? How long have you been training in total?
  11. Tommy 2 pies Was going to make gravy but it's late and I've already had a million calories today.
  12. Big one for me this year. 30 in a couple of months. My brain tries to tell me I'm 21 and my body tells me I'm 50. (No offence to the over 50s and almost 50s)
  13. Walking the dog the other day and a guy was coming the other way with his dog, I stepped into the road cos the pavement wasn't wide enough for both of us, I smiled and said alright mate as everyone around by us does and he just stared at me the whole way past, didn't even say cheers. Dick!
  14. I'd have done it but I'd probably look exactly the same on the finish date as I did at the start