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  1. The IRA are no better than Isis and definitely just as bad a loyalists. I'm from Belfast and from a infamous ghetto how dare u come off with a comment so loose and full of s**t!!
  2. He may have said he condemned all acts of violence but he has to say that s**t. He is a IRA sympathiser. I don't give a fcuk what anyone says.
  3. Religion has been at the heart of murder for so long now. Nothing more dangerous than religion and it's followers
  4. Oils are great and as for the orals I ran sis anadrol it is definitely gtg without a doubt crazy rapid mass I put on 12lbs in just over a week ha
  5. You complete Lucky fxxker!!! Lol I'd love this landing at my door!!
  6. fu**ing spot on about tren!!
  7. Thanks guys for ur input and condolences. I wanted to share just in case it affects any of us here just looking out for us all. Was clen and t3 and grenades. Hardly any meals substituted meals for shakes a lot aswell to loose the weight faster.
  8. Big time he really was
  9. Totally agree with u mate. That's why I shared it with u guys here. We should look out for each other.
  10. Hopefully going to hear more during the week. His mum said the doc warned him his heart was in bad shape. I'm sure there's been an autopsy so surely be a toxicology report also. Madness.
  11. Child hood friend of mine died at the weekend. He struggled with weight issues recently ran a crash diet with intense training he was running clen and t3 not sure if he was running anything else he looked amazing but literally dropped dead in his mum's house. fu**ing scary!! Makes u think..
  12. I found it potent af!! Libido went through the roof aswell haha
  13. Definitely mate it's 100% legit.
  14. 100% g2g