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  1. You should get your BP checked. This is the only way to know if it has indeed "spiked". A headache can be caused by a plethora of things.
  2. I'm on my 2nd cycle of EQ. I personally think it needs to be run around 600mg/week or more for 14-16 weeks to get a good effect. Currently at week 12 of 16 @ 650mg/week and 300mg/week of test. I really like it. The gains have been slow and steady, but the quality of the gains is impressive. Strength has gone way up. I am lean and vascular and still gaining. Added NPP at week 6 to stir things up a bit. Long story short, EQ, while it is no tren, is a great lean mass gainer if you have the patience.
  3. Truly learning another language really requires immersion. I took years of Spanish in High School and at a university, but I didn't even make a dent in it until I moved to a Spanish speaking country. That being said, you can learn enough to get by or to impress the Mrs. by just working with her or using an online tutor. It gets more difficult to acquire things mentally the older you get, so have a go at it now. Good luck!
  4. I second the Mexico idea. After the plane ticket, everything is dirt cheap. You can do this anywhere in Central America, really. Belize is amazing too.
  5. You can just heat it with a hair dryer or on the stove in some warm water. Don't submerge the cap and remember to alleviate the pressure built up inside with a needle. It will absorb quickly into your muscle and shouldn't cause a problem.
  6. Insults are the answer of a man with nothing intelligent left to say. It was just a simple debate. No need to get your panties in a twist.
  7. I don't have a chip on my shoulder mate and certainly hope you wouldn't care if some stranger across the world doesn't agree with you. You disagreed with me and I just tried to back up my statement with science.
  8. The problem with your statements is they are just that: your statements. Until you back them up with hard evidence, it is just heresay. Pseudoscience. No amount of likes or posts on a forum can legitimize inaccurate statements.
  9. "New technique of not rubbing it in" is like the new technique by mechanics of not changing your oil. There is no science behind it, it is just lazy. Here is a scientific study proving that it is indeed effective at reducing PIP. " The pain perception of patients in terms of pain scores without massage was found to be significantly higher than pain perception of patients with massage after intramuscular injection administration " I have never gotten PIP. The guys who don't rub it in get PIP sometimes and blame it on the gear. The logic of "rubbing it in causes PIP, but not rubbing it in also causes PIP sometimes..." doesn't make sense.
  10. Please explain yourself here. Every doctor I've received a shot of test or any other oily injectable solution (cortisol, etc) has recommended to rub it in after injection. This keeps the medicine that was originally a powder, from recrystallizing in your muscle after the oil has absorbed, causing pip. Also, sub-q oil injections will absorb into the body like IM. The only reason we do IM is because it absorbs faster and can hold a higher volume of medication. So much bro science on here sometimes.
  11. Where's the test? You will most likely get to the end of this cycle feeling confident and strong. You will probably gain some muscle if you train and eat, but you won't have a libido to share with the ladies because your test levels are going to crash. Then, they will stay crashed because you didn't mention any sort of PCT regimen to bring your boys back into action. You need test as a man. I mean no offense, but anavar-only is what women run.
  12. I don't like to put more than 2ml into my delts personally, but I've seen people do just about everything. You probably know this, but it is very important to really massage the muscle post injection for about a minute. This helps disperse the oil and has been the best thing to reduce PIP for me. Sometimes I have to lean up against a wall with my other fist between the wall and my delt to be able to massage it hard enough. Same goes for glutes. Lean against something or lie down on a foam roller post injection. I even do a few body weight squats or lunges after just to make sure it isn't still pooled up in the muscle. Hope it gets better for you mate. It sucks to have loads of stuff that isn't comfortable to use.
  13. Maybe a tiny amount, but nothing notable. Most likely just nicked a blood vessel. I get a little dribble on my delt injections now and then. Probably less than 1/10th of a cc. Put some pressure on it for a minute with a tissue and rub it in. Carry on.
  14. No. I'm saying you should be fine if you just straighten out your levels by not jacking up your injection calendar like that. Your test level is probably different everyday when you pin like that. And, like I said, the level you received from your blood test is still about 50% higher than the upper range of normal.
  15. I'm confused as to why you aren't just pinning 150mg every other day. I think your levels would actually be more balanced and you would still end up with 525mg/week. You might also have an under-dosed product. Those levels usually represent something closer to 250mg/week. Still much higher than a normal male level.