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  1. Nah, I'm just tired of seeing the same 4 questions over and over on this board. This was meant to be satirical.
  2. I'm not sure what category to put these questions under, and I haven't really looked at any past posts, so I will just ask these questions here: 1. Give me a good first steroid cycle. I haven't done ANY research whatsoever, but I want to get huge, fast. 2. My leghurts after I injected a viscous fluid into my muscle. Is it an infection and how long do I have to live? 3. Is TM or SIS G2G atm? 4. Can any of our resident UK-M doctors analyze my blood test results? Do I need TRT? (I really want it, so don't tell me "no".) I'm sure I could think of a hundred other great, original questions, but this should help me out for now. Thanks, lads.
  3. Redness/swelling are just symptoms of tissue inflammation that can be caused by any number of things; in your case, injection trauma. Like Dead Lee said, 600mg of Ibuprofen will relieve most swelling in a few hours. If you had an infection, you would know it.
  4. If I'm congested, the gym will clear me up for several hours. Any "sicker" than that, I won't go. The equipment in most gyms is covered in enough bacteria. No need to add my own sickness to the mix.
  5. 18? Are you a T-Rex. Mine are like 30" long. I've hit a plateau and can't seem to make them any longer though....
  6. After being really sick last weekend, I am recovered and back on track. I am down 2 pounds and my arms are still growing. Finally hit a long time goal of 17" cold. I've been at this for nearly 9 years, so it's about time. I'm in second place at an arm size contest they are having at my gym. (I know, it's some weird Panamanian s**t.) Some muchacho has 18ers. Not much competition in this little town though, obviously. I should have new pics soon.
  7. New

    Welcome to UK-M. Congrats on the weight loss.
  8. In the first minute he compares a heroine junky and someone with a double doctorate in "Heroin Science"(12 years he said). Brilliant!
  9. There is no proven need or benefit to increasing testosterone in a cycle beyond 400mg/week. I think everyone does it because it has been repeated on every forum that, "You need a minimum of 500mg/week or you're wasting your time." "I don't get gains unless I run at least a gram." Simply put, you need enough test in your body to keep up your natural "man" functions going and to support the AAS doing its job. Of course it is beneficial to have a suprahuman level of test in your body, but 150mg/week is suprahuman compared to the average natural Joe. Go to 400mg/week and you suddenly have 5-10x more testosterone than any natural man on Earth. You can increase the deca all day long and continue seeing strength and size benefits up to a point. Increase the testosterone and what happens? Now you have acne, gyno, etc? Interesting. With test, the higher you go, the harder you fall. Keep it low and raise the AAS. Let the bro science claims commence...
  10. Had an umbilical hernia repaired last year. In and out in about 4 hours. 1 month recovery time recommended by the surgeon, but I stretched it out to 3 to be safe. Doctors have been repairing hernias for so long, it is an outpatient procedure. They have really perfected the whole thing with this nifty mesh patch. If anything, the trouble of getting it repaired is better than having it rupture in the gym and the foxy bird at the desk has to hold in your intestines until the medics get there.
  11. 300mg/week is going to be perfect for you. Your test levels will be several times higher than any natural human. There is no need to up the dose, but as DLTBB said, you most likely aren't going to want to stop at 10 weeks. That is where you will be seeing your best gains and you would benefit from stretching it out a few more weeks. 14-16 is the typical range. First cycle growth can't really be matched in terms of how fast you grow and how great you feel. Take it easy on your joints as you get stronger and you should have a great, minimum side-effect cyle.
  12. I think most UGL's do their best to provide a quality, consistent product. Almost no one wants to go through the trouble and cost of starting a label, just to get a bad name because they are purposely under-dosing their product to dupe their customers. If they do, these guys don't last long and you won't see their names on forums. Here in Central America, vet grade stuff is always good to go and you can actually visit the labs and buy directly from them. People take their horses very seriously here, so the Winstrol, NPP, and EQ had better be on point or they can be sued for damaging/killing someones $100k thouroughbred race horse. I remember the days of ordering from China (back in the NoshaBiz days) and hoping I didn't get pure sesame oil.
  13. Welcome!
  14. I am currently on 50mg/ed of Winstrol suspension plus my TRT dose of test. My diet is nearly half of what it was for bulking and I have removed a lot of unnecessary carbs and fats. The water has come down significantly after dropping the NPP last week. Things are coming right along much easier than I thought they would.
  15. So, I have always had a bit of dysmorphia concerning my physique and overall mass. It used to bother me, but I've learned to manage it. I have been on a constant bulk regimen for the last 8 years. Now, for the first time, I feel confident with my overall size and want to cut down and see what it looks like underneath. My goal is to reach somewhere around 7-8% body fat, but the number isn't really as important as the look I'm am going for. The problem is, I haven't worked my abs for almost a year, due to an umbilical hernia repair last year. I wanted to give the mesh a long time to bond to my abdominal muscle tissue before torturing said muscle tissue in the gym. Needless to say, I have no visible obliques and my midsection is under about a few centimeters of water and fat. I want to compete in the transformation contest, but my girlfriend is visiting the States and I don't have a gym partner, so I can't take the necessary, relaxed front and rear photos. I did take some pics so you could see where I am currently. I'm guessing somewhere in the 12-14% bf range. I am 6' 3" 215 lbs. There is some winstrol suspension that leaked out on my arm in this pic. Don't know how I didn't notice it. This is my first journal, but I will give it a shot and try to keep it up to date. Any suggestions will be appreciated.