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  1. "....if in a panic (believe me I left mine for ages cos I don't panic often enough) just go to your docs and tell him you sat on something..." "Thanks for the info mate, I did wonder what I could say if I went to my GP, that's not a bad excuse haha. Cheers, I will do!" Lying to your GP makes no sense whatsoever. They have a much harder time doing their job and fixing your problem if you don't tell them what really happened. They deal with heroine junkies and prostitutes with STDs on a daily basis. Your steroid use isn't going to blow their mind and make them break their hypocratic oath. If you forgot to change your oil for 15k kilometers, you wouldn't tell your mechanic you did it every 5k and you don't know why the engine is making that sound.... "Hey, I gave myself an injection 2 weeks ago and my arse hurts. Do I have an infection?" Simple and effective.
  2. Think about it like this.... A nurse or phlebotomist has to train for some time just to be able to correctly enter a vein with the distal end of a needle. Ever had a bad one try to draw blood from you?? They do it at an angle so it is easier to keep the needle in the vein. The odds of you hitting a vein with a needle inserted perpendicularly (and deep) into your skin and keeping the distal end in exactly the same spot throughout the injection are very slim. That being said, some people win the lottery twice in a lifetime.... Do it or don't. A little myocardial infarction never hurt anyone...
  3. steroids

    At the risk of sounding rude, your training schedule seems a little jacked, imo. Shoulders the day after chest, and doing it twice a week is a good recipe for a shoulder injury. Again, just my opinion.
  4. It appears you have done your research and your cycle looks fine. You can split the dose to twice a week if you want, but it isn't necessary. It may, however, give you less PIP as high concentration gear can sometimes hurt a bit, therefore a smaller injection could possibly be more comfortable...your choice. Morning or night doesn't matter. Try both and see what is more comfortable for you. I don't think you will have any problems at work though. As for HCG, I prefer to use it during the cycle. Some don't use it at all. You can find varying opinions about dosages, but the most common seems to be 300-500 iu every 4-5 days. If your diet is truly on point, there is no reason you shouldn't put on several pounds of lean muscle and get quite a bit stronger. Remember to drink loads of water. 3-4 liters a day is great. Your body is mostly water and it is the best acne deterrent I have found. Good luck with your gains!
  5. I bled a little when I poked a hole in myself with a needle.....Am I dying?!
  6. As a phukin yank, this is how I imagine all of you true UK'ers... How you probably imagine us yanks........
  7. This topic comes up at least once a week. If you did lose any oil, it would only be a miniscule amount. Like @Mingster said, you should have injected deep enough into your muscle that it won't be coming back out. If the site continues bleeding, just hold a tissue over the injection site with slight pressure. **edit** A GP taught me to pull the skin taught by putting my index finger and thumb together on the skin and spreading them apart with the hand that isn't holding the needle. This way, when you let go, it kind of seals the hole. It also seems to make the injection less painful, in my experience.
  8. 600-800 mg of ibuprofen should get the inflammation down enough get you on your feet. Sounds like you may have hit a nerve, based on your initial injection pain. There is a small chance it could also be an infection, so you might get it checked out.
  9. You can find loads of info on weight gain in the diet and nutrition section and the training information section is chock full of techniques to help you reach your goals. As far as how much to eat, everyone is different and you need to experiment to dial in what works for you. Feel free to post your questions and I'm sure someone who knows the answer will chime in eventually. Good luck with your goals and welcome to the forum.
  10. Yeah, I'm sure about it working for me personally. This article was really helpful for me.
  11. You should ask the gym management if you can change the banner out front to, "My mate uses roids. He's a real wank," with a picture of him next to it, all the while thinking "I wish people were asking me if I used roids......."
  12. The half life of HCG is very similar to that of the NPP, about 1.5- 2 days. Any longer and you are likely to experience fluctuations in blood levels, possibly resulting in your "gyno related sides". I like to do it every other day and try to get a total of around 1000 iu/week on cycle ( 300iu/eod. This has been after personal trial and error for years and finally finding the dosage that works best for me with the shortest and easiest recover post-cycle. Everyone is different. Find what works for you and crack on. Sidenote: I think you are going to enjoy the NPP, if you haven't used it before. It works quickly and is very effective for strength and size gains around the 350-400mg/week range.
  13. Don't be worried mate. I have numerous friends who have had this op. It is super fast and painless. Good luck!
  14. I have to wear them for work. It gets oppressively bright with sunlight reflecting off the top of a cloud deck. And how is protecting your eyes from harmful UV's "faggoty"? What a stupid adjective. You should throw in a racial slur too, just to round out your character for everyone.
  15. I understand the need to get something down quickly first thing in the morning. I have to wake up, make a quick shake, then go preflight the airplane in the dark. So it is about an hour before I get a chance to put a real breakfast in me. Peanut butter, banana, whey protein, flax, almond milk, aminos, oats, and ice in a blender. It takes me about 5 minutes to make, drink, and clean the mixer when I'm done. Aminos are my coffee in the morning. They really get my brain going better than coffee and give your muscles a "wake-up" kicker too. The important thing is, like @Ultrasonic said, getting an actual breakfast at some point in the morning. You HAVE to make time to eat. Even when I was doing construction 14 hours a day, I packed 4 meals and protein supplements. My coworkers laughed at me for being obsessive, but you gotta do what you gotta do to grow.