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  1. You could write an email to the company detailing what they delivered as compared to what they advertised. Maybe they want your return business, so they will ship you a few tabs to make you happy or give you a discount/bonus on your next order. Maybe they will tell you to f**k off.
  2. Research a bit about how your body realistically recovers from AAS use, the benefit of supplemented testosterone in such a cycle, and what you need to do to avoid a potentially embarrassing, hormonal disaster in your body. You do not want to experience an unexpected libido drop, erectile dysfunction, or gyno. Dbol is not like a protein shake or a creatine powder. It is the difference between taking Tylenol for a headache and taking Percocet.
  3. So he told you that double cream is the secret key to bodybuilding/bulking? Sounds like he forgot to mention the NPP/EQ/Tren blast he just finished too.
  4. Perhaps I'm simply not understanding your question, but, Just like any AAS, you eat until you reach your desired ratio of muscle to fat gain. It's something you will have to experiment with personally to see how your body responds to that particular compound.
  5. You have abs under a little fat and water. Use an app to log your food intake and adjust it to meet your goals. Keep up your training and diet and they will show themselves eventually. Just my unwarranted advice, but you should roll your shoulders back when you take photos. I used to do the same thing, trying to make my chest look bigger. You have good pectoral size, so stand tall and show it off. Rolling your shoulders forward only hides your rear delts (which look like you have put some time into, congrats) and puts pressure on your cervical spine and your traps.
  6. Just roll with it. Start grunting and snorting like a silverback, then walk over and just take the weight or machine they are using. No eye contact.
  7. 800 below maintenance. No, I was just mentioning that I've only been drinking water. (no beer/alcohol, fruit juice, soda, etc) My diet was brown rice, oats, and Nan bread, with chicken, tuna, turkey, cottage cheese, fish oil, fresh vegetables and 1 serving of fruit per day.
  8. This is my first cut, so I'm experimenting with a calorie deficit of roughly 800 kcals/day, ONLY drinking water or protein mixed in water, and 25 minutes of cardio twice a week.(try to hold steady heart rate at 150-160 bpm for the entire time.)
  9. Starting cut - May 11 Midway point - June 28 Last week. Lost 12 lbs (5.4kg) total and still trying to draw out water and fat. I seem to have hit a plateau...
  10. Just like workouts, you have to take each meal past the pain/comfort barrier. When you feel like you literally can't take another bite, take 2 more. Your stomach will eventually stretch and be able to accept more food per meal. I know it sounds silly, but I had to imagine each bite as a little piece of muscle being added to my body, kind of like clay on a sculpture. Why would you leave several grams of free muscle lying on your plate to be thrown away? Once you prioritize eating and finishing meals, heavy training will start to make you even hungrier.
  11. Food, not some protein shake or magic workout routine, will help you gain weight. I was a "hard gainer", always complaining about how I eat all day and don't gain weight. I soon realized I was fooling myself. When I started actually counting, I wasn't getting anywhere near the calories I thought I was getting. I had to eat an entire meal every 3 hours to get around 4000 kcal a day. It is a lot of work and requires even more patience. If you can stick with it for 2 months, you will see the difference between thinking you're eating a lot and actually eating A LOT.
  12. NPP. I always get a bit of water retention, but the strength and size increases are phenomenal, even at low doses like 350mg/week. If you are doing a 16 week cycle, that would leave you room for a good 10 weeks of a nandrolone compound.
  13. For me, EQ has always resulted in slow but quality gains that seem much more permanent than gains from other compounds. I have always run 600mgs for 16 weeks. You start to notice strength increases in the 2nd week, but visible gains seem to take 6-8 weeks to manifest. Eq is great for someone who wants to develop their body slowly, with minimal sides, and can manage the higher blood pressure. I have since replaced it with NPP, which blows the doors off of EQ at the same dosage.
  14. I hate thieves. I've never understood the ability to take something that someone else worked for and be able to sleep at night. I think it gets worse when they don't fear getting their arse blown off by an armed homeowner. They can just walk into houses while the tenants are sleeping and take what they want. Even if the homeowner wakes up, they can just run away. The ironic thing is, the thieves are probably packing. Even though it is really tough losing your car, I'm glad no one was hurt in your home. (I do wish your story would have read, "Some t**t broke in last night, and shat himself looking down the barrel of my 12 gauge.") Edit: I have lived in many "gunless" but dangerous places. I used to balance a big, glass jar of coins on a post just inside my door as a poor man's security system.
  15. ?

    Stack it with cake, pizza, and ice cream. You'll stay bulky.