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  1. Do you mind me asking what you do for work or how you ended up there? looks a paradise
  2. Pharmacom is pretty handy to get on the net, its pricey though too! Tm var seems to be hard to get now hasnt been available for a few weeks
  3. Anytime this thread gets a reply,i still burst out laughing at this!
  4. Thats crazy mate!no dogs out the back garden i take it then,would the big ones ever come up when your in the boat fishing?
  5. The tm stuff is about and lads on here saying it good.
  6. Looks a nice spot mate! ever any close encounters with the gators?would they bother coming up towards the house?
  7. Hand jobs
  8. You using slin pins to inject it?doesnt leave any mark
  9. If you feel like you want to go back home do it, you can always jump back on a plane and pick up where you left off. sounds like you made your mind up already
  10. That norma test e amps are like a double glazed window!!
  11. Ten spots on slate fora month
  12. Every time the dog wakes you up barking go in and wake your neighbour up. they will soon sort the noise of that dog
  13. So you read a perfect topic that a knowledgeable member on here wrote up..but your asking is this all necessary? of course it is, you will think its not until your e level are all over the place and get all the sides and a face like a hot air ballon. prevention is the best cure.
  14. Zydex are generally rubbish mate,iv never used there pct meds. if your in the uk theres plenty of good sources that will have pharma grade and ship the next day