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  1. I get a bit more hot and sweaty usually at night or during workouts. But what I did notice and had to alter is the dosing. I took 25mcg for a few weeks then upped to 50mcg and was fine not too much extra heat or hunger. Then a few weeks later I upped to 75mcg and that's when had terrible problems with hunger. If I took all 3 first thing as supposed to i eat my usual calories plus I can go through another 3k calories and feel like I haven't ate all day constantly hungry. So I have started taking 50mcg in the morning then 25mcg before bed and every thing seems fine now with good results and hunger isn't as bad.
  2. Not sure mate but diet and training stayed the same swapped over to tiromel and results were better. Read of others aswell where this happened.
  3. Won't go wrong pal love the tiromel working a treat. Much better results than the alpha and uni pharma before
  4. Tasty protein bars that are quick and easy to make. Makes 5 260 cals. 18.2g protein. 15.3g fats. 12g carbs. 75g pb 75g whey protein 30g oats 1 banana 20g seeds 20g desicated coconut 20g crushed hazlenuts Mix it all together and press into a tray then into the fridge. Cut into 5 and enjoy.
  5. Tastes amazing mate and so quick and easy to do.
  6. I have 1 everyday after work as my afternoon snack. 316cals. 38.6g protein. 15.1g fats. 7.8g carbs. 5g cocoa powder 0.5tsp baking powder. 1 egg 15g pb 30g banana whey 30g quark 30ml almond milk. 1 1/2 minutes nice and big. They taste great.
  7. Dbillam90 mainly stuff from racing and progress with this transformation
  8. It wasn't so much the test was more the clen and t3 if would be worth dropping or lowering.
  9. Ok mate I had a feeling should just be honest anyway incase of future problems. Cheers
  10. I went about something else and he noticed the weight I've lost and asking questions then said to do a full check up to make sure everything is ok. Im down 4 stone since November and 8 stone since 2 years ago last time I went to the doctors.
  11. Full blood count, u + e, glucose, lft, prolactin and vgt.
  12. I'm at the doctors next week for a blood test and not mentioned being on any gear etc. I'm currently on 250mg test e, 40mg winny, 75mcg t3 and 60mcg clen. Is it worth dropping or lowering the dose of any in that short space of time? Or just endure the ear ache off the doctor about taking gear.
  13. I started when I was too young and regret not having the knowledge and information about now. I did sus and deca for my first then test, tren and masteron for the second cycle at 17.
  14. Cheers mate feels great seeing the progress to show for all the hard work.
  15. cheers mate