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  1. Ha they have cake and I've had plenty but no healthy variety. Calories are being drastically cut when I get back to make up
  2. @anna1 Sounds good I like them with an extra spoon of quark on top aswell. Really missing them been away for 11 days now and not a nice protein bar or cake insight.
  3. No problem have you tried them yet
  4. Hmmm might have another play at dnp then in the near future. Will finish the triumph blast off nicely
  5. Peanut butter
  6. They're lovely I have 1 everyday for a snack. Using chocolate whey now and they're even better.
  7. Will be going with triumph mast e shortly using there t3 and clen at the minute and very happy with that
  8. Since stripping s**t loads of fat I've got a small pea sized lump behind each nipple thats some times a bit tender. I wasted my time going to the gp for help. He felt them and said don't worry it's muscle He booked me for a blood test anyway. Didn't here anything so I rang reception and she said a go has checked them if you haven't heard anything it's nothing wrong. I went down for a copy myself and the t**t had got me tested for everything apart from test and e2 levels.
  9. I'm on triumph clen now at 120mcg and swapped from doing sb labs at the same dose. Less than 100mcg I get no real side effects at all and 120mcg I am warmer but that could be the t3 contributing. And I get slight shakes at this dose but not terrible. Only time I really notice is when I finish a race run and my heart is trying to bounce out my chest. If your diet and training is 100% give it time and judge by results not sides.
  10. Usual case when I f**k off on holiday
  11. I've just swapped over from sb labs clen and tiromel t3 to triumph products. Can't fault them for delivery and communication first class. I'm running 120mcg clen and 100mcg t3 same as from swapping. Not noticed any changes in hunger etc so seem to be just as good. Sat sweating like a goodun in Tenerife. Will be ordering some test tren and mast as soon as I am back.
  12. Search function works wonders?
  13. ive been using the abe pwo for about 6 weeks and get along well with it. but know of a few that cant take it for similar reasons to you.
  14. Just ordered there t3 and clen no doubt it'll be good based on what others are saying