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  1. most what comes from east block eurpoe is fake or replica. greek pharma most faked also the turkish ones also see many fake lilly humatrope hgh. try not to buy east block europe stuff. only what is g2g from there is balkan pharmaceutical all other better not buy.
  2. my mate using the test p and said its bit pip after but works great. he reconized a big increase of libido after switch labs from ghost gear uk
  3. my mate is using the thaiger pharma one at the moment and is happy with it. said bit pip after but is on most test p.
  4. sometimes they open them to check if is not damaged but never opened from stock
  5. i would use anti e's only from legit sources. its waste money if u get fakes or get nothing from it. . real arimidex or aromex exeme. cost a lot in in powder alredy i think not that the ulabs sell the real deal. not all of them but most. and with A bad gyno is not to joke with.
  6. hi, who used them before g2g?
  7. is still the same as before and they do top quality gear. got them deca nandro 250 and test comp test mix here to use.