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  1. The ratio is not as important as timing and supplement quality. Look for a top rated/tried and tested product. I would recommend optimum nutrition's new Pro BCAA formula.
  2. It's definitely going to be beneficial to your recovery and with intense workout days even more so. The only time it would be too much is maybe if you drank a whole tubs worth of the stuff in one go! I would say keep doing as you are and adding it to the water as it will prompt you to drink more and in turn keep hydration levels at peak performance levels! win-win.
  3. Maca Powder is also a good option that you may not have considered. It's gluten free, low GI carbohydrate and has 12g of protein per 100g! It's packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids too.
  4. Drink it with some juice or throw it in with your protein shake! The most important element is to keep taking it on a daily basis to get the full effects.
  5. If you can afford it go for a premium brand as they tend to have the better quality blends. (Optimum Nutrition/Gaspari/Muscletech/BSN/Animal/USN) The bulk buy protein's have the most basic compounds and mass gainers are the worst for this kind of thing. Also as previously mentioned it would be a good idea to get your diet and nutrition on track first and see what kind of protein/fat/carb levels you are hitting before proceeding with buying supplements. If your like me though I find the buying of supplements can give you a motivational boost!
  6. Haha thank's for the warm welcome guys
  7. Tried the OOMF pots before and they are very handy if you are short of time. The flavour and texture is bang on and the amount you get inside is quite surprising. As mentioned previously a good home recipe for this kind of thing is simply putting your own protein powder in the oats/porridge while its cooking as this can achieve the same effect and lets you moderate the level of protein in each serving more accurately. I found using a whey isolate rather than a standard whey blend mixes a lot better and the taste is also much nicer.
  8. My best guess would be the dryness is due to the preparation rather than how you are storing it. Maybe try seasoning your chicken while cooking it as this can help seal the meat which locks in moisture and flavour!
  9. Hello everyone, My name is Lucas and I recently launched my own startup that is directly linked with health and fitness which is called MusclePaX. (Check it out if you like - just google it) I'm posting on behalf of MusclePaX to share my experiences with the users here with regards to training, nutrition and all round gym talk! Although it is setup under the business name and reflects the brand I'm not here to push sales down people's throats! I hope to be a part of this community (as I have been lurking for some time now) without directly pushing the business. Feel free to DM me anytime if you want to talk business otherwise I'm just here to help!