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  1. But you will look down, when perched so high, and see that both of his knees are out to the sides and clearly visible...........
  2. This is his neighbour!
  3. I suspect you were well aware this was a randy fudge packing forum way before you joined.............
  4. Just got these in the post. 1st time buying or even seeing juice. Everything look OK? Anyone had experience with Sigma? Thanks for help
  5. Which will get me most gainz brah? Dem Granny smiff or dem clementines............
  6. you NEED a 'no homo' on the end of that brah.
  7. HOW STRANGE????????!!!!!!!!!
  8. Dont know why he had to post that picture......we all knew he was a dick anyway
  9. HAHAHHAHHA! I think that generator actually somehow makes more sense than him!? NSN: Obamas cool mayne. Like street wise educated. Me: Why is that? NSN: STFU you bitter c**t! You show no intelligence in any of your posts Mayne. *shits on board and struts*
  10. 1) People say some dumb s**t. I correct them. Youre one of those people. 2 and 3 are exactly the same point. Not sure why you felt the need to split them up? Maybe to seem like you had more points? Piegon? .........errrrr.......okay Waist???? Id try again on that one!
  11. Horrible and bitter c**t? Because im asking you to actually make a sentient point? You are one sandwich short of a picnic friend. I flat out refuse to battle wits with unarmed men, so il leave you to wallow in your ignorance. Hope your family enjoys Trumps tenure though!
  12. How many posts and youre still yet to make a valid point? Ive had farts that made more sense than the sum total of everything you have said here.
  13. When he said 'schooled' that would imply that he had imparted some sort of intelligence on us. Funny that.....when hes failed to make a single point? This is why you should never play chess with a pigeon, no matter how utterly you defeat it, its still going to s**t all over the board and strut around like it won.
  14. 1. Obviously not very intelligent then, your family? The cost of Obamacare is rising and the coverage is reducing......it is widely regarded by all as a complete failure. 2. Fact remains. He is the only president in US history to be at war every day of his tenure. Are you saying no other US president took office during a war? So how did they manage to at least have 1 single day of peace during their time in office? 3. No bc if it was Trump, he probably wouldnt have believed/created the MSM hype that ' IT WAS THE RUSSIANS!!!' and wouldve continued about his business. Typical politico-tactics on uneducated, liberal Americans......'if all else fails, blame the Russians' - people arent buying what youre selling anymore, Mayne. 4. By 'full vessels' you mean actually making valid, substantive points which shows we have researched our opinions? Not just read Buzzfeed a few times and fapped? In summary, you havent given one shred of evidence to back up any of your claims. How are we supposed to debate? But you know, as well as I do, that you dont really want a debate. You just want to 'white-knight' uneducated people who take MSM information at face-value. Either proof your claims, or STFU you moron.
  15. Obviously the kind of guy who likes to exude a facade of intelligence.....which crumbles under questioning. Hes like a rich tea biscuit.....
  16. Do you actually have any substance to any of your arguments? You provide no other reasoning than ' Obama cool MAYNE' - ' Educate yourself lad' - ' Watch YouTube '....... Empty vessels and all that......
  17. You would understand why I used the word 'irony' if you understood irony. And youre butchering the english language every time you attempt to use the word ' sheeple ' .......urgh
  18. Luckily, in real life, the best guy to run your country often isnt the coolest guy in the room. Hows ObamaCare working out for people? Hows the only president in the history of the US to be at war EVERY DAY OF HIS TENURE? Hows the closure of Gitmo going? Hows the expulsion of russian diplomats under cries of 'THEY HACKED OUR ELECTION' but without having any tangible proof, going?
  19. Whenever MuscleFood is involved......its always you getting rogered.