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  1. Hey, Ive just slashed my carotid and Id like some feedback on how f**ked I am now? No hate....fkn jheeze...... and do it quickly cuz im rapidly starting to lose connisnp'e;nepv
  2. yeah but how do I do a water fast??
  3. Please never do this in a public gym benching 70kg.
  4. If theres not enough evidence to prove rape, there has to be charges brought for what was witnessed by others i.e being dragged back into the house (if that is accurate information) The problem is that there is that little trust in the upper echelons of the Police force and CPS agenda, that the public cannot be sure there would be due process in the presence of enough evidence.
  5. fu**ing took me long enough!!!!
  6. Remember listening to this when I was about 8 years old, thinking I was a raver in my Nans kitchen. RIP guy.
  7. Theres a few people on here you will get to know that when they rate something, you can be confident its a good product. You just need to find some solid people and do what they do.
  8. Nah.......would not touch.
  9. You get a message from me pal?
  10. Itd be nice if they kept anything else in stock......i hate that red bar!
  11. He stopped being funny about a year ago.
  12. Im in shape....round is a shape
  13. Ah go on lad......pay a visit to Jeff for me......tell him Tin said Hello.
  14. After a 'lady boy approved' camera pal??
  15. Melatonin is bang on. I dont use it every night, but if im watching a series and its one of those that you keep watching til you fall asleep-rewind-fall-asleep-watch the next day....il take one 15mins before the end of the episode. Im usually wobbing out during the last 30secs.
  16. From looking at that photo, id eat my ass if he benches 175kg..... Just keep banging away with progressive overload OP.
  17. both post naked photos to my inbox........only way to settle it
  18. Kudos mate. Been away for a while but honestly did not expect you to be doing so well given your injury. Fair f**ks.
  19. compulsory voting would be a terrible idea for reasons already stated.