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  1. No because they are completely different situations. Its a false analogy to say that a country trying to pass a law which makes it legal to rape minors is in any way comparable with a democratically elected head of state enacting his rights as such to block immigration from certain countries, according to the constitution and has other presidents have previously done.
  2. Slightly unrealistic to expect him to protest at every archaic, immoral law passed/presented across the world? He probably has a job.....
  3. @Natty Steve'o dont bother with him mate.....I made him look a right wally earlier, he just ends up repeating everything you say.
  4. Why do Islamic countries choose to accept an illiterate, barbarian paedophile as their prophet???
  5. AHAHAHAHA! Do away with apostrophes on an internet forum and suddenly its 'incoherent drivel'! What a moron! I think you need to revisit your understanding of the word 'incoherent' and 'drivel'. This will be a good laugh....... do you actually believe that Muhammed flew to heaven on a winged horse and split the moon in half???
  6. Another dodge....... Either answer the question or go away idiot.
  7. Well theyre certainly not values from Islamic countries..........
  8. European values like the facts its against the law to throw homosexuals off buildings or throw acidic in the face of unveiled women or kill your daughter because she was raped by your cousin or trying to arrange a marriage between close family members or idolising child rapists or stoning people for adultery or cutting limbs off people accused of thievery.......... you know............progressive, modern values like that.
  9. Do you have any of your own points or are you just going to regurgitate my posts? I refuse to battle wits with an unarmed man......
  10. Heres why.....
  11. Amazing isnt it? All clamouring to migrate to such an oppressive regime here in the UK? Almost doesnt make sense does it...........
  12. An apostrophe on an internet forum is about as meaningful as the sum total of your input on this thread! I notice you dodged the question, very subtle..........about as sharp as a cueball you my friend! Anytime you feel like you can no longer stand the oppressive regime of the British government and the British people, please feel free to collect your family and emigrate to somewhere more suited to your ideals....like Iran or Saudi. Cheerio now!
  13. I dont need to visit the sun to tell you its hot mate. But lets entertain your silly idea, name one muslim country you would have more freedom in than that of the UK, in the 'evil west'. Name one muslim country youd rather live in?
  14. Yeah, thats why all the muslim majority countries are such bastions of peace and excellent places to live! Behave yourself, silly billy. Edit: and its 'ilk'.....not elk.
  15. You do know that when your on the toilet, the s**t is supposed to come out of your arse, and not your mouth right????
  16. Been taking Clen for the past two weeks: Day1-2= 20mcg 3-5 = 40mcg 6-8 = 80mcg 9-11 = 100mcg 12-14 = 120mcg Is there any reason to cycle off now?
  17. He wasnt on about a Swedish Terror attack 6bogsDave, he was on about this:
  18. Seen other stuff about 150mcgs being the peak of the 2 week cycle, so I thought I was being cautious by building up to 120mcg! So youd recommend just sitting at 60mcg til I come off?
  19. Thanks mate. Im only getting mild shakes which I only notice when im doing something which requires a steady-hand (had to write 10 post dates cheques yesterday and messed 2 up bc of the shakes) I have only noticed palps a few times aswell, although have noticed shortness of breath quite a lot.
  20. Interested in this mate. Thanks for the log