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  1. Mans wearing a Burka doing progress pics.....DURKA DURKA
  2. Nah....this was the thread he made after he posted the sexy photos of the underage girl which got took down by mods, to prove that even girls of 15 he 'would smash'.
  3. Its entirely rational to say that it is not normal for people to be posting a picture of a girl they know to be 15 years of ages, saying she looks 'Damn good'....... If you think thats irrational, you either: - Dont know what irrational means or - Are irrational yourself I get it all the rage to White-Knight random people on the internet, but I draw the line at oogling 15 year old children......... but f**k me, right?? lol
  4. Can you not read mate? He posted a picture of a girl he KNEW to be 15, saying she looked 'damn good'?? If you dont see the problem with that, then you can get in the bin with him.
  5. And he calls other people Morons..........
  6. Slick as in 'covered in sweat after watching Cbeebies' ????
  7. Hes not trying to convince you, hes trying to give you advice. Good advice at that. Dont try and convince yourself that 500mg is a cruise dose. Youre staying on. But like Stu said, knock yourself out.
  8. This is where youre going wrong...... People think youre a dick bc.......youre a dick!
  9. You must've been boring then. And get your own sign off bum fluff!!
  10. 'Shhhhhh.......your grandson will hear us....the walls are paper-thin' <<<me as I'm banging your gran
  11. Youre the guy that has to wank with the covers on incase your gran hears the fapping sound through the paper-thin walls of her box room.
  12. Socialism does not work effectively in any country in the world. Never has. Never will.
  13. But your personal experience clearly isnt indicative of the vast majority of migrants. In work benefits are essentially the tax-payer picking up the tab on the employers wage bill. This is enabled by businesses having access to a large pool of cheap labour. The argument that 'migrants do the work that Brits dont want to do' has long since been debunked. Migrants do they work that Brits CANNOT AFFORD to do with the wages being offered. As I say, youre building a false economy, and your home countries will be hit by massive recessions if/when the working laws are tightened in the UK.