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  1. DAFUQ?
  2. Have you seen Brazil? Its fu**ing bandit country down there.....liveleak is full of gnarly vids from Brazil.
  3. I notice how you didnt say 'impossible' though........
  4. How dairy......
  5. Its getting like Harlem. I heard someone was accosted in Waitrose by a mildy-irritated IT professional over the last pot of organic hummus.
  6. The means streets of Royal Leamington Spa.........parking disputes can turn to litigation in a heartbeat
  7. Please quote where ive responded to a question aimed at El Chapo? Doesnt exist......just the like the 'AMA thread ft Tricky'...... but again......dont derail the thread.
  8. Whats the best way to get away with raping a deaf girl......... Break her fingers so she cant tell anyone
  9. Only a matter of time before the joke police come in and start telling people what is and isnt funny..... Bore off will ya
  10. Threads in danger of getting hijacked by people that are not @ElChapo , responding to questions aimed at El Chapo. Not this last particular issue, just been happening more frequently in general by 1 or 2. Thread is one of the best threads on UKM for ages.....dont ruin it.
  11. I was having rough sex with this bird the other night and she started screaming really loud. I whispered in her ear ' Shhhhhhhh....dont turn this rape into a murder'
  12. bloke walks into a pharmacy and says ' Hi mate, bit hard for me to say this......but I need some vaginal lube for my 11 yr old daughter' Pharmacist says ' YOUR 11 YR OLD DAUGHTER IS SEXUALLY ACTIVE??!' Bloke says ' ........well not really......she just lays there and cries'
  13. Your grandads a c**t
  14. I was raping some woman the other night and she screamed ' OH PLEASE.....THINK OF MY CHILDREN!' ................kinky bitch