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  1. Hi. Testosterone levels of 14 nmol and below are problematic. I used medicheck and they are good. Get LH and FSH test to determine if your pituitary gland is functioning probably .
  2. Safest is to try clomid and see...
  3. None can stay on clomid for life, TRT is a must sooner or later, gels, injections etc each person finds his best suited.
  4. Well, definitely it is low level of Testosterone, now it is best to get a proper diagnosis to determine whether it is primary or secondary hypogonadism ...TRT is for life .
  5. Attached my blood test before 50 mg clomid. I may revert back to 25 mg ED to see if any improvement although my specialist thinks it is fine to stay on 50 mg for a year or so and then see if clomid would leave a permanent high T levels. If i compare clomid to antidepressants which i took for a year i should say clomid has less side effects.
  6. Sorry for asking but what OP means? I am currently on 50 mg ED clomid, ny LH is at 9 iu and my Testosterone is 23 nmol, when i was on 25 mg my LH was at 10 nmol but my Testosterone was 13.5 nmol. I currently dont experience any side affects or issues...apart from high E2.
  7. I will soon get a script for Anastrozole and try that for 1 month and see. I will have to focus on losing weight too...tho i am not obese or overweight at all. I dont think jumping into TRT straight away is a good option for new but for sure TRT is my destiny in foreseeable future.
  8. Hello. I have not got calculated free T . I will contact my private specialist to see if i can get aromatase inhibitors.
  9. Could my E2 184 pmol L is on the high side therefore making me feel low in sex drive and energy?
  10. What about my uneven fat distribution? This is a big issue for me. No morning erections is also a problem. Mental issues that what my old doc said, i was put on anti depressant and which made me worse.
  11. I sleep good. I uses to go to gym before my low t symptoms worsened. At work i do more than 10 miles worth of walking
  12. My wife cooks at home, fish meat and other homemade stuff...she pushes me to eat salads...i dont drink alcohol often, i stopped smoking years ago... No kids. My wife is doing the best to keep me happy. Job is okay. I take zinc , vitamin D, calcium, folic acid every day.
  13. Hi guys. Thank you all for support and sharing vital informations and experiences. As you may know from my previous posts, i had a T levels as low as 7.9 nmol when i had my first blood test. I was out on clomid 25mg a day and then tested to find out that my Testosterone levels are 13.5 nmol. I was still feeling rubbish so my private specialist decided to up clomid dose to 50 mg that was 1.5 month ago. I did blood test again only to find out that my Testosterone is in excess of 23 nmol and E2 is very good too.( Please see attachment) Now issue is i feel rubbish, not energetic, low sex drive and no morning erections. Plus i gained 5 kg of weight even tho my diet is ok mostly 1-2 meals a day.and i work 12 hours a day .i am completely out of shape as i store fat only around abdomen and bottom... Could it be my thyroid under active? Please help
  14. 4.85 ng/dl is not too bad, it is well above 16nmol/ dl ,usually people feel crap anything below 15nmol dl and that includes me. Clomid will rise your levels for sure, i am primary hypogonadal and managed to get extra 5 nmol because of clomid, before treatment i was 8 nmol and now i am 13 nmol.... Still feel very bad though.
  15. When are you having a semen analysis? Did your nuts shrink a lots whilst on TRT? My private doctor is keen on putting me on TRT and HCG as it is less harmful to fertility than TRT alone. Wish u the best