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  1. Cool, you gunna loose that body fat by cardio and diet or adding more supps?
  2. Hi pal, I'm a bit confused what to do also, as I start my cycle very soon and don't want to be full of water for when I go away at the end of may!! ive been doing research and it says that if you smash some cardio it doesn't get rid of the muscle whilst on test E, plus diet pending you can still trim up. That's what I'm gunna do anyway! Unluckily for me I'm not blessed with the "ripped" " look still carrying abit of excess weight so I'm gunna crack on with cardio anyway
  3. Mate judging by your profile pic, you ain't chunky. I've the same problem as I'm due to start my test E cycle on 30th January for 15 weeks and I have a 4 day stag doo to go on in magaluf at the end of may. So will be running the test right up to the last week. I don't wanna be going full of water so I'm in the same predicament as you!!
  4. My vials are 300mg per 1ml mate
  5. Just a guy who I presume knows his s**t about gear! He wasn't a user or seemed into his fitness!
  6. Cheers mate, how much did you pin a week for 12 weeks!
  7. Hi, im due to start my first ever cycle of sis Test E, on 30th January! I have read and been told all sorts on how long to run my cycle for. I originally was going to do a 15 week cycle on 500mg per week. Pinned once a week. I went to needle exchange and the guy there said only run it for 12 weeks. What do you guys think? I've done D Bol cycle only in the past. I have anastrozole which I will do 0.5 every other day and see how I get on with that. Pct consists of clomid and nolvadex. What is the normal amount of time to run that for 4 weeks and best dose? I've done loads of reading etc but be nice to hear from you lot cheers
  8. What cycle you doing pal? 13 week? I start mine on 30th and was told to do 15 weeks at 500mg a week, which I think is near enough 1.6ml
  9. How you getting on mate and what week you on now? Good gains so far? I start on 30th January. CAnt wait
  10. Hi mate I'm due to start my sis test e course on 30th Jan. Just a few questions if you don't mind: how long you running course for what Ai have you got? how much you pinning per week and are you doing cardio whilst on?
  11. Hey chaps I did 6 week sis dbol only cycle and it put a few pounds of muscle on me! Granted a bit of water but hey that's dbol for you
  12. Nobody is forcing you to read it
  13. Nice one what else you running alongside it? Ai? How many weeks you doing and u pinning in the glute?
  14. Nice one mate, first time pinning? U using sis Test e?
  15. Evening mate, yeah I've got a full bag of blue and green pins and barrels/swans! Think will need to get another vial of test, nolva and Ai. source my stuff is all online so all good. The guy at needle exchange is very knowledgeable and said it's all legit! Im just paranoid im not gunna hit he right place in my glute I think I need to put a target on my ass cheek for when I pin haha