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  1. Goldigger - you know my secret. Keep it for yourself
  2. In my avatar picture I am 79kg. That was taken in July and managed to keep it till about 3 weeks before started mass gh.
  3. Final day 54
  4. Day 47
  5. Day 38
  6. Somehow I lost pictures from the beginning of cycle. This is day 24.
  7. Started yesterday...
  8. Hey golddigger, my strength has increased very little. I can't bench press as hard as I would like to because my right shoulder so I do 105kg for 7-8 reps. At the start of cycle I used 40kg dumbbells for 6-7 reps incline, now it's 10 reps easy. Inclined flys went from 27.5kg to 30kg. Squats went from 160kg for 8 reps to 180kg for 10 reps. Leg press( stupid Matrix machine) went from 180kg for 7-8 reps to 180kg for 10-12 reps. By the way 180kg is maximum on our legpress machine . I don't deadlift because of my lower back I hurt a few years ago. Triceps kickbacks went from 27.5kg dumbbell to 30kg. Just small changes.
  9. It's my final day today. Popped last 3 caps of mass gh in the morning. Nothing really changed last 8 days except hunger was gone. Should I start pct tonight? Only asking because lgd has a long half live. How would you take sup3r pct? All 10 caps before bed or 5 before bed and another 5 first thing in the morning? Many thanks.
  10. Thanks capo and jw again. Will definitely add clomid alongside sup3r pct.
  11. Thanks capo and jw390898, should I add a clomid to Olympus Sup3r Pct ? Or what pct would you recommend ?
  12. Hi b0t13, I don't think there will be any shutdown but I will still run a pct. I will run Olympus Sup3r Pct. Also got some clomid and tamoxifen just in a case of need. If I compare mass gh to prohormones and I run a few - superdrol, 19 nor, M1T, epi, sd matrix-my favourite ph. It runs close to M1T probably. Mass gh is wet bulker like M1T, but M1T shut me down badly. Strength gains from M1T were amazing, from mass gh not so and overall feeling not so good either, but it is liver friendly and prohormones aren't at all. As for sarms I did run an ostarine solo and it was complete waste of money- went through 3 bottles and I got fatter with no libido/sex drive. Mass gh is a real deal. It is a proper bulker.
  13. Here are my stats: day 3 day 46 weight: 80.9kg 87.0kg BMI: 25.8 27.8 Body fat % 20.1 21.8 Muscle % 39 38 Resting metabolism 1842 1857 Visceral fat level 9 11
  14. It is day 46 and I am at 87kg/191lbs (was 81kg at day3). Gained more weight from mass gh than from tst-dbol-winnie cycle. Some strength gains as well but that may be due to higher carb intake. Feelling good through the day but not tst/dbol good. Bad mood swings are almost under control. I don't see any real sides apart oily skin on face and feeling tired at times. Sex drive is little higher. I got 8 more day to go and than pct, but I am really tempted to get 3rd bottle. Would it be effective running the same compound for such a long time?
  15. I thinking to add some lean agent. I was going for proviron but seems to be quite expensive- maybe it's just my source. As proviron is out of game, any ideas what to add along with mass gh ? 11oxo?