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  1. It's been a week since I switched all in one go at bedtime and it is day and night. I feel much better and happier through the day, joints don't hurt anymore. Only side effect is morning wood- which isn't really side effect. I'll write a little summary when I am done with PCT.
  2. Thanks jw, I am about half way through the bottle and switching to all in one go right before bed.
  3. Just quick question. How would you take sup3r pct? I take 5 caps in the morning and 5 before bed. Would 10 caps at bedtime be a better idea? Thanks.
  4. I believe that it was discontinued a few years ago but you still see their products. Last year I had Genesis dbol and it was gooood. Some say that their dbol is actually methyltestosterone. I don't know if that is true or not. Also I run Genesis clenbuterol in summer last year and it was bad. I didn't feel it at all not even at 120 mcg a day nothing. Just ask your source what feedbacks do they get on them?
  5. Goldigger - you know my secret. Keep it for yourself
  6. In my avatar picture I am 79kg. That was taken in July and managed to keep it till about 3 weeks before started mass gh.
  7. Final day 54
  8. Day 47
  9. Day 38
  10. Somehow I lost pictures from the beginning of cycle. This is day 24.
  11. Started yesterday...
  12. Hey golddigger, my strength has increased very little. I can't bench press as hard as I would like to because my right shoulder so I do 105kg for 7-8 reps. At the start of cycle I used 40kg dumbbells for 6-7 reps incline, now it's 10 reps easy. Inclined flys went from 27.5kg to 30kg. Squats went from 160kg for 8 reps to 180kg for 10 reps. Leg press( stupid Matrix machine) went from 180kg for 7-8 reps to 180kg for 10-12 reps. By the way 180kg is maximum on our legpress machine . I don't deadlift because of my lower back I hurt a few years ago. Triceps kickbacks went from 27.5kg dumbbell to 30kg. Just small changes.
  13. It's my final day today. Popped last 3 caps of mass gh in the morning. Nothing really changed last 8 days except hunger was gone. Should I start pct tonight? Only asking because lgd has a long half live. How would you take sup3r pct? All 10 caps before bed or 5 before bed and another 5 first thing in the morning? Many thanks.
  14. Thanks capo and jw again. Will definitely add clomid alongside sup3r pct.
  15. Thanks capo and jw390898, should I add a clomid to Olympus Sup3r Pct ? Or what pct would you recommend ?