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  1. Sorry for a late response but I was quite busy lately. So what are my thoughts of Mass Gh ? After 2 bottles I gained 6 kg and ended up at 87kg. Now I am back at 82.5kg. It wasn't cycle I enjoyed, start was a disaster- felt horrible first few days, then it got better but I was still mess-mood swing, tiredness etc... I was so happy when popped last capsules and jumped into a pct which was Sup3rpct by Olympus and Tamoxifen at 20mg. Run Tamoxifen only for 2 week because I had sore joints- that started 2 weeks before pct. Now I am on Clomid as it seemed I was losing muscles every day. Will I run Mass Gh again? No, but I am glad I did it, because now I am sure that I will not touch sarms again. It was my second sarm and last one as well. The Pct was the best part of cycle. Mass Gh definitely works it just isn't for me.
  2. It's been a week since I switched all in one go at bedtime and it is day and night. I feel much better and happier through the day, joints don't hurt anymore. Only side effect is morning wood- which isn't really side effect. I'll write a little summary when I am done with PCT.
  3. Thanks jw, I am about half way through the bottle and switching to all in one go right before bed.
  4. Just quick question. How would you take sup3r pct? I take 5 caps in the morning and 5 before bed. Would 10 caps at bedtime be a better idea? Thanks.
  5. I believe that it was discontinued a few years ago but you still see their products. Last year I had Genesis dbol and it was gooood. Some say that their dbol is actually methyltestosterone. I don't know if that is true or not. Also I run Genesis clenbuterol in summer last year and it was bad. I didn't feel it at all not even at 120 mcg a day nothing. Just ask your source what feedbacks do they get on them?
  6. Goldigger - you know my secret. Keep it for yourself
  7. In my avatar picture I am 79kg. That was taken in July and managed to keep it till about 3 weeks before started mass gh.
  8. Final day 54
  9. Day 47
  10. Day 38
  11. Somehow I lost pictures from the beginning of cycle. This is day 24.
  12. Started yesterday...
  13. Hey golddigger, my strength has increased very little. I can't bench press as hard as I would like to because my right shoulder so I do 105kg for 7-8 reps. At the start of cycle I used 40kg dumbbells for 6-7 reps incline, now it's 10 reps easy. Inclined flys went from 27.5kg to 30kg. Squats went from 160kg for 8 reps to 180kg for 10 reps. Leg press( stupid Matrix machine) went from 180kg for 7-8 reps to 180kg for 10-12 reps. By the way 180kg is maximum on our legpress machine . I don't deadlift because of my lower back I hurt a few years ago. Triceps kickbacks went from 27.5kg dumbbell to 30kg. Just small changes.
  14. It's my final day today. Popped last 3 caps of mass gh in the morning. Nothing really changed last 8 days except hunger was gone. Should I start pct tonight? Only asking because lgd has a long half live. How would you take sup3r pct? All 10 caps before bed or 5 before bed and another 5 first thing in the morning? Many thanks.
  15. Thanks capo and jw again. Will definitely add clomid alongside sup3r pct.