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  1. I see it for about the same as mesomorph so Im probably gonna make the switch
  2. Has anyone on here checked out Pre kaged?
  3. Estrogenex, By Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals
  4. Has anyone tried Isomorph 28? Love their preworkout was curious about other sups on their line
  5. Has anyone on here tried Helladrol By Innovative Laboratories? was interested in running through a bottle but wanted to see if you guys had any experience with it first
  6. B-up bars are pretty good.
  7. Well i saw is doing a sale on ON gold standard whey 2lbs. its like buy 2 get $10 off. SO its about $50 for 4lbs of protein which is cool if you like different flavors.
  8. have you tried the new superpump 250 from gaspari?
  9. What ingredients do you look for in a pre?
  10. I really like Precision Protein By Gaspari Nutrition. The Neapolitan flavor is great, it taste like melted ice cream
  11. I really like PSP from metabolic Nutrition Image is kind of blurry but basically what I like that is in there is: Beta Alanine, Glycerol , Agmatine Sulfate, Citrulline Malate, Niacin, L-Norvaline, N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, Picamilon
  12. Has anyone on here heard of Optimum Nutrition's Cake bites? They look delicious, I have already pre-ordered mine was just wondering if anyone was able to actually get them in yet? I ordered all the flavors i guess i got a little excited over the idea of protein cake bites
  13. Another vote for Mesomorph. Rocket pop is my favorite flavor
  14. double post my bad haha
  15. Has anyone tried Dymatize elite protein bars? They look interesting 28g protein, 24g carbs, 7g fat