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  1. Half life. So if something has a half life of an hour, day, week, month, whatever.....after that period of time there will be half left. After the same period it halves again and so on
  2. Did the leg work for you. Taking my daughter shopping now. Have a nice day Testosterone alone with no ester bonded to it possesses a half-lifeof approximately 2 – 4 hours. When the Enanthate ester is attached to it, creating Testosterone Enanthate, the half-life of Testosterone is now extended to 10 days, providing a slower release and activity of the hormone. Eighty-five percent of radiolabeled anastrozole was recovered in feces and urine. Hepatic metabolism accounts for approximately 85% of anastrozole elimination. Renal elimination accounts for approximately 10% of total clearance. The mean elimination half-life of anastrozole is 50 hours.
  3. 1 - sling it out. It's unlikely to become contaminated and you are unlikely to get an infection but the piece of mind has surely got to be worth more than half a vial of oil that costs less than fifteen quid. 2 - no idea. Logic would say that the ester in your test facilities a slow release of the drug into your blood stream. anastrozole will be very much like taking a paracetamol, so between 20 minutes and an hour and will remain active as per the half life of the drug (look it up) and continued use
  4. For me it's this guy Sadly no longer with us Lou Reed 1942-2013
  5. Have you done this? If so rough prices please. I've spent a fortune on this in America and I'm possibly going Tallinn next year.
  6. Definitely. They are in the business of selling sausages and so on. It takes time to trawl through footage, even if op knows exactly what time it happened and where, along with which camera. Finding the images in the store cctv office takes longer than you might think.
  7. Btw, don't worry, you are doing this all the right way. I have gyno and whilst you may be experiencing the early signs, you will not be buying a bra just yet. It takes quite a bit longer than next Thursday for it to manifest to the point of hard permanent lumps ime.
  8. I cannot comment on your base figures, other than they are clearly your natural status quo. Well worth fifty quid to compare where you are now. @Theorist is clearly better qualified than me to comment going forward, good luck and well done on taking the sensible approach rather than playing blind.
  9. I've no personal experience of your particular cycle (but have had gyno with orals) If I was you I would order oestradiol test Tuesday (bank holiday) send it back asap and up the ai pending the results. You have base figures to work with so you can then readjust accordingly Edit I cannot comment on whether it might be worth using a serm now. Hopefully other site members may chime in with advice in this regard
  10. Consensus would seemingly point to dbol for gyno problems from what I can see
  11. Doubt it tbh. Although I've no personal experience in this given scenario. It took me longer (weeks) to get gyno with dbol without an ai. I understand that dbol is more likely to cause gyno than test. If you feel the sides take a dose and adjust accordingly, you certainly won't be shopping for a frilly bra in 10 days
  12. Ime, either put the dbol in a drawer for when you are more experienced or bin it. I would recommend that you DO NOT run it for a first cycle. Ive been there done that and it isn't worth it imo
  13. Person specific. I'm guessing you read about the early sides indications. Bloods 6 weeks in would be a good idea. Even better if you did them pre cycle
  14. Perhaps, but not as likely to vomit than if you run "thick or thin". Bottle of port, bottle of Baileys and a pack of cards. 2 players and you are dealing. You stack the cards so as to ensure you stitch one player up, who will end up consuming both bottles of port (thin) and Baileys (thick) in less than 10 minutes. A good one to stitch up one of the younger lads with and I've seen it done.
  15. One that always drew laughs at the Rugby Club, "Beast or Obese". Flat race between 2 or more. Pint, packet or crisps and a mars bar. Flat race, disqualified and fined for any spilt liquid or dropped crisps.
  16. Most systems ime have 28 days
  17. Fobbed off more like. Only record the car park if they are aware of an incident? If they were on notice that an incident was about to occur all of the time they wouldn't need cctv in the first place. Unless the cctv isn't working it will be on. Remains to be seen as to whether the cameras were covering the area where the collision occurred. Ime (and I have a lot in this area) cctv more often than not is inconclusive. Cameras generally cover specific areas, doorways, exits and so on. Those ones that look like bubbles don't give 360 coverage, they are just designed to look like they do so you cannot work out which way the camera is trained
  18. Slight thread hijack, John Robb, one of my favourite musicians. Vegan, and looking bloody good at 55
  19. You don't do half measures do you mr sf! Cut like a boxer trying to make the weight, bulk like......erm, some fat bloke trying to get fatter! Anyway, in for the log and pics of food as I'm moving towards a meat (well less) free-ish diet due to cholesterol levels.
  20. Just ask Tesco to preserve any cctv. Hopefully it'll work out ok
  21. Playing devils advocate, that description would also fit you reversing out of the space into her as she reversed.
  22. If you were stationary when she hit you then full liability will rest with her. I suspect she will say that you reversed out and were also moving at the point of collision, which will result in a split liability, with you bearing most of the blame as she was already "established" and you were reversing into a "lane" she was established in. In absence of any independent evidence such as witness or cctv you will have to suck it up I'm afraid. I very much doubt Tesco will let you have any cctv which will fall off the system unless they preserve it. Ask them to do this and your insurance company can make an application for this if they tick off the usual data protection boxes i.e reasonable grounds for wanting it.
  23. Fixed on a more serious note, a clen cycle will help you lose a little weight but your weight loss will be mainly diet and training dependant. Imo it's something you would run as you get to target weight if you start to struggle with a few last stubborn pounds. The sides aren't pleasant, mainly the shaking when you first start, but these do subside.
  24. Id say try not to worry too much. It's not like you are addicted to something really bad. I used to indulge in far too much sugar. Start small, I started replacing one of the 3 sugars in my coffee with an artificial sweetener, then 2. Fill up on some healthy stuff and just try to cut down slowly
  25. Is she likely to notice you putting on 5kg in muscle over the next 12 to 15 weeks