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    For a long time, my wife and Children, Rugby............and more recently................Bodybuilding!

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  1. You don't see it around much in the uk. I love it as well! I use this from Lidl and mix it with lemonade - tastes the same.
  2. Is Susan Boyle, she's clearly working for you. Have another look at her. Caution however! su-bo pics should not be run for more than 14 days consecutively or you risk permanent hpta shutdown. If at any point you feel the urge to knock one off to images of Justin Bieber, discontinue su-bo immediately.
  3. Drug use was endemic in Aussie RL in those days I understand. Same as it was in American Football
  4. What it did do in some regards was extend player selection beyond private schools, thus there is a bigger gene pool to select players from. With that said, your chances of making it in Rugby or Cricket are still vastly improved if you are privately educated. Edit. You'd get away with aas at national 2 level. You likely wouldn't at premiership or international level.
  5. No source talk boys!
  6. After the match? I've played Rugby on pills and coke, mainly the residual from the Friday night admittedly, but under the influence all the same. That mcat stuff was popular amongst the younger lads not so long back.
  7. The level I am referring to is National 2. I am aware of lads who have used gear in the past at this level but certainly not much higher. My mate (a former England international) has never used gear, nor been offered it. I don't believe current elite players use drugs either. Are you suggesting that all modern elite players are using drugs based on their size? If you are then it's not me that's being naive as the notion that they all are is palpably absurd. Players started to get bigger when the game went from Amateur to Professional, full time athletes rather that police officers and doctors and the additional training and diets to go with it. There will be drug cheats in the system, as in many sports, but they will be in the small minority.
  8. Best of luck with the surgery and the house move. I suspect the surgery will be less bothersome than the house move!
  9. Whilst we are on the subject, what about Dwayne "the rock" Johnson? I'm calling natty.
  10. Ultimately you are never going to know as to whether he does or doesn't. What I do know is that content on this forum would have you believe that if you are over 40 your natural test levels will be in free fall and you won't be able to build a decent physique without juice. This notion is quite untrue and I know and/train with a number of lads at the Rugby club who have the Statham body at 45, late 40s to 50 and beyond. These guys have never used gear, just hard work and they have looked after themselves down the years. Maybe Statham has too! Edit - wasn't he an athlete before he was an actor?
  11. Perhaps try not take this issue too seriously. Shagging is supposed to be fun!
  12. Back on track then. I'm not materialistic at all, however I have kept tickets to every sporting event/concert I've ever been to going back to when I was about 18. 26 years worth. I've never bothered keeping any programs. I always bin them if I buy one on the odd occasion.
  13. When you wake up later just have a feel round your back to make sure they haven't had one of your kidneys away!
  14. Hey @ElChapo I have had a full blood panel recently and my cholesterol levels are monitored by the NHS. I am going to get pre cycle bloods done but I am wondering if it is worth getting anything other than a testosterone and oestradiol test. Many talk about getting fsh and lh but I'm wondering what benefit this would have. I have children and have had a vasectomy thanks
  15. I understand stand that Susan Boyle can reduce libido so here you go:-