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    For a long time, my wife and Children, Rugby............and more recently................Bodybuilding!

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  1. She's hot for you tonight @Frandeman
  2. I'd agree broadly speaking. That said, I've sold all sorts of stuff on PayPal and only had a problem once. I've just looked at my eBay account and it goes back to 2002, so on balance, it has been worth it. If anyone collects I'd suggest have cash on collection rather than risk a chargeback
  3. Got to be at least 2500 kcal?
  4. I did post this in another thread, long story short, he lived not too far from me and on a regular route I take with work. I knocked on his door, he wasn't in but his Mrs was and he got back to me and paid me!
  5. Erm, okay.....breast milk must be good for bulking though, look what the stuff does to increase the size of a baby over 3 months tbh though, I'd just let baby drink it, he/she needs it the most btw, it tastes horrible. I've had a little taste of some of my wife's expressed milk, not recently, however As for your own diet, I wouldn't change anything right now, bar perhaps cutting down on cr*p like crisps and replacing them with healthy carbs and fats. If you do find out how to get your pre baby body back, please let me know how and I will pass on the information to my wife as she has been struggling somewhat with this. Our youngest daughter is nearly 12 Welcome
  6. PayPal offers a lot of protection through eBay, which can work against a legitimate seller of an item as I found out when I sold a second hand iPhone and the purchaser sent me a different phone back and claimed it was faulty. Whilst I have no idea how you would fare outside of the eBay platform, I suspect that you won't have the same protection. I'd give it a wide berth if I were you.
  7. Welcome
  8. Warmer than Nepal then!
  9. I'd agree, ray winstone plays himself and that's it. I've no idea who Danny dier is. Hugh grant does the same though. Good luck to them all but I suspect they have been lucky to get where they are today. Down the years I've spoken to one or two with performing arts degrees and so on. The industry is a hard one and you really do have to be in the right place at the right time to make it
  10. Have you got an encyclopaedia of workout routines that you refer to.....or are you an actual encyclopaedia. If the latter, you should write a book on workout routines
  11. Not sure, not read it all but don't think so. Probably worry about it if you get a call, which seems to me to be a slim chance anyhow.
  12. Cursory glance through suggests that won't get you out of it either. I've not read the lot but it seems that providing you ain't done any bird in the last 10 years you can get called. I'm contemplating committing a serious crime just to be on the safe side!
  13. Didn't you get convicted as a juvenile, you mentioned this in another thread iirc. If so, sorry but that won't get you out of it. I know someone who burnt a factory unit down as a juvenile and he was will pi5sed off when he got called for jury service years later.
  14. This thread lol. Lissuw is a lone female in a nightclub with about 10 blokes all competing for her attention @Lissuw should throw a bucket of ice cold water over the lot of you imo. Anyway, cardio night for me, so I'm off to body attack for a proper, *cough* letch edit - this thread seems a bit devoid of @Frandeman is he feeling alright?