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    It's fair to say that getting in and out of the car is as strenuous as it gets. Legal Work
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    For a long time, my wife and Children, Rugby............and more recently................Bodybuilding!

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  1. Partying in Glasgow, looking for a shag, posts for advice on a fitness and bodybuilding forum? @Gavinmcl over to you for recommendations thanks.
  2. I can't see as there's much call for brothels in Afghanistan. I mean if the taliban see a woman they want to shag they just go and do it. If she complains they arrest her for adulterous and or indecent behaviour and stone her to death as punishment for being raped
  3. Numerous Cricket Bats. Then one day I realised that the bat wasn't the problem, it was the talentless idiot holding it.
  4. Agreed. Neither does Trump who is actually quite liberal. He just wants the ill educated to open their copy of the morning hillbilly and see the headline "Trump bans Fags" End result - his approval rating goes up.
  5. Does the ban extend to all men who have nipples?
  6. Typical Trump policy to ramp up support amongst the red neck bible brigade. Pick on a minority group and watch his yankle do dandy fans cheer.
  7. I got 2 fwiw. Wanted 3, wife didn't!
  8. I often joke with the young lads at the rugby club that women were better looking in my day (early nineties) they were as well, less fat ones. I tell them to look on the bright side, fat ones are slower and easier to catch
  9. I fly home in a couple of days, is it really that cold in Blighty!
  10. On the reseller website it does say price reduced as oil crashed on this product
  11. Sourcing isn't allowed and I probably wouldn't be able to pm you anyway as you are new. Just google the labs mentioned on this forum, one frequently spoken about shares a name with a popular motorcycle manufacturer. If you cannot find the reseller for their stuff then you've got serious problems!
  12. We are fortunate enough to have a regular postie. He just signs it for me and pops it through the letterbox
  13. There was a "drive by shouting" there last week. Pcso's are investigating.
  14. You could walk in pretty much any street in the midlands tbh. I've not seen any trouble in years. Leicester is good we've (or we used to) have a great football team. I personally know one Celtic fan I could introduce you to if you moved down. There's quite a few Scottish about from the Steel Industry that have spread about the midlands since that went by the wayside in Corby.