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  1. Not been through the entire thread but if you are not on the property ladder and you can afford to get on it, spend the money on that imo
  2. Fwiw, got a mate and he and his mrs were kinky. For his 30th he wanted to shag a bird up the ar5e whilst she watched and smoked a cigarette. They paid a call girl and filmed it. They are divorced now
  3. Fair enough, I used to have a gf a bit like that but binned her off as didn't think she would be good for my long term plans for a family. Sorry, can't help you. Have fun though!
  4. Cannot realistically see why you cannot just stop on that dose 3 weeks in tbh. See how you feel
  5. OP, I'm confused? Taking the Mrs to a strip club? Plenty of gash? Surely she would prefer a meal followed by a show or maybe a jazz club ?
  6. Why should the Islamic Community condemn or apologise for the actions of a few individuals. Have you apologised to the family of Jo Cox for the actions of Thomas Mair? Thought not.
  7. Thanks Sparkey. I've promised myself that I won't use any gear until I have lost most of my gut. I know that gear would help enormously to cut but this is a way of checking my commitment. I was 243lbs, now down to 217 but I am 6,3" and have reasonable muscle as I have been training for years, just not in any uniform way. Reassess at 50. That sounds like a good solid plan.
  8. Personally I think you would be insane taking vials of anything through customs in a country such as Oman without a doctors prescription. Unlike most western countries, I very much doubt that there will be any official classification of aas. If you encounter an officious member of airport security who finds vials in your luggage and decides they are "drugs", then they will be deemed as drugs and you will find yourself in a prison and you may encounter problems in obtaining consular assistance. Human rights, especially for those in prison are appalling in Oman and your vials may well just disappear and you could get sentenced to death based on a brief statement made by the official who discovered them in your suitcase. Whilst a westerner is unlikely to be dealt with in this way, you could spend many months/years in a prison kept in some of the worst conditions in the world. I would challenge anyone on UKM to tell me I'm wrong
  9. Since "rejoining" 3 years ago have you come off at all, I don't mean b&c, I mean off completely, with PCT? If so, how did you find it? Reason I ask is we are nearly the same age and I'm weighing up the possibility of running a cycle after a 20 year sabbatical so I'm interested in your experience given our age similarities. I appreciate that I may react in a totally different way however. Thanks for any input.
  10. Fixed Sorry Steve'o, I just couldn't resist.
  11. A cursory glance at MOD policy talks about illegal and legally obtained substances being prohibited. It doesn't define them. Id run a new thread entitled HM Forces, clen and Ephedrine as there are service personnel who read this forum. @Right Did we have a discussion on Sunday, are you the guy in Afghanistan? Can you help op out thanks.
  12. ^that can vary a lot from person to person though. I wouldn't advocate op getting base levels, I'd advocate everyone doing it. If you know your natural levels before you dive in it will help enormously if there is a problem and when you come off
  13. ^this. They are unlikely to be looking for those compounds for a basic employent drugs test, unless you are a professional athlete. Your employer should have a policy on what they require you to be tested for. Doubt it will be the above as they are not illegal in any event
  14. TripAdvisor can be a very good tool for weeding out places that are expensive, crap or both.
  15. Get them build it outside your house with you just over the border in Scotland and at least you'll get free prescriptions