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    It's fair to say that getting in and out of the car is as strenuous as it gets. Legal Work
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    For a long time, my wife and Children, Rugby............and more recently................Bodybuilding!

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  1. And he comes across as being one cool mf as well. If I could come across half as cool as him I'd be happy
  2. Same here. But Golf Ball sized gyno after a week? Why would women pay for breast enlargement if they could get them to grow that quickly with a course of dbol
  3. @big vin posted the same test result recently as I recall. As Ming says, it's just more than 52
  4. That was middle aged dad me and some other bad dad mo-fo's who are going to hunt you down and make you wear flip-flops with socks fool.
  5. ?, only a week? I've had my Dianabol gyno issues, but 7 days?
  6. 27ffs. Trust me, you've got plenty of years left on your hands to do whatever you want.....the only caveat 27 you need to make sure that whatever it is, is the RIGHT choice.
  7. Lumbar strain imo. Will be fine in 4-9 days
  8. Your mums your dad, your dads your mum, you're interbred, you're Wykin they used to tell me at School! Edit The above to the Tom Hark tune (The Pirhanas)
  9. Do you live near it too, in my old stomping ground of Hinckley?
  10. So bloodwork and depending on results, AI adjust and possibly move to TTM stack is how I'd interpret the Majors reply.
  11. As I recall @Major Eyeswater Posted something useful on this conundrum if he doesn't mind me quoting him as I cannot find the thread
  12. Said I'd help out the team I used to play weekly for if they were short. Got a text followed by a phone call last night, we are short. Wife not happy as I was supposed to be doing Jobs around the house. text received this morning, opposition have cried off cos they can't raise a side. wife still not happy as she's now arranged to do something else bloody cricket
  13. @Haunted_Sausage Foxes Never Die! (okay, didn't do so well against Athletico Madrid on Tuesday, but not dead)
  14. Fair play. Testimony to how different we all are in this game. I'm certainly wondering how I'm going to react in relation to the cycle I'm planning soonish. Definitely no orals, that's for sure.