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    For a long time, my wife and Children, Rugby............and more recently................Bodybuilding!

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  1. Nah, 63 degrees on Sunday. Walked round Central Park in a t shirt. One of the warmest February days on record so it's fair to say we've been lucky with the weather.
  2. Or if you were a bit more flush with cash, maybe diamond white?
  3. It all tastes horrible. Drink for effect, not a taste that since you tasted beer for the first time you've somehow convinced yourself that any of it tastes remotely palatable. Go for special brew or skol super and pep it up with some meths
  4. Yeah. I think that's all you need to worry about
  5. I'll bet some of the places you visited are older than the US! I'm currently in New York with the mrs, in Chelsea NYC
  6. Do you live in Kansas State? Norfolk would be the uk equivalent imo
  7. You've clearly got no kids as of yet then. You'll have to keep a lid on it if/when they come along
  8. Not seen his face, so I'll squirt it over his torso. Job done
  9. I'd agree with the first paragraph if the claim was for a condition that might have a doctor thinking hmmm, steroid abuse! But not, say for an accident, where steroid use has no causationial link to why medical intervention is required. totally agree with your second point
  10. I meant from a cover point of view, if the NHS ever fell by the wayside. If we all had to purchase health cover, assuming insurance companies offered any cover to former steroid users, it would undoubtedly cost more. If you have ever used and told your gp about it, it would be on your records even if you hadn't used for many years
  11. Hate to say this but Frandeman does score highly on the cool scale. If I could come across as half as cool as him I'd be happy
  12. And the pictures he posts are actually pictures of me (natty) I wish he'd rob someone else's Facebook profile
  13. I also hope it works out for you. Look after yourself.
  14. Yes I think she is attractive.
  15. Help me out here. A cursory glance through the subject matters Wikipedia page doesn't reveal if the subject is female, or transgender. What I'm getting at is if she is a former bloke is the question "do you find her attractive". Either way on the gender front, I would say not in particular. But that's because she doesn't seem my type