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  1. Didn't see it in the thread but I'm sure you can report it to the council if problem arises again and if they persist they can take action
  2. I understand it's being researched as a possible male contraceptive. I won't be using it for this purpose as my gp sorted this out for me (vasectomy)
  3. Dusting your balls with talc whilst toking on a rothmans doubles your cancer risk I'm afraid
  4. No. RX labs do it however
  5. Wait till summer when people are using the washing line and then revisit youth by garden hopping and stealing underwear as you go. If you like a particular pair, go back and ask the house holder where they got them from. Failing that, primark cedar wood state suit me for a budget option
  6. New York with the Mrs in march for 4 nights and then Rhodes with the kids for 2 weeks in august
  7. Unfortunately she struggles to cook, do the dishes and iron, etc from a seated position
  8. My wife has longstanding back problems and I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to do any exercises, especially ones that strengthen the core. She finds that if she doesn't do them her problems worsen but this was trail and error as she sometimes used to think that they didn't help or made things worse. Over the years she has taught me some of the physio techniques so I can help out so if you have a partner/family member/friend who can assist you then all good. Best of luck in your recovery and bear in mind that backs are funny things. You think they will never heal and then a week later the problems improve dramatically.
  9. Martin Lewis money saving expert site gives an easy to follow guide on all of the comparison sites to use plus direct providers in the order of effectiveness. His guide is easy to follow but it does take a little time getting quotes from all providers
  10. The sweet smell of a mixture of Hai Karate and weed, or was it a premium talc?
  11. Sorry to hear of your problem but good to read that you have seen a doctor. I was just concerned that you may be acting on bad advice if you had not got a diagnosis before seeking private treatment. Sorry I cannot recommend anyone in Mansfield as I don't live there but hopefully you will find someone suitable. Out of interest, did your last osteopath give you any specific excercises to do?
  12. Have you seen your gp? If not, I'd start there. I wouldn't necessarily trust osteopaths or chiropractors. Not saying they are all bent, but I've seen a mate chuck good money after bad before he got a clinical diagnosis which demonstrated that he was wasting his money.
  13. That's a blast from the past. 20 odd years ago after a game of rugby there would be a haze of the stuff in the changing room. Haven't seen anyone use it for years. Forgot the stuff existed bar babies nappy change time
  14. Avi

    I couldn't do it when I first started. Give it a few posts/couple of weeks. Also, do it on a laptop rather than phone/tablet