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  1. She's used to me going up & down in weight and I've been smashing gym 25 times a month for last 3m + dieting but if the Gainz continue they'll come a point she'll be like "are you sure that new creatine is all you take"?! ? * if I have many more sex sessions where I don't finish off too, she'll get suspicious yea
  2. Yeah cheers for that Ellis.ben proviron project on the to do list !
  3. I've had this what you two guys are describing Befire - and yea I think it's partly a mental thing - like anxiety of knowing "oh f**k I might not come" then you're kinda resigned yourself mentally to it that you're not gonna. i was thinking coz I'm an old c*nt (44) maybe it's that too. If it continues it might put me off of cycling again , however, I'm enjoying the rapid Gainz but I've never had it this much / since on the test ... I was thinking (if anything) the test would speed-up the climax. Weird things these hormones !
  4. Yea will do ive been taking .25 anastrozole as n when each 4 days or so
  5. Started first cycle 16days ago: 300 test E Pw... not the most pleasant of subjects but: apart from when I nailed the Mrs 3 days after first jab --- we've done it 3 times and each time now, my ol boy is shy to come! I weren't looking for 'staying power' ? when I started this cycle and have found it a couple of times hard to 'finish off' our sex session!!! I hope this ain't gonna continue like this! As she's pregnant and obviously ain't up for no long sex sessions ! Plus she don't know I'm cycling so she's getting a little suspicious! any you guys experienced anything like this?
  6. The only frustrating factor about having Mrs pregnant + being on cycle = potential frustration lol my mrs 6month gone ... I'm on second week of first cycle ... BAD TIMING!! She doesn't know I'm on cycle , so can't explain my libido change! i keep asking her ... "aren't women supposed to get randy deep into pregnancy "!!! ... hopefully she will soon good luck mate
  7. By the way .. are there any risks to taking 'N.o' enhancers ... I mean like citrulline/arginine etc, together with the likes of viagra and cialis?
  8. I'm around the same height & weight as you before I started training I think you'll be making a mistake heading straight to AAS before even getting another 6 month training under your belt most of us find the belly fat stubborn, and last to shift. However, it WILL go naturally. im no mr in shape but I've been lifting 29yrs. this what I would do: option A: put on size naturally/while keeping lean , each extra pound of muscle weight will burn loads extra calories and it'll gradually shift option B: go full reptile on a Keto diet and it'll blitz it away: if you're determined then ... once your lean & content & have learnt training fundamentals/your body and extra knowledge-- then do the AAS This is Defo the wisest choice, albeit boring though AND just my opinion good luck
  9. Thanx mate I'm popping .25 later I think
  10. I'm hoping I'm paranoid But fear I maybe good to star in a trannie porn mag by next month! test e 300 1.3 cc jabbed Wednesday yesterday & today especially feel very sensitive to any feeling in the nipples ... like getting erect at least little thing and pertruding outwards in a pointy fashion seem longer ! but no lump underneath & no pointing out when not erect is this normal? ive got adex... but ain't taken none yet ... am I better popping .5 or .25 now? Or would tamoxifen be better? also I can really feel where my prostrate is it's feeling what's going on? Weird any advice appreciated
  11. I inadvertently found this out 3minths ago, when having high BP Each couple days after cialis it'd be lower i used it initially for ED - found it less time 'specific' if you wanna nail the Mrs whenever as n when I didn't know of other benefits too though but they'll be on further shopping lists ...
  12. I keep seeing cialis mentioned a lot on here, and seemingly not for ED Why is it taken by so many users ? to help lower blood pressure ? ... increased blood flow in training?
  13. What cycle you on & how long you been on?
  14. I figured gonna have half a vial left, after cycle. My question is: once a Vial has been used: how long will it remain useable?? I know they're still almost airtight once popped, but surely won't be useable right up to the expiry stated on the vial, like an unused one? second question: how long does anastrozole take after eating, to become active? I.e. Test is 21 or so days...what's the score Ruth anastrozole??