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  1. Thanks very much guys, some good info there
  2. I have suffered for years and no drugs or doctors advice ever worked. You need to try and understand yourself and start by avoiding the places that trigger you and work from there in little steps. My panic attacks also started when my first son was born and the pressure that was involved with being a new dad, now...honestly... How often do you think about death or dying ? Because you need to get that out of your head straight away.
  3. I'm pretty new to all of this and need some help I've been supplementing for about 4 months now, I use N.O.explode pre work out and cellmass post workout. The problem is that the longer i take this (and i think it's solely the N.O. explode) the worse my sleep is getting, on my gym days i lay there wide awake and only get 5-6 hours sleep on my off days it slightly improves. Can anyone give me any advice ? is this something i've got to live with or is there something else that would suit me better ?