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  1. Do you think low carb days helped or just overall calorie deficit, did you do any cardio?
  2. I will just cut the weekend binging out
  3. I am pretty much your first picture trying to cut before I bulk, what routine and calories did you do for the cut?
  4. Currently trying to cut I'm 11stone 6 eating 1800 a day, I do not track on Sundays, have a few beers takeaway etc. I find I can gain 1-3lbs when I weigh myself on Mondays, is the stopping my progress or should I cut calories by 50-100 I feel like I work the rest of the week to get rid of this water weight. Do any of you gain like this over a weekend? Cheers
  5. What is your current condition? I'm not sure if you'll need test at your age or not, I'd be more inclined to say you'll be fine as you won't lose as much as people think
  6. Currently trying to progress at pull ups but I get shoulder pain when I do them which prevents me from going on, not sure if my form is correct as I start under the bar and pull, do you have to pull your chest forward and arms back on these? Cheers
  7. Not being funny but you have been told peoples opinions on what you should do, yes you have put on some size on your arms but you have gained lots on your waist which is unnecessary, I can tell you from experience if you keep gaining as you are you will look terrible and feel the same way and when you come to cut you won't have much muscle. Slow and steady mate. From experience if I was you I would cut or cut back on calories, start strong lifts or Lyle McDonald's bulking routine and run it in to the ground until you cannot progress no more. Good luck
  8. You are just getting fat mate
  9. You are eating too much and getting fat, cut back to previous and start again
  10. You are eating too much food
  11. You mention a variation on the Lyle McDonald routine
  12. What kind of calories where you on, seems you lost a lot more than that?
  13. Always feel this in my shoulders more than my back
  14. Is your mate natty though, how can you recomp in a deficit, and what kind of variation?