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  1. Pretty sure that's why I've just asked the question because I am eating that
  2. I'm getting disillusioned with progress. I'm currently 155lbs waist 34" so I've still got a way to go to lose the fat before I bulk I've lost 20lbs so far but have stalled for 4 weeks, I've done the whole eat at maintenance for 2 weeks then lower again, that hasn't worked. Currently eating 1400 calories doing ppl and cardio x3 a week. Any advice to break the plateau and start my loss again to get the scale moving? I've read this And ultimately says if you're not losing then you need to lower, however should I do this and go to 1300 as this seems excessively low Cheers
  3. How long you going to keep running this program and cutting?
  4. Just cut down, although I don't think you carry enough muscle to show abs
  5. I don't think it is possible to eat too little unless you go under 1000 calories a day, very low calorie diets have been found to be very effective
  6. I was looking at a 2013 diesel, I currently drive petrol 45miles per day motorway driving
  7. I am looking into buying a new used car, however I am undecided on petrol or diesel with the new tax laws coming into place and the possibility of paying tolls on diesel. I think you pay and extra £140 after your first year of owning a diesel on tax. If the performance is the same for both cars on the same model and mileage per year is 12k is it worth buying a diesel or will the saving be negligible? Cheers
  8. Your September picture looks like you've photo shopped your head on someone elses body. Nice weight loss tho
  9. I'm planning on low dose as I think my levels are low but think it may make my hair fall out or other sides.
  10. Says who? As long as you're in a deficit and losing at a steady rate I don't see how you come to that conclusion
  11. Which one do you book first though?
  12. Where do you book them and how? I have never booked a holiday through the internet.
  13. What's the best exercises and sets reps to add overall size to arms, also is there a weight ratio such as every 14 pounds you gain an inch? I have skinny arms and would like to change this.
  14. Just get leaner than you were in the first picture, don't worry about being thin it's only temporary until you slow bulk again
  15. I'll keep an eye on this as I did the same thing as you bulked and just gained far too much fat chasing the scale, currently in the process of cutting and I've lost 2 stone without cardio hoping to lose another then back to bulking.