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  1. In for this as I did a similar thing and I'll be cutting working a similar programme and cardio.
  2. What did your numbers look like when you took a break did you go back to the same deficit and numbers and what are you weighing now, I have read your journal and you do low carb but are around 173 managed to shift anymore weight?
  3. No straight heterosexual male waxes his arsehole
  4. Plus you'll get more arse in the gay club waxing your arse crack weird as f**k.
  5. What's your weight?
  6. You've got some fu**ing awful gym gear
  7. I bet your boyfriend loves you waxing your crack and arse you f**got
  8. Be interesting if you start a journal, personally I think you may need to keep cutting for another 2 months as you still look around 20%, get lean so you don't have to cut as much fat again.
  9. What weight are you cutting to?
  10. You going to lean bulk after this save wasting your time again?
  11. Clearly when I said without calipers you didn't read that
  12. And how would he calculate his bf without calipers etc?
  13. Oh, I'm doing the same ppl as you but only 3 days a week currently cutting so not sure if frequency matters as I won't be gaining anyway
  14. Are you doing PPL 3 days a week?
  15. Save everyone a job and just take @Ultrasonic advice. Cut down if you think you're a fat bastard and bulk up slowly if you think you're too skinny. I know people say don't aim for weight per week but looking at research 1-2 lbs seems fine a week to lose and 0.5 a week to gain. No need to keep bumping the thread