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  1. Another person here who can also vouch for test e as a first cycle.... I was terrified of injecting, after my first pin I couldn't believe how easy it was and now I could Inject anywhere anytime it's so simple. Please consider test as part of the cycle
  2. How many iu of hyge would a recreational bodybuilder use? I'm looking at prices and I can't imagine how I'd afford it lol
  3. Thanks for your advice @swole troll
  4. @swole troll by any chance could advise, it would be very much appreciated, sorry for the inconvenience
  5. Bump
  6. I also used sis test 300 and I have no complaints, seemed to work fine.
  7. What's the odds of Pharmacom gear getting seized seeing as it's shipping out from Eastern Europe I assume?? Many of you ordered Pharmacom direct from them to the UK or Ireland with success??
  8. Supposedly primus ray is Bulgarian Shite, linked to another Bulgarian ugl.... Then again that's just the word on other foreign forums.
  9. I was getting that on cycle, they sent me for an ecg and it was okay, I'm being sent for an echo as precaution. My gp said it could be a mix of anxiety and high bp/ hormone imbalance and she didn't see it as a major issue
  10. Pharmacom is a pain in the ass to get, and the additional cost and hassle having to use moneygram or western bloody union. If a UK source had Pharmacom then I'm sure it would be very popular
  11. @Quackerz I was planning to blast cruise blast cruise...... After doing my research and reading too many posts about how cruising was bad for the health and only worth it if I were a competitor etc put me off the idea. I was in the doc on Thursday and she did full blood panel plus male and female panel.
  12. Okay here goes...... Im currently on a cruise dose of 180mg test enth a week, 3rd week of it. Leading up to it I ran 15 weeks of test enth at 600 to 650 a week. I did not use hcg on cycle. I've decided that I will cruise for 2 more weeks and my question is pct related : -how long should I wait after my last cruise pin before I start pct? - in the period between last pin and pct will hcg be of benefit as I have around 9000 iu of it. I'm only asking as I stayed on a cruise dose as I found it so great to be on test, I had low levels before I ever cycled so this made me feel like a new man..... But After reading a post about blast and cruise and how it's not great idea unless you are a competitor I have decided I better come off for a few months. Not to mention I got high rbc / hematocrit / Hemoglobin on cycle AND nowhere would let me donate blood as I have an auto immune platelet disorder. Any replies are greatly appreciated, any help is great guys CHEERS!!!!!
  13. Why are you unable to buy nolva and clomid online?