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  1. There's always the chance that the sexual issue is psychological.
  2. Have to say I was one of those one time only cycle guys....... 3 months on from pct and I'm desperate to run another cycle Lol
  3. From the same family as EQ but supposedly without the huge increase in red blood cells.... Wonder if that's true
  4. I'm due in for an echo and heart check next few weeks and getting bloods back next week, if all goes well I'll be running 300mg test enth and 600mg DHB a week and I'll run a log / do mid cycle bloods etc. It sounds like a great drug
  5. All these new labs popping up day by day.... What a time to be alive
  6. Creatine is one of the only supplements that actually works
  7. No Not much apart from ran 400 a week and got no pip from the sg brand, gained good size and strength on it. Injected twice per week
  8. I asked and got bo decent replies here, asked on another misc forum and got told the sg200mg is good to go with no pip
  9. Men with vulvas can't grow beards so you'll be fine hun xxxx
  10. An Endocrinologist did that with me, er MAH GERD you haz beard so you're fine Dick head indeed
  11. Lol no, just said she knew I was going to ask based on my Hematocrit and rbc count from the last test and she's aware of my Interest in lifting heavy things lol
  12. So went in to get bloods done today, didn't even have to ask, the gp smiles and says ' so test, fsh, LH, prolactin, estriadol, Hematocrit, rbc count..... The asks How's the training going And to think I was afraid to tell her about the gear lol
  13. Was aimed at me, I also didn't name a source. Could I not be be talking about timmy mallet??
  14. Anyway...... Has anyone used the southern ghost dhb???
  15. Seems to be nothing about southern ghost dhb online ffs