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  1. First question which should inevitably decide your fate..... Is this an Anavar only cycle?
  2. Ostarine tablets? Please tell me you're trolling
  3. Cream / amnesia classics from 2000 to 2002 era ibiza, nothing gets me pumped up like that lol.... That feeling like being back there full of pills..... Euphoria lol
  4. That's a very decent foundation, Excellent natty base. As @SuperRips said, do some research on gear and don't go mad on a first cycle. I had people telling me to run Fukin Tren and anadrol etc on my first cycle lol
  5. This thread better be a case of trolling.........
  6. To be honest I don't know what to make of it
  7. f**k it, don't think I'll bother using the npp at this stage, don't want to significantly shorten my life for an 8 week run of npp
  8. @ElChapo I'd also love to hear your opinion before I pin this stuff
  9. I'd break up so, be with someone who doesn't control your life or cause fear. Life's too Fukin short
  10. I've read with Npp it's 4 months, that's why I avoided deca
  11. Surprised nobody mentions blending 5 organic celery sticks with some water and necking it daily, works a treat for blood pressure
  12. Shot, I wouldn't have chosen Npp for my next cycle if I'd seen this before fok
  13. Maybe the clen brought on anxiety that doesn't want to go. I developed anxiety tears ago and had awful shakes with it