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  1. Jesus holy mugabee, congratulations on resurrecting an old thread lol
  2. Theoretically you should run a pct but more than likely you'll be fine. Seriously though, unless you can commit to running a full cycle you should certainly not consider starting one again in the near future. I mean look, I started a new job, misses had a baby and we aren't a young couple to be having a first baby..... I suffer with mild anxiety too. But I made it my business to finish the cycle even though it felt near impossible. Get a plan in place and stick to it no matter what chap, All the best
  3. Hold on, correct me if I'm wrong lads but don't some competitors crash the estrogen before a show in the hope of drying out more, not bloating
  4. Now all you need to do is have those Shite star tattoos lazer'd off
  5. Recommendation for a lab for decent Anavar?
  6. Diazepam and zimo's
  7. That's the most dystopian label I've seen Lol
  8. Someone has posted on a certain suppliers thread on a rating site, who would be considered a 'supreme' source calling out the seller asking is it sis so I'll keep an eye on that
  9. I'm on my first pct at them MO, I used nolva a few times on cycle and got sh#tty morning headaches and a foggy head. No on pct I'm using 40mg day and ffs I'm getting that morning rot again. I'm also getting a bit flushed too on it.
  10. Sorry mate I know you dont want to hear this but at 153 pounds weight at your height you certainly shouldn't consider running a cycle. I'm 5'10 and waited until I was 205lbs and 16% bf before considering. A good diet structure, progressive overload, and commitment would be your best option, you've got lots of natural gains left in the tank
  11. I don't think they are, I've got stuff off them and it appeared to come from the UK.... Defo not irish lads though, the mails they sent me looked more like russkie or Moldovan English lol
  12. Yep sounds like symptoms of hepatitis or aids /hiv.... Maybe Before you bought your gear someone might have injected one of the above into it...... Hhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm
  13. 'Supreme' indeee
  14. anabolics

    I will post actual screenshots of future blood work Cheers
  15. anabolics

    I have 3 more weeks of pct, I'll take bloods 2 weeks after and post them. Sorry to back and forth, just one thing, is it safe to take iron if my haemoglobin is higher end of normal? Thanks again