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  1. s**t I must double check that, I yhink you might be right. Either way, there is a noticeable difference lately, physique seems to be changing, awful pimple on shoulders and back and I'm very bloody oily on my upper body and hair now.
  2. Even my gp said that, yes she said 56 mnol is a fair bit above the average and my levels were only 12mnol going into the cycle but even she was surprised I wasn't closer to 100mnol on that dose I was on. So much for that particular batch of unipharma being way overdosed lol
  3. To be honest I've noticed the bigger physique changes the last 2 weeks, I'll ride it out a couple more weeks at 300mg week
  4. And So i ran unipharma testobol for weeks 1 to 11, Bloodwork had me at a level of 56mnol which was high but still I should have had higher testosterone levels considering I was on rough 650mg pw m From week 12 to present I decided to pin 250mg unipharma on Mondays but on Thursday use sis labs test enth at 200 mg instead of the unipharma. As odd as it sounds, my partner and gym pals have all commented on the big changes in my physique last 3 weeks and I have to say I can see it too. What I'm surprised about is getting gains so late into cycle. Tomorrow would be week 15 but seeing as the gains came late should I stay on another few weeks or what? Damn it i probably should have ran the sis from the start
  5. It's not looking too good, they don't have any legit spokesman on any of the big gear forums and their site is down 2 weeks now. Their gear has worked for me though
  6. Here's a link to a very interesting investigative piece about the history and current situation regarding steroid production in Moldova, lots of familiar names on it too. It's a long ish read but worth it. And I think it's safe to assume sis labs is a Moldovan lab too, considering sis is the name of the special anti crime unit in Moldova someone clearly taking the piss lol
  7. Yes but it's not the easiest gear to come across on the UK based sources in a certain site
  8. Jesus I might tale a flight to Moldova and stock up so lol
  9. Do you have evidence?
  10. Can someone give me a referral, I need to give the name of a member as part of the joining process, would be much appreciated
  11. Not every medium production set up is that dirty.
  12. How do i join blastandcruise? It's asking for name of person who referred me???
  13. Gin and soda water with lime by the bucket load, Stay away from the beer