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  1. This is more than likely prolactin. Tren is a 19nor, do some bloodwork
  2. Think in his original post he was Hinting at being a seller
  3. Probably because it's not Tren but actually iron Bru instead
  4. The way I see it, the average gay guy can take a 6 inch nob..... So Line up some vials of test and Tren, in a sheet of cling film of course, roll into a sausage like shape, lube up and sink those bad boys into the skutter pipe Or alternatively just order some gear off TM or the likes and have it shipped over lol
  5. It's a Moldovan criminal organisation behind it, produced in China and labeled in Moldova
  6. To be fair mate you'll bulk up with all the protein you will be getting from swallowing WILLY
  7. It stopped when I came off cycle. Doctor said it was okay
  8. Seriously stop being a pussbag and pin 500 test enth a week ffs
  9. I got pain in the nutz when I was running 900mg test a week.
  10. Is that not a trt query???
  11. Okay, you are looking to use steroids but you consider this to be acceptable: 'and for PCT was planning something like ZMA , DAA ' FML
  12. Any heads up on the Npp in terms of sides? Ive never used it before, this will be my 2nd steroid cycle
  13. So in the not so distant future I have decided to run test and Npp for a ten week cycle with test prop the first 3 weeks as a kick starter. Just wondering if southern ghost Npp is any use? Also wondering is taylormade test enth and prop a safe bet? Cheers folks!!!
  14. Pull/off /legs/push/ off............ Repeat For example, instead of doing 4 exercise for shoulder and 4 for chest on push day once per week do 3 exercises for each muscle group per session, twice a week / or cycle if not within 7 day.