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  1. Kinky.... bet you she haven't threatened to spray u @IronJohnDoe
  2. She lying, she spent em on me too
  3. If your losing weight normally why change anything?
  4. Yeah sorry, if you scroll up, I mentioned that I made a mistake and was actually referring to wild thing and not wicked. My mistake sorry
  5. Waow I never knew about this, thanks I definitely have anterior pelvic tilt
  6. U wot, M8, be a mate, haven't had sex since I left Australia, would ravage anything at this point
  7. You share your mrs by any chance mate?
  8. Doesn't matter if you would fight me or not, would still be shitting bricks
  9. Fcking hell dude, Looking like a beast, would s**t myself if you ever looked my way
  10. 10/10 Will be watching with family on christmas day before opening presents
  11. Have not seen that one yet, waiting for the one today in London, should be good
  12. Anyone seen this s**t ? I'm actually dying of laughter, this is fcking hilarious, I don't even care about the fight anymore I just want them to s**t talk each other,
  13. Count your calories, it's as simple as that, the guys here recommend MyFitnessPal, an app to download and help with tracking your calories, To build muscle/strength you have to eat more than your maintenance calorie amount, to get rid of fat and get lean you have to eat less calories There is no right/wrong food, eat what ever you like as long as it is within your calorie target, just don't hit Mcdonalds every day and you should be fine I am not sure if there is a difference between girls/boys in protein target, but someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but try to get 1.6g of protein per kg (your weight) so, you need something like 100g of protein a day.
  14. Doesn't matter what someone else thinks you should lift in kgs for x amount of reps, i started with 10kg dumbells chest press each arm, currently on 24kg each arm, you progress with time, just start small and make sure you do it properly, the weights comes after, But usually, 3 sets of 6-12, your choice really, And with motivation, I took a good look at my body and a look at someone with a proper gym body, that was all the motivation I needed These days after each gym session, I basically am ripping through the shirt that once looked big on me, and I love that feeling, and always go back for more