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  1. fcking hell she is smoking... And wtf ??? I just read that she went in to the police station and told on herself ????? what the fck ??? looks like she was after some publicity...
  2. How long was it since you took the picture you have for your profile ?
  3. I didn't actually know cheese had low carbs and was packed with protein, Do you have a particular cheese you get ?
  4. Why cheese if I may ask ?
  5. This looks tasty as fck
  6. Definitely this, I am living a life of celibacy (not by choice) and sleeping like a king, Na but seriously, I had a teacher many many years ago, where if she would have "pins and needles" pain, it would last quite a few hours, she went to a doctor and was diagnosed with something, do not remember what it was, but you might just wanna check with a doctor.
  7. Dude you are taking this site to seriously lol, sometimes I think some here live in a mental hospital and somehow were allowed a computer
  8. So would you suggest, going down a bit on the weights for a while ? will also give stretching a go as I do it a bit but not much It is around my knee cap area, I don't feel the "pain" when I am training, it is usually after 4-6 hours later when I get up from a chair or something and just use my legs to get up, but If I push up with my arms, its fine, and it does not hurt when I walk around, its just the moment I get up from sitting down.
  9. I have now been training 4 days a week for about 6 months+, When I started with leg extensions for example, I was doing about 20kgs, lately I can do 55kgs, but that has been over 6 months period, so I am not sure whether that is fast or not... I try not to lock my knees at the top, But I have now stopped doing leg extensions/curls and the pain is still there but it is not as bad anymore, I can very slightly feel it when I try to get up.
  10. Not bad at all, Would ravage/10
  11. These days you have to be careful with every word you say, there are fckers everywhere getting triggered over the smallest thing, People really need to lighten the fck up.
  12. So I was wondering, Does it matter what type or juice it is ? as in if its from concentrate or not ?? I had it with water once.. never again... but I have been taking the Creatine with concentrated juice, and I was just wondering if it makes any difference what type of juice it is ?
  13. Really so there is no way around this ?
  14. Your aiming for losing weight correct ? Get a scale and every morning after you wake up weight yourself, what I was told is to aim for 0.5kg to lose or gain a week, and if you are cutting then that's what you wanna aim for, fix your diet according to that, if your gaining, you are eating to much...
  15. So after a leg day (5-6 hours after), I can feel a pain in my knees when I try to stand up after sitting down, I believe it might be related to doing Leg extensions and Leg curls but I am not sure, any ideas how to deal with this ?