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  1. I have seen this video a few times, very helpful indeed, But just wondering, the bar grabs my leg hair on the way up, specially near my knees, after a dead lift workout, it looks like I have been on all fours, cause the bar is just ripping hair out, What would you do in this case ? shave the hair off ?
  2. fck mate, Don't know if its just me, but she is so damn hot, would absolutely ravage her
  3. "We treat all customer complaints extremely seriously" Fck right off they do, don't give a s**t at all, its only now that this thing hit the news they go and say s**t like that
  4. I just had a quick google search into what Melatonan is, I am trying to avoid the sun to stop looking like an African child, and people are taking medicine to get brown, u wot ?
  5. Not sure what fat burners you are talking about, but you don't need that at all really, go to the gym, have a protein shake, but count the calories in, you really only want a protein shake because its an easy source of protein, you don't have to have one. Just count your calories and stay within that range.
  6. Never heard of this, will give it a go
  7. I use the same ON Melatonin, I just wish I had known of it when I was in uni, Its not the greatest thing, but it actually stops my mind from going and thinking about random crap, and I can get some sleep,
  8. Mind explaining what this is ? looks alright
  9. Okay so, I it has all gone good, and I am still cutting, and currently on 81kgs, I am losing weight around the waist as I went from belt size 35 down to 34, and still going down, but.... this is a random picture I found, but I highlighted what is still showing for me... this so called "love handle" is still there and slightly above my waist, Currently wondering, will this ever go away ? Also how far down in calories can I go before I should consider going on a bulk again until my next cut ? I am currently on 2000 cal, and was thinking that next time I go down would be by another 400, and stay on 1600 for 2-3 weeks before going on a bulk again, or can I go even further down than that ?
  10. Mate, from the looks of it, he does not show himself here unless he has an offer to share,
  11. 1000 cal, isn't that like way to low ?
  12. Tonight we feast with the gods
  13. May I ask why it was nice over there and the opposite in the UK ?
  14. So I was just clicking away on youtube, and came across a video a dude is criticizing what people do wrong, but then there are other videos of other people saying this is the proper way of training XXX type of exercise, So now I am wondering if what I do is correct or not, but I was wondering, who do you guys like to watch on youtube? when it comes to the form ? I just came across this guy, Jeff Nippard, and the video I found interesting, I like the studies he threw in there, but specially at 4:40 where he trains upper chest, that has been the same technique I have had on upper/lower, trying to have my arms at 45 degrees, but I have seen other videos of people having their arms like less than 20 degrees out and say its the "correct" chest exercise form...
  15. fcking hell she is smoking... And wtf ??? I just read that she went in to the police station and told on herself ????? what the fck ??? looks like she was after some publicity...