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  1. oh god my sides, I thought my farts were bad with protein alone, I will never try liquid egg whites, as it will probably kill someone.
  2. I saw a girl in my Uni days, she only drank red bull and smoked, someone one day told me she was 22 years old ( 3 - years ago ), couldn't believe it, she seriously looked like 60+
  3. the thing is, It was my very first order, when I got it, I was a bit surprised about how much foam there was in there, but I thought it was normal or something, and then a month or two later I saw the thread about it being foamy, and got a replacement, but by that time I doubt paypal would refund.
  4. He was in the messages I had with MyProtein, and since I was dealing with them directly, he is not really able to do anything, I don't think, I just can't believe the fact that, if a replacement has been shipped, that's it, bad or not, its not their problem anymore.
  5. I had the same issue, it was frothing up, got a replacement, the replacement was also bad.... and I recorded a video of me testing the original and the replacement and showing that they both were bad. however MyProtein apperantly do not think there is anything wrong here and decided not to do anything about it, after a few messages they said as a gesture of good will they will offer me any 2 products, all I asked for was 1 pack of a replacement for the replacement whey, And this was the 20th of Dec, still have not heard back from them or seen any signs of the whey... But from what I gathered, was that if you have already had a replacement sent out for a product, that's it, if its bad, well its your loss, its not their problem anymore..
  6. Okay cool I saw you mentioned to Baggy to drop his kcal by 750, what about after the cutting period ? how much should you be adding back to your diet ? or just go with 750 initially and then increase as fit ?
  7. I am pretty sure I am around 20% body fat, I want to in the end stay on 80kgs looking ripped as fck.
  8. @Ultrasonic I was wondering about the cutting part, say I am 85kgs, should I be cutting down to 80kgs or 75kgs ? or do you guys go over for example cutting for 12 weeks and that's it ?
  9. Hey guys, Anyone with any clothing from under armour ? do they get loose after a month or two ? or any other type of under wear that keeps you warm you guys can recommend ? I was considering getting a pair, but not for the gym, just to wear under my cloths, as I am constantly cold, (Moved here from Australia).
  10. Oh sorry, No steroids, And nop, a banana is nothing, I was thinking that you meant to divide up my lunch so I have one at like an hour before and the other half an hour later or something like that, which I will just be having problems with since I will not be completely full, but I wont be hungry either, I can easily do a banana or any fruit for that matter, but yeah I will add a slice or two of peanut butter, which is not a problem at all. What I meant, is my meals are very big, at least for me, I have never ever eaten this much in 1 go, and I have never been 80kgs either, but as I want to gain more, I have added quite a bit of food to my meals, and I used to eat about half of what I eat before I started to take my gym and diet seriously.
  11. Yes sorry I miss read, its 40% carbs, I am having about 23g of fibre a day. Whats natural or assisted mean ? The thing with having them all in 3 meals, is I get hungry and I can shuv down quite a bit of food in no time before getting full, but if I spread out the meals, I wont get as hungry when it comes to the meals and it will just take longer for me to eat it.
  12. 40% Fibre 30% Fat 30% Protein I am only eating 3 meals per day.
  13. Not trolling at all, But thanks for that, I'll be adding a few slices with PB to my diet, did not think of that at all.
  14. Sorry forgot to mention, I do add about 30g of meridian smooth peanut butter, how much olive oil would you recommend ? I'm gonna give the oats in a shake a go, thanks.