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  1. They have gotten used to the laziness, so why bother changing it, My manager is a funny guy, but he constantly complains about his wife, she does nothing at all, the kids go to school, and shes home alone, not cleaning s**t, not cooking s**t, just not doing anything at all, and I thought it was just him, but we have 2 other guys in our team in the exact same situation, their wife does jack s**t, even tho the kids are not home. But their problem are the kids, they would of left their wife's a long time ago if it wasn't for the kids.
  2. Your wife in charge of your money m8,
  3. The more your pay increases, the more you want, I started with 25k after uni, I am on 36k atm, and I am still want more, I do fck all with the money, I give it to my little brother/sister to make sure they have it good, I do jack sht with the money,
  4. I got an Sony Xperia X compact, absolutely love it, its small enough to fit in 1 hand, shame they make phones so massive these days, looks like some people are walking around with a tablet
  5. Lovely, I just went through my diet today as I am going on a bulk again, and from what I have planned I will be on exactly 2.2g/kg and I thought it might have been a bit to much but no longer worried after that read. Cheers
  6. I train only 4 days a week, some do 3 or even less, you don't have to train every day, Regarding cardio, I would start with that if I was way overweight,
  7. It does re seal, the problem is, that there is powder stuck in the seal thingy so it does not reseal, you just have to get it out of there
  8. Does yours say the expiration date on it by any chance ?
  9. any particular reason you are looking for these 2 ?
  10. I have been looking into buying something, but anything nice is like over 400k, so I cant really buy sht, hopefully after brexit something will change and I hope to god that the house prices will fall a bit
  11. Waaow you guys really need to get laid
  12. hold up, how old is she, looks fcking banging, would ravage/10
  13. There are free VPNs, but most of them sell your information off, I personally use ExpressVPN, a bit pricy, but I have it running 24/7 as I have my torrents on every time I start up my computer, god forbid anyone sees the amount of downloads I have, I would be thrown in a hole and never be allowed to see the sun light again... As there are quite a few servers with ExpressVPN, I just connect to the one closes to me (London) and my downloads/uploads/internet is barely affected, cant see much difference between having it off or on, so I just let it run
  14. Definitely want to give this a go for my next cut, but you guys are talking about 10-20mg, the ones sold by StrongSupp are 2.5mg/tablet and they recommend 1-2, which is like 5mg, and I assume all yohimbine hcl providers are the same, so why are you guys taking 10-20mg, is that not a bit to much ?