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  1. @Ultrasonic So I have lost about 0.6 kgs which is acctually pretty sweet, as I have seen you recommend to aim for 0.5kgs. But a question regarding my training, I don't feel like I am getting stronger, I can do the same amount of weights I did when I was gaining, but I don't feel like I can move up in weights, is that normal ? and just an effect of cutting ? or am I doing something wrong here...
  2. Why don't you go enjoy yourself, slay some dragons and just buy that stuff back in the UK Personally I wouldn't dare take anything illegal on a plane.
  3. Mate, Riddick is the only god.
  4. A few questions if I may, Protein intake, should I be changing that at all or keep with the 1.6 x body weight ? If I don't lose enough fat when getting to 75kgs, would there be any harm in going down to 70 kgs and then going back up again ? or is that going a bit to far down ?
  5. 750kcal isn't that a bit to much ? wont you get really hungry in between your meals ?
  6. So, My plan was to hit 85kg, but I am at 84kgs and I am ready to lose it all, My current plan is to drop 150 cal on my meals once every week, possibly 2 weeks ?, thoughts ? or should I go and drop 150cal and wait until I stop loosing anymore weight before I drop more calories ? I also have huge layer of fat around my bottom stomach area, I want this gone completely before I start bulking again, is that possible ? should I be dropping in weight all the way until its completely gone ? When I started gym, the fat down there was bigger, but it has decreased a bit, since I started hitting the gym, but that is really the main reason I wanna cut now, I want the lower part of my abs to show, when I tense, you can clearly see the outline for the top 4 abs, but not for the 2 remaining ones below, and this is no longer acceptable, Also, what time of the day do you guys usually weigh yourself ? I have noticed a difference in when I weigh myself after the gym and when I get home, as in the gym I am constantly drinking water, but when I get home I have lost like 0.5kgs.
  7. I had this happen, Sleept with a girl, and next morning found out she had a boyfriend.... so I left a note to the guy, saying his girl was a slut and I had no idea that she was taken when I slept with her.
  8. This is what happens when I try to crush it,
  9. Can anyone here tell me what this is lumps are ?? Is this still safe to use ? the first picture is what I scooped out, and I had just noticed those lumps, and the second one I took after realizing what I managed to get out in the first container, the lump on the second picture is massive, absolutely gigantic...
  10. Sorry this might sound like a stupid question, but what is stamp duty ?
  11. I didn't even think of just buying land, how expensive would that be ? and where would I even begin to look for something like that ? estate agents and rightmove ??
  12. Sick, Well, after reading all these posts, I have decided to give it another year or two before considering a 400k+ house, but in terms of payment per month, what would you suggest I should be on to be able to afford something like that ? I want to be able to live and not just work to pay off the house, Also, in terms of buying a house to fix up, Rightmove has been suggested and check with local estate agents, do you have any other "hidden" secrets in terms of looking for those ?
  13. I sold myself mate, nah here is the answer
  14. The house I am in, I am only renting, and no, there is like no land to extend, its seriously just like the house with a little bit extending on the front and back, and its not even grass....