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  1. I posted bloods a while ago when I was running sis test 300, there on the board somewhere, I made a topic about it and posted my results... he's not lying. There oils were spot on, my test levels were wayyyyyy over 100 nmol/l. I was running 600mg/week, one pin a week. The bloods were taken around 3 days after pinning if I remember correctly. Sec I'll try find the results and upload them again.
  2. I used them end of February and mine came back with an exact reading (was well over 130 nmol) whilst runnin 600mg a week of test e.
  3. Keeping eating in a surplus @ 500mg/week if I were you. Worry about the weight loss later. Either that or lower your dose to cut down. No point running high doses when losing weight. get bloods done to check estrogen levels. High estrogen can lead to other issues, not just gyno. Same goes for low levels.
  4. What about your sex drive whilst on cycle? Does that take a nose dive as well?? and do you get bloods done to check if your estrogen is in range or do you just wing it? Could potentially be dosing aromasin to high. I run 12.5mg daily also but can get away with EOD as well with not much issue.
  5. The lab is fine I'm cruising on there test e currently. Not had any issues with my vials. Not did I have any issues with my sis vials either. Got triumph for my next blast. Give that a go.
  6. You also need to bare in mind that your natural test levels would have lowered over the 10 years anyway. So they won't be as high as they were when you were 10 years ago pre cycle anyway.
  7. Medichecks is where I get my blood work done privately. And yes aromasin needs to be run the entire cycle, apart from pct where you might be able to get away without using it. I still run it during pct though just at a very low dose.
  8. I have a little blood come out about 8/10 pins, no big deal. Just wipe away with a tissue, massage the area and pull your kacks back up, job done.
  9. Estrogen is referred to as Oestradol on your blood results list.
  10. If you look at the studies for a natural trainee then you can easily see 2g per kg or 1g per lb of body weight is more than sufficient. My point was this is in the steroid section, if you're an enhanced trainee then you should be able in theory to eat a little more to gain a little more muscle mass over the natural guy. But even then I wouldn't go to the extreme, maybe 1.2g per lb of body weight but I see no point in a 160lb guy eating 300gprotein a day unless it's personal preference. Id have bad guts on that amount personally.
  11. If those 400g put him in to an excess surplus then of course they'd be fat gain. But if he was eating more protein and less carbs for example where calorie intake remained the same, they'd be no additional fat gain.
  12. But none of these studies show AAS users though do they? Where protein synthesis is increased by a substantial amount.
  13. Would you always dose test higher or the same as deca rather than lower test higher deca? Any reason for this.
  14. Thanks for zeh confirmation