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  1. It's got a hella lot of illegal s**t that's sold on there. Just the whole idea of it creeps me the f**k out lol.
  2. You would not have gained over 10lbs on var, just saying. 4 days in and you're acting as if it's the best thing since slice bread. that placebo is real
  3. I thought he meant he was a tree surgeon haha.
  4. I've been through 3 PCTs and felt fine, no issues what's so ever apart from maybe lacking a little motivation. Everyone suffers differently so you'll find it pretty hard to find a consensus. Just do it yourself and see. I have friends who become super depressed, others who are fine, myself included. Cruising this year but I'll come off by years end with a power PCT.
  5. Do you dose caber at all with it? and youre not wrong, I planned on trying it towards end of next year anyway haha. I can control my estrogen well on test with a bunch of orals, but they've proper f**ked up my liver values so rather not bother with them anymore.
  6. It's f*cling tren though bro haha. Its always scared the sh*t out of me haha. No idea why.
  7. Looks like cool stuff, then saw the prices. £40 for a 3/4 sleeve shirt? No thanks bro.
  8. general consensus seems to be tren or deca, can't decide which. They both shut you down equally as hard, both have sides, tren being worse from what I've seen/read. Help a bruva out.
  9. Stingy bastard
  10. Yeah man, thinking 8 weeks would be enough, just drop cals each week by 200 or so, I could probably lose a solid 1-1.5kg a week and maintain most of my hard earned muscle.
  11. It's more the time left to cut that I'm worried about, as my body fat has crept up to around 16-17% now. Want to be a solid 10% by the time I go away. Probably around 4-5kg to lose. Bodyfat has gone from 14-16% ish from the start of cycle, so quite a lot has been lean gains.
  12. I pinned it yesterday and have zero PIP today. just switched from sis labs test e which was a bit pippy. Thought I'd give another lab a go. To early to tell if it's any good but I heard good things, which is the reason why I wanted to try it.
  13. I hope so. everything else has been great, 82.5kg currently, so up 10-11kg from pre cycle. Only switched over yesterday so I've no idea how it'll compare at the moment. Will find out in a couple of weeks. Don't know whether to stop my cycle in 2 weeks (14 weeks) or just carry on blasting until end of march and then cut down to a cruise dose to cut. Depends how long I want to cut for, 12 weeks or 8.
  14. Pulled my trap today, super annoyed. Feels like whiplash almost. was warming up my standing barbell press, did the bar x 15, 40kg X 12, 50kg X 10 and 60kg X 8. I felt the pull on my 7th rep, finished off the 8th rep and then racked the bar back, instant pain down my back. Annoying thing was those were only my warm up sets, ffs. gonna take it easy for the next couple of days. Got a job trial on Monday and Tuesday so really need to be functioning efficiently by then as it's an active roll. Pinned 2ml of D4net test e yesterday and zero PIP today, a lot less than sis test e.
  15. It's pretty simple, managed to pr**k 2 fingers and fill 2 vials. I've had 3 blood tests done from them know, the same each time Takes about 20mins to do. Pop in the post and get results back in 24-48hours.