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  1. Drop me a PM when you receive this mate please
  2. It'll be worth it though pal, think long term!
  3. Hit a push session today, hit a new PR on the decline bench, managed 100kg X 8,8,7 then 95kg for 5 just to finish off the chest. Followed by the standard incline smith, some shoulders and a fly, then hit up some bis. still not sure if I like hitting biceps are chest and tris after back, will give it another week and then reevaluate. Just gonna shower now now and then pin some more test. Was eating around 2,900-3,000 calories a day and weight stalled for a few days, so upped now to 3,100-3,200 and weight seems to be progressing once again. Averaging 80kg in the mornings currently. Another 8 weeks of gaining then it'll be time to cut for 10 weeks.
  4. Well that's reassuring Me and the misses are going for a quiet get away, time to relax after a busy few months at work.
  5. 3 peak challenge in May (Snowdon, scaffle and Ben Nevis). Zante (Tsvili) June for a week, first time going to Tsvili, anyone been before? Staying in a sensimar resort. Possibly Tenerife again in September.
  6. I'd suggest cutting bodyfat first. You can't just 'forever bulk' as you put it and expect to never have to cut. You're already moving on to an unhealthily high range. You'll run in to more estrogen related problems, blood pressure problems, etc with a high bodyfat. I cut down to 10% for my first cycle and I'm glad I did as I feel I got more out of it. I've always done 1 pin a week and been fine, anything more than 2ml/week I'd split in to 2 pins a week just because PIP would be substantially higher.
  7. I don't understand where people get that anavar isn't toxic. Pretty sure doses of up to 20mg is deemed not overly toxic but there was a significant rise in toxicity when hitting 40mg/Day and over. I use TUDCA products which usually works wonders. Competitive edge cycle assist is decently dosed, lots of servings per container and fairly inexpensive.
  8. Difference being is you reach your 'natty limit' and surpass it much quicker gains brah
  9. Today's workout was... Deadlifts: 65kgx12, 105kgx10, 145kgx6, 165kgx3 Plate loaded leg press (rest pause 20 secs) 200kgx12,10,6 dropset: 100kg X 20 *superset Lat pulldown: entire stack 3x10 Cable crunches 30kgx12,12,12 *superset Cable row 50kgx12,12 Leg raises 2x12
  10. Mine is clear, has no yellow tinge to it at all. Been running for 6 or so weeks now, I have a medi checks blood test sat on my side waiting to take bloods and send away but I'm just lazy. Libido is up though, as is strength and weight. Up around 6-7lbs.
  11. I've just been smashing the ventricle glute for my injections, where would one inject else where on the glute? The ventro glute is much easier to get to when self injecting.
  12. Ordered Sunday, came today. Not had considering uni ordered on a Weekend and it's came all the way from US. I'll be trying it out Monday. Tuitti frutti was rancid but it worked wonders!
  13. Thanks chaps, seems the general consensus is I'll be fine. Anyone actually had any bad experiences?
  14. Today was push B Incline BB 90kg x 8,8,10 weighted dips +20kg 10,10,9 drop set BW X 9 DB OHP 26kg DBs X 12,12 (felt s**t so stopped) side laterals 15,13,12,9 cable flies x 18,15,12,10 followed by some tris and bis, won't be training tomorrow due to work, will be back hitting some back/legs on Saturday.