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  1. All mine had holograms. I had 3 vials of test.
  2. I'm running 300mg a week as well mate currently. Only just seeing a difference now. And I'm in week 5.
  3. You're losing weight because you're in a deficit...? If you weren't you'd be gaining weight or at the very least maintaining. If you're adamant that it isn't the loss of water from Anadrol. New job? New muscle? Been more active than normal? All can effect TDEE.
  4. Your job tests for anabolics?? Most just test for narcotics.
  5. I'm using triumph this run around mate. Seems alright. Feel the same as when I was on sis back earlier this year. Ps. Welcome back! I'm running test and deca currently with Anadrol. Strength slowly rising.
  6. Currently running this also with the same doses, although running 50mg oxys rather than sdrol.
  7. Test won't be in full effect until around about weeks 4-5. 6 weeks seems way to short considering you're Using a long ester?? Id run a minimum of 10 weeks with a long ester but that's just me.
  8. You'll see results from test around week 4-5. Don't over do it on the doses though for your first cycle. That's just silly. Start off small and slowly add more each cycle, whether that be a little more test, another compound or an oral. 400-600mg is a plenty for a first cycle. 800mg-1.2g is crazy high for a first cycle. I wouldn't recommend that. Sounds like youve been listening to the wrong people.
  9. Running triumph for the first time this blast. Enjoying it so far. Very minimal pip which is nice. Had a bit of pip previously using sis. Cruised on d4net until this blast. That was good stuff too. Dosages currently are test 600 deca 300 oxys 50mg.
  10. I ran there var and found it to be awful, super underdosed. I ran up to 150mg and couldn't feel a thing, moved over to another lab and felt more on 50mg of that than I did the sis stuff. there test e 300 though was spot on, made some good gains on that.
  11. Running test deca oxys at the moment, week 4, up 3kg, strength slowly coming in, I did only start the oxys about 10 days ago though. Decent cycle so far.
  12. Was in zante a few weeks ago and had the same whilst on holiday, 3 constant days of sh*tting and throwing up to the point I was literally just having water come out of both ends. Was rancid. Took 8-10 days to get functioning properly and lost a s**t load of strength. Lost about 4-5kg in a week from not eating and throwing up. Was horrendous. I feel for you bro. Ruined my holiday bigtime. Didn't leave the room for 4 days.
  13. As always, orals are preferred with test as well. But I haven't ran over 100mg, and I didn't notice much on that. Pretty sure it was underdosed though. It does get quite liver liver toxic on dosages 40mg and higher. Don't believe the hype that it isn't because those studies were 10mg doses I believe. I wouldnt take 200mg personally but each to there own. PCT is standard. Nolva 20mg a day for 4 weeks and clomid at 50mg a day for 2 weeks should be alright from previous experience.
  14. I use accord and zentiva. Both does the job. I always source a pharma grade A.I. Only because I've like to know what I'm getting is legit. Ain't nobody got time for bitch tits.
  15. Love aromasin. Last cycle was 600mg test e /week for 15 weeks. 12.5mg ED out my e2 around 102, perfectttt.