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  1. Those test levels are ridiculously high?! That's no cruise lol. I'm cruising currently and my levels are 30nmol. Your levels are essentially a blast/cycle lol
  2. Everything look alright then? This'll be my first cycle using more than 2 compounds.
  3. Oils were bang on when I used them, bloods came back pretty darn good. Orals were absolute dog sh*t. Based on that I wouldn't use them again. Got a bunch of triumph gear for my next blast, see if there any good. @sen you used them? How do you rate them?
  4. Noted, I'll see how I get on for the first week or two and adjust if needed. Extra pinning is a ball ache, hence the longer ester.
  5. Forgot to add in Anadrol @ 50mg/day for the first few weeks. You'd run it around 12 weeks along with the test then?
  6. Bulking back up starts in around 4-5 weeks from now after a 12 week cut before my holiday to zante. Just running my cycle by you boys to see what ya'll think. This is my first run with deca, 4th cycle. Been cruising on 180mg of test e per week whilst cutting. Current planned cycle.. Week 1-4 Anadrol 50mg/day Week 1-12 test e 600mg/week week 1-10 deca 300mg/week aromasin @ 12.5mg/eod caber .5mg/week (once a week) Thoughts UKM fams? How did you all get get on with deca? I was going to go the Tren route but my appetite suffers enough on a bulk and I'd rather hold off until my next blast. I'll be dropping back down to a cruise dose after cycle, so is it really necessary to stop deca at week 10 or just run it the full 12 weeks with the test?
  7. I stopped taking creatine years ago and noticed no difference. So don't bother with it anymore as it's just more things to have to remember to take, I get that enough whilst on AAS.
  8. Looks g2g to me.
  9. E2 is always on point when blasting with test and an oral. My concern is having to readjust when I add Tren. I already take 12.5mg aromasin daily when blasting to keep e2 within a perfect range. I can see me having to up that even more if I start Tren, or am I just being over cautious? I do get bloods done pre and during blast. I was going to hit up enanthate over ace simply on the lesser injection front. But I understand it would take longer to get out of your system if you were to hate the sides.
  10. So you prefer lower test, higher Tren. Any reason behind it? Fair. You sound like a lucky fucker haha.
  11. You prefer a higher test dose to Tren?
  12. Sup guys, not posted for a while but hey ho. Short story: Coming to end of cruise/cut in around 4 weeks to time to get my blast planned. Looking to potentially use Tren for the first time. long story: Already have plenty of test e on hand ready along with Anadrol as my choice of kick start. This'll be my 4th cycle, last cycle was a simple dbol and test cycle (600mg/week). Gains were alright, got about 5-6kg of lean mass out of it. Thinking of dabbling with tren for the first time ever, just worried about libido issues and sweating. I have my estrogen dialed in pretty accurately on my blasts nowadays. what sort of doses have you guys ran in the past? Anyone who has done a drol/test/tren cycle, how did you get on? Side effects, etc?
  13. I posted bloods a while ago when I was running sis test 300, there on the board somewhere, I made a topic about it and posted my results... he's not lying. There oils were spot on, my test levels were wayyyyyy over 100 nmol/l. I was running 600mg/week, one pin a week. The bloods were taken around 3 days after pinning if I remember correctly. Sec I'll try find the results and upload them again.
  14. I used them end of February and mine came back with an exact reading (was well over 130 nmol) whilst runnin 600mg a week of test e.
  15. Keeping eating in a surplus @ 500mg/week if I were you. Worry about the weight loss later. Either that or lower your dose to cut down. No point running high doses when losing weight. get bloods done to check estrogen levels. High estrogen can lead to other issues, not just gyno. Same goes for low levels.