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  1. thats what i said to her . hes one lucky guy .
  2. are you serious . show me someone you " know " whos prettier than her .
  3. hahahahahahaha
  4. i cant see how its creepy . its " in the "general converstion group " its about imigrants . its about polish girls in general . then i state how beautifull a girl is in my work . i dont say once i want to f**k her . or anything rude about her . and if i didnt post a picture i put my life on it if i was explaining her to ppl they would say " have you got a picture of her " i then post pictures of her . she has posted herself on her wall . ive not done f**k all but shown a girl who i thought was gorgeous . yet everyone says about fu**ing her . nothing to do with me yet im the creepy one .!!! seriously
  5. polish birds ! in general not get " get on this!!! one girl " . stop tryin to justify your right coz you know your not . i can see youve not replied to any other person whos been saying " id bang her till we both bleed " an all that . hmmm no just me then ye .
  6. fu**ing hellllllllll . read the title then what i put at 1st . f**k me
  7. read the post
  8. why so ppl would go smash her n all that no thanks haha . still tryin to get an angle arr of it tho arnt ya . haha fair play .
  9. jib back tracking now trying to make your point valid . youve all been had you know im right here .
  10. exactly havnt got a clue . yet i respectfully talked about her . and showed you a picture of her as o would a mate in the gym . not saying anything prude towards her yet other ppl do but you all jump at me and no one else . hahaha f**k me
  11. how ? by sayin shes gorgeous . take a step bk here . if i posted a pic of megan fox is that creepy . your all twisting it to f**k . read what i wrote i said nothing in bad about her sex related . i gave her compliments as i do in work . i tell her how lucky her husband is . i dont say youve got a fit arse id bang you f**k all like that . shes married . i have a bird and baby . if im guilty of anything its giving her compliments . ffs
  12. show me once you idiot were i said id smash her !!!! fuckin muppets seriously .buff n no fuckin brains most of ya ......tell ya scousers are a different breed to wools . yous are slow in the game swear
  13. and even if!!! she did get it . ive not said one horrible thing about her . its everybody else but yet im the bad guy . im merely showing you how beautifull some bird is in work and loads of ya are sayin " id bum her " smash her etc . ive said shes gorgeous . shes a respectable girl and dead nice to talk to yet you all think im a beast . if you read all this uts other ppl ." not me " haha fuckin bandwagon cu**s
  14. gwed . hahahah yous think im thick . im way ahead lad .
  15. try it ...