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  1. no and yes, I had severe RC issues when i first started, which stopped me pressing for a while, in the front of my shoulder and incline bench pressing actually solved that problem for me. Stretching and warming up has 99% solved this issue for me in the rear part of my shoulder. I have 2 main problems = 1. pretty sure i have subscapularis inflammation from overhead pressing (possibly impingement) but currently cant OHP at all and even incline pressing is painful, although not diagnosed, just icing and nsaids atm. this is suspected because of the acute pain when raising my arm above shoulder height with palms up. I imagine this will go away with rest as it doesnt feel "serious". 2. the big one - i think i slipped a disc when someone banged into me while doing OHP about 2 years ago, took months off, felt better. however now when i shrug, or deadlift i have an acute burning sensation along my leading to behind my shoulder. What is more worrying about it however is my lateral head on my tricep and my side delt are severly underdeveloped (almost non existant) compared to the rest of my body and my strength is down big time. I suspect slipped disc hasnt got better ever or i have a trapped nerve - waiting on GP appt to request an MRI.
  2. Might switch it to my main compound exercise for now and see how it plays out, once my shitty shoulder injury has been sorted out. I do incline as my assistance at the moment, but will be worth the switch to see if i can bring it up some.
  3. did you do a warm up set first or literally just walk in and pull 180? I know you are feelin off about having to take time off after gyno op, but at least you know for sure youj can bounce back quick now. nice work on the deads mate, enjoy a well deserved sunny weekend.
  4. sounds like a problem id like to have... flat is ok for me, my real love lies with decline and weighted dips - they just make my chest pop big time.
  5. if your body fat wasnt too high in the first place, you wont see any drastic changes in clothes fitting or the like, but instead more definition than anything will become more apparent.
  6. excellent work - 100kg is very respectable for incline my shoulders givein far before 100kg for incline, i seem to get semi serious (4 weeks off) injuries when i start lifting around 80kg on it, it is not representative of my actual chest strength at all. its annoying
  7. I did it for 6 months after my son was born, still got loads of it in the freezer, not for any other reason than it tastes fu**ing delicious. Better "straight from the source" though
  8. Welcome Breast milk is no better than anything else to bulk, theres lots of talk regarding growth hormone in breast milk, but I would expect that to not make it past your stomach, and its unproven. drinking your own milk for example, sint really going to do much nutritionally as you made it yourself so you are not getting anything "extra". a good balanced diet which is rich in protein should effectively help you reach the goal you desire. If you want to drop fat AND gain muscle you will have to choose which one to do first, you cannot do both at the same time. Additionally, you dont actually need any more calories whilst breastfeeding, and when pregnant i think you only need around 300 more per day for maintenence IIRC. The right fats are a must regardless of breast feeding or not, but its great that you are thinking about these Things. If you want your "pre baby body" back, you might be best dropping some fat, eating slightly under maintenence until you are happy with your bodyfat level, then focus on gaining muscle, otherwise adding additional fat whilst trying to gain muscle means you will have to diet for much longer to get down to lower bodyfat levels again. There is a "female bodybuilding" section to the site where you may find better advice though, as i've never had a baby myself....
  9. I agree, and also don't understand why citizens of the UK think its a good idea to follow the footsteps of the US about 5yrs behind them. its ridiculous, the country is a mess. The only people it benefits are the rich.
  10. Nail on the head mate
  11. Tiny vaginey You can't knock your efficiency mate.
  12. Does frandeman always referr to frandeman as frandeman in real life too?
  13. you say it like it ever stopped
  14. Maybe a little test while your there to sweeten the deal? throw in a little dbol too?
  15. it is.