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  1. It's a reasonable goal and I don't see why you cant. You have done well enough so far.
  2. Decision made eh? Haha good on you man nice work.
  3. I would hate to go there and not have that lift at all. On the other hand it may bring some normalcy back for you. What are you leaning towards doing?
  4. As long as it takes god damn it!
  5. I'll tell you what mate, give me 500k cash and I'll give it my best try
  6. There were visuals but nothing as strong as 2cb IMO. Mindfuck was bigtime. But yeah 2 tabs next time I think
  7. Performs surgery on self, not crazy enough to have a beer though
  8. That's relatively mad.... I wouldn't do codeine for fun haha
  9. I went the gym first if it helps?
  10. Thank god, I was worried for a minute there
  11. Did you detox?
  12. Didn't use the xanax until 9pm last night for bed. Yeah the acid was fu**ing great. Loved it, just laughed for a solid 5 hours then not sure what happened lol. Yep this required month's of planning. No more free spur of the moment days like that. My friends cat looked amazing but would never come near me I think next time I'd like to do 3 hits or combine it with 2cb also.
  13. To be fair by the end of it I did feel like I'd arrived at heart attack city You should have, it's Easter! Time to celebrate.
  14. Yeah it was a s**t load of fun. Just can't stop laughing for a good 8 hours. We were doing very odd s**t for a while.. No rave just getting f**ked up with friends. Mission accomplished lol You don't see anything other than brighter colour and traders etc. It's more the crazy things you think and hilarity of everything. I wouldn't know as I always drink heavily too lol.
  15. I'll let you decide, I like the element of mystery Just dropped the L so I'll see in about 1 hour if I'm gonna enjoy it!