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  1. Ive done it twice, the second time i met the all powerful god being thing. fu**ing terrifying if i'm honest. Id probably do it again though.
  2. strong summarisation of the strong observation of the strong evaluation of strong inquisitive post of strong "I used to smoke weed" post.
  3. Thanks vin, this was my thoughts exactly, shouldn't be an issue. I wouldn't want to entertain the idea of taking an AI either, Id rather be taking minimal medications. Thanks mingster for the reply, i though so. Probably should just leave it to see if the issue resolves. after my levels are more stable. definitely felt the trough by week 10 before shot 3 so still could have fluctuating levels causing a messy T:E ratio. If not resolved after next shot, maybe see the GP.
  4. Hello NHS people. When getting your regular blood tests from the endo, do they test your oestrogen levels? When i had my initial Blood Test from my GP my testosterone came in extremely low, and my oestradiol came in "high, but not out of range". Now Ive had 3 Nebido Shots in total since beginning TRT, only issue is im definitely getting high oestrogen symptoms in the first three weeks since getting my 3rd injection (although subsiding a little now): - Gyno pain, which im always suspicious of but ive felt it 100% (i have existing gynecomastia) - Breakout in acne soon after 3rd shot - Difficulty reaching orgasm, softer erections - Bit of bloating, more than usual The one of course that worries me is the gyno, but obviously high e2 can cause BP issues too. Im not seeing the endo until the end of the august, but i had my pre-3rd shot blood done, testing Total T, PSA, Hemoglobin. Is this something i should bring up with the endo? will it subside once my body gets "used" to the higher T levels, or if it is high oestrogen is there even anything that can be done? Any Advice is appreciated, tagging experienced guys on nebido: @Mingster, @aqualung, @big vin
  5. BPC-157 + Ipamorelin + Mod GRF was a fantastic combo for tendon healing IME with bicep tendonitis. went from not being able to move my arm, to lifting (light) weights again within 3 weeks. 6 weeks for total working recovery and around 8 to 100% strength. But I bet you @swole troll knows the right stack better than I do.
  6. 11-Keto is the only prohormone I have found that has its own standalone value (cotrisol control) great for when leaning out. Also got a nice androgenic kick. But thats not a prohormone. its a legal active steroid. Other than that I personally wouldnt bother. im sure exception exist like Sdrol.
  7. Lift first, cardio later if you are going for intensity with lifts. good luck
  8. Totally man, he knew what he had to do and he went through with it. Reminds me of how much I have to learn, I respect him massively.
  9. Listening to it right now. dorian has the voice of an angel. I could listen to him talk all day the amount of injuries he has accrued is substantial too, all interesting stuff.
  10. it does make sense yeah. This is the name of the game for me - its about dedicating yourself to a phase, if that means no drinking, then so be it. dont like to tease myself though. were all different.
  11. you've done really well havent you?
  12. You ever quit drinking fran?
  13. So why not drink a few cans of diet coke? if its the ritual? Im not trying to be argumentative btw, just trying to see where your line is here. IME i found it easier to just forget about it and stop everything altogether rather than constantly remind myself of it. for example, I only was really able to take control of my smoking properly when i started eating weed instead of vaping it. I would say quit, but i still smoke when i drink
  14. i woudnt bother, alcohol isnt the problem whilst cutting, the carbs in the lager is. so you get all the negative sides and none of the positives.
  15. surely its impossible to spot a transgender person in military uniform?