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  1. Hit the nail on the head there.
  2. The British, everybody!
  3. Its in the microwave now, been nice knowing ya's
  4. How do you think al got so weird?
  5. Will it? Are you gonna go out and protest? cause its cold out there!
  6. You can do as long as you want/is needed for tamoxifen. I was on it for 6 months at 20mg a day so I wouldnt worry.
  7. That makes me feel sick! I respect you feel that way at the moment. You're handling it way better than I would still! At least youre planning your next moves. This will all be a distant memory one day man. It's like paying off a huge debt, the next few months to a year are going to be hell, but the feeling of overcoming it will be greater.
  8. Thats f**ked up
  9. That's incredible. My lad pissed on my 2 grand sofa last week. had it 3 days, stained it. And thats why you get upholstery cover when you buy
  10. A nightmarish, psychosis enducing blessing.
  11. @Sparkey, @superdrol You're welcome
  12. Cooked in a restaurant though? A good one, but still I dont know the conditions the chicken was previously in. It actually smells unreal so its geting eaten regardless
  13. My lad is nearly 2 and he sleeps a full night 7pm - 6am. Never done any different. She wants another but I dont wanna tempt the gods.
  14. Depends who the girl is though doesn't it? You could find this woman who meets all the criteria you stated and she could be a bitch. or You could find a woman who has your "exit" criteria and you get on so well with her, you want to spend all your time with her anyway. It's all very well to say this on paper, but in practice its a completely different game.
  15. I agree here, why havent they got a backup or savings or anything? Terrible position to be putting yourself in.