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  1. Why not plan 12 weeks, and go 15 if you feel like you want to? Go for it!
  2. Welcome
  3. Morbid curiosity says... yes
  4. Could say the same about ebay though
  5. Sorry, he worked on the doors with bill and ted? yeh f**k that hes bsing
  6. Alpha bay is legit
  7. Just do cardio if you wanna do something, it doesnt affect muscle gain as much as people bang on about. and if you are losing weight, you wont be gaining muscle anyway, thats for certain, because you're losing weight. Unless you are competing next week, I wouldnt worry about it.
  8. Sounds fairly fancy... Im a glorified button pusher (QA analyst)
  9. What is your job btw?
  10. Law enforcement can follow you to where you buy drugs. but they dont, because they dont care about the guuy buying a little bit of something.
  11. Not true, most products (if you go to a trusted vendor) are usually top quality.
  12. Was scared to scroll then! jesus whats kids doing in a party?
  13. Why would you not aspirate? Don't you have any understanding of safety?
  14. is it naked?
  15. This coming from the guy with a health issue. Welcome by the way In all seriousness, where has your log gone?