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  1. Just leave a wrap of poisoned smack in his garden..........
  2. As I said ages ago...... Maybe a few emails to the right Chinese people would make a difference......
  3. Your gonna have to use proper grammar for me to understand that. Available yes. Cost effective no.
  4. Chinese production labs. I don't believe the UGL applies its own ester to the compound? Nor do they synthesise on site ffs Ffs. They already have a tren/a/E..... Nand n/p vessel that will apply the ester within. Why would they start a new one for cyp without demand for it. Sell the people what they want or convince them they want something new?
  5. So emptying a 30,000l reaction vessel would keep production costs the same?
  6. Why not just use caffeine tablets?
  7. A few friendly emails to the Chinese could genuinely be enough to change the scene
  8. Catch 22. For production labs, production cost is greater due to low demand yet demand is low due to greater production costs.
  9. 15-30 magic beans
  10. Who the fuuk wants 100 crying virgins......... Gimme a pair of skets any day hahaha
  11. Why bother stocking a lesser used ester? Just gonna cost more from the supplier for little to no benefit
  12. This is the solution as a whole I'm guessing? Is it be being stupid but would a hcl salt remain a salt if in a neutral solution? Ie if the lab tested pH how would they lower the pH without effecting the acidic compound?
  13. Mingster and psycarb are always posting decent stuff
  14. If you click and are attracted then pursue it. If not don't nob her and sack her off......
  15. No mate. Home brew. Order my raws. Clean the shiit outta them, turn them into lovely looking crystals and do my calculations accurately when working out required solvents.