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  1. All good baby
  2. I'm not reteiring to Poland. I wish to rent a unit that's all. I'll be reteiring somewhere idilic and sunny
  3. The unit is towards retirement
  4. When I say retire I mean twvt round the South of France in my Gtr
  5. Behave ya sen mate. No one pays my wages boyo. Get ya sen back to ya menial job whilst I plan my retirement.
  6. I've got it as £2,500,000 Shurrup wage cuck.
  7. Anyone any idea of rental costs in Poland? I'm looking for a small unit
  8. As above. What figure do you reckon you'd need to save to retire in the South of France?
  10. Full on homo trumpet blow here....... Mr sausage is a sick welder...... Sausage get that beautiful tig weld pic up!!!
  11. I can actually testify to the odd woman having many, many orgasms. Definitely a rare find but they do exist.
  12. Will have a read thanks
  13. What kinda retail?
  14. I was just repeating something I'd heard ages ago if I'm honest thanks