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  1. Just taken delivery of a Ferraghini enzalago?
  2. I've had things push 10-11 days without problem. As always, if your worried get it checked
  3. When I can I will. Not something I can do currently tho is definitely a plan.
  4. They're busy claiming huge incomes elsewhere ?
  5. I spend plenty on bolllox..... I'd just like more aside
  6. Jesus wept man that's too long for gen con. Yes I have a goal. As I said I currently save 50%..... I don't wanna work all my life. I'm curious if anyone did anything interesting with money they didn't spend on fun and living.
  7. Merkle show him how its done. Your Merkleman game is weak Bro
  8. Wvnkers hahahahha I did expect this. If I'm honest this is secret call to long lost tekkers, king of tekkerslavakia who has returned to take his place as king. Thanks for the most creative story, such beautiful detail ? BRB gotta feed the unicorn
  9. I'm not asking for specific figures just interested what % of your income you spend, save or invest? Seems a lot of people my age don't have a pot to piiss in let alone considered future income. I'm currently saving 50% of my income but would like to do something better with my money. Seen as tho UKM is full of high rollers I thought I'd ask.....
  10. Will be sound providing you don't have silly amounts of weights. Imagine a few fatties..... Wouldn't cause a problem would they
  11. There's a few 'often used phrases' in this thread that have only been used twice this repetition included...... Srs, not Srs. No homo, full homo Srs not Srs, fully Srs. Mirin bishes. My pre-workout adds 20kg to your lifts but I can't tell you what's in it...... I'm opening a gym, I'm opening a sex shop, I earn 10k a week from home. Did I mention I have a unicorn? Bitter?
  12. Gwarn Merkel
  13. I agree on the freezer point. Dunno if I'd cook chicken on Sunday and eat Thursday refrigerated or not.
  14. OP why are you posting several copied and pasted blocks of generic text?
  15. What the sweet baby Jesus is this babble?