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  1. Clingfilm, that well known anti bacterial covering
  2. Finally a man that grasps this. I come from a vag stretch background so appreciate a good tyre stretch haha. Don't confuse them with offset
  3. You can put any profile on any size wheel....... Depending on your clearance mainly
  4. Seat altea seems the best value shiitter atm
  5. Genuinely not a hot sauce on any scale. That phsyco juice is another matter
  6. Don't have to give your name but can't refuse stop and search. They should of given you a slip with the details on I believe. Been a while since I was stopped but wasn't one for giving my name. If you want it arrest me
  7. There have been worse ideas haha
  8. Anyone buying locally needs to learn to use the Internet better
  9. The latter haha
  10. My Dr ownes his pharmacy...... As do many locally
  11. You doubt they have contracts with drug companies? Srs?
  12. Get a grip
  13. The anabolic window needs to be open for maximum light ffs