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  1. One of the local kids sometimes drops a can of pop in my bin whilst walking past. Nice area problems
  2. All about the fly knit range.
  3. That wasn't the question
  4. Am. I just being stupid here..... I still don't see how that dictates my restrictions on selling goods for consumption
  5. Says little about restrictions
  6. As above, what licences etc would be necessary to package my own whey etc?
  7. We voted. Your a cvnt
  8. No need to be so defensive. You've made a statement that is stone cold fact and have no means of backing it up. Surely you can see why this would raise questions
  9. Anything but your word to verify this?
  10. There has been numerous threads saying misplaced threads will be deleted without warning. Just post in the correct section. Simple.
  11. If your mum confirms your story they'll let you off. A father's word is seldom sufficient for legal issues.
  12. Pow I wanna know how cool I am