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  1. Urm no it isn't... 25-50 is about trt for most people... unless you mean per month lol.
  2. anxiety
  3. What I don't understand is the stupid cu**s that play the fu**ing game... it seems to me like a new trend that all the cringy crybaby kids want to play. The game doesn't force anyone to do anything, it would be like me telling someone to kill themselves, at the end of the day, they are the ones doing it!!
  4. It most likely is but the only way to be sure is to get it checked out.
  5. These are symptoms of jaundice and could mean liver problems but it could also mean problems with red blood cells or pancreas, at the very least, get a check-up.
  6. Liver problems. I'd recommend stopping for a while so your liver can recover.
  7. Why would you run a cycle and not have any AI? Using AI when you notice problems is already too late!!
  8. They risk someone sending it off to get lab tested and posting the results on forums.
  9. You cannot compared refined sugars to fruit sugars. Fruit sugars are not unhealthy.
  10. Exactly. Eat more fruit and veg and there's less chance you'll be eating other things that can cause things like heart disease, diabetes and cancer.
  11. But none of this matters when that's not how LE will try to trace you. LE mostly do it through btc transactions.
  12. All vpns keep logs no matter what they say because they don't want unnecessary trouble and it's not really possible to NOT keep logs, they can be deleted but there will be logs at some point... Either way, they WILL have logs for which account is assigned to which IP or else their business wouldn't even function properly.
  13. No problem bro
  14. If coconut oil entered the bloodstream, it would most likely turn to liquid because of our core body temps and coconut oil melting point.
  15. Whatsapp is end to end encrypted so not even they can see what people are saying. I would assume that their logic is, there's no point in giving information over if the police can't even read it. If the police got a court order, they could get the information, obviously they didn't. Don't forget, whatsapp is also fu**ing HUGE compared to any VPN seller. Obviously the police didn't have evidence that they were using whatsapp for illegal activities or else a court order would have been gotten in a few minutes. There is proof that people are using vpns for illegal activites so a court order would be very easy and why would the vpn company try to fight it and waste money?