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  1. Used TM 225 rip blend of test tren mast all at 75mg each and it was fu**ing awful pip even when mixing it with vials that give me no pip at all. I had to stop using it after 3 weeks because I couldn't put pressure on my legs (pinning quads). Shame really because I had 2 vials of it.
  2. Aromasin 25mg ed with some nolva sorted out mine
  3. I'd be on 250mg test, 1g primo, 1g mast year round
  4. Yup, like all the times he says taking oral growth hormone (mk677 - that he sells) is better than pharma growth but then he says he only takes pharma growth, like wtf??
  5. TM 225 rip blend about a month ago had me in agony every single pin, doing 1ml EOD mixed with 1ml of something with no pip. Had to stop pinning it.
  6. Yeah but even then, anything that is to do with sarms or other stuff enhanced athlete sells, I wouldn't believe anything he says either. I'm pretty sure trevor is part owner or has an investment in enhanced athlete.
  7. makes you wonder how there use to be fat kids puffing those things all day at school and not losing weight
  8. Just be careful with enhanced athlete videos that aren't about steroids because he sells a lot of things he talks about and clearly lies to make profit.
  9. Maintenance calories before steroids maybe... but not after. Anyway, I didn't mean it in that way. I just meant that kind of format would be useless for me when cutting and bulking.
  10. That's what I was thinking, it would be a very good base to start from and that's the sort of thing I'm going to start doing.
  11. And that means what exactly? Other people are eating 4000 calories and 300grams of protein so that means that's what everyone should be doing? Use your brain, do some research and you'll see. I think that the study is spot on with protein and calories and will give anyone who's on 600mg test a very nice end result. Minimal fat gain but great muscle gain.
  12. Can't really do much with just one vial of 75mg mast, tren, test. 1ml EOD would work well but then you'd be out in just a few weeks. Maybe if you then ran the whole test vial after that, I don't really know tbh.
  13. Protein intake is pretty much spot on and calories are OVER maintenance for a lot of people including myself. I don't see a problem here?
  14. Also, nice to see another vegan on here, food looks great
  15. That's the last thing anyone would want on dnp though. I think it's more to do with sides like lethargy etc.