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  1. Thoughts on 500mg test 200mg tren 350mg winstrol per week and 4iu gh ED? Is it worth adding any of the spare anavar, dhb, mast and deca that I have or would it just go to waste?
  2. Test only at no more than 500mg per week. There's no point doing dbol+test if you've only ever done tbol only AND gained so well off of just that cycle. Plus you need to figure out your estrogen levels, you could be a heavy estrogen converter and or gyno prone and you could really mess yourself up on dbol+test, especially if you don't know how to control your e2.
  3. I'm mixing 2.5ml with 2ml of test/mast and it's not so bad.
  4. Been over a week now, it got better but I did some calf presses and it's f**ked it again.
  5. Don't know what made you think you were close to 16% LOL, that's definitely about 24-26%.
  6. I'd recommend 1:1 if you can, it'll be pippy but more of a tight muscle pip than anything else.
  7. Next pin is today, mixing it makes it a lot less pippy and that's what I'm about to do. I don't know why I thought I could get away with doing 2.5ml of it without mixing it
  8. SG 200mg/ml DHB gave me so much pip, it's been 7 days and I still can't bend my knee properly. It ran through my quad and dripped down to my knee joint and I've been smashing more pain meds than Phil Heath takes dbol.
  9. just wait til you try SG dhb
  10. At least yours didn't drip into your knee joint! Mine is still going on, having to smash pill after pill just to keep the pain at bay.
  11. An inch is most likely too much unless you're really fat or have huge delts.
  12. Same. Made my anxiety way worse.
  13. Ship it to the place you're staying at and then buy needles at a pharmacy.
  14. Never tried it before but I can assure you, dhb is another beast when it comes to pip.
  15. I should have run it for a little while with low dose test to assess and that was stupid on my part that I didn't but I'm getting nice results on 300mg test 600mg mast 500mg dhb adding in 50mg winny ed too and I'm looking very nice. I've been maintaining weight eating 3000 cals per day and looking leaner.