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  1. Tendons usually can't keep up with muscles when on cycle.
  2. Only one? HAHA
  3. I'd be pleasued if I were the one selling him the toilets, he probably has an incredible flusher to go with his incredible bulk.
  4. I wonder if he does multiple per day or just one big one. If it's one big one, how wide would his arsehole stretch to fit it out?
  5. He's already got them not so might as well use them. They aren't usually needed but some f**kers can be dirty.
  6. What is your reason for saying this? Why low doses and fasting while active? Why 4iu preworkout? Do you have any studies to support what you're saying is the best to do?
  7. Used their mast and definitely felt like good mast. Also got a vial of their X RIP 281 coming, the content list looks fu**ing deadly. Plan on doing 0.5ml EOD.
  8. Looks exactly the same as mine.
  9. I don't think you should be using any compounds mate. You don't seem to have much knowledge on them.
  10. Creatine makes you hold more water which means higher blood pressure but I doubt it'll be much at all. Increased water retention causes higher blood pressure...
  11. You are not eating right if you are not losing fat when your goal is fat loss. Plain and simple. I have no idea why you would think different protein powders would make you lose fat, that's one of the stupidest things I've ever heard on here...
  12. Unless you're a big mofo, you will see resulta, they might not be insane results but you WILL see results.
  13. Try it and find out... I doubt anyone can tell you if it's worth doing or not. I don't see why it wouldn't work, it just obviously won't work as well as a higher dose (same goes for most things)
  14. Stop using dnp then... if you can't handle it then don't use it
  15. Some people react differently but if I can easily handle 500mg per day, I think anyone can handle half that hahaha, family even put the heating on yesterday and I managed it.