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  1. Sounds like an evil mix just from the ingridients! I'll look into it, do you bulk make it and store it pre-made or mix the above each time you have a PWO?
  2. Good back/bi's session just done, felt a bit weak but pretty damn tired this week anyway. - Wide-arm pullup and Neutral grip pullups for a warmup - Bent-over Rows 4x10 - Barbell Shrugs 4x10 - Straight-arm Pull-downs - 3x15 - Rear Flies 3x15 - Wide and narrow grip lat pull-downs 2x12 of each - EZ Bar curls, 3x15 (Superset) - Incline Hammer curls 3x15 (Superset)
  3. Cheers bro
  4. Little bit about me, I'm Craig, 27 and from Wigan. I've only really committed to lifting once before, about 3 years ago, that lasted around 6 months untill i took a day off then never went back, even then i didn't overly know what i was doing. Started again in February and haven't looked back since. I didn't take any photos or stats when i started as i didn't know how long i would be doing this for, but now i'm in decent shape, i've started keeping notes on weight and a few pictures etc. I work in the forces, so it can be a pain in the arse to get to a gym whenever i go away somewhere, but when i'm on a normal routine at work, i get to the gym 6 days a week. --- 5'11 - 190lbs - Not sure what my BF% is but people have guessed around 10%. Natty lifter, but i have been known to overdo the supps a bit. Will update this whenever i feel like something needs talking about, watch this space for s**t bants and overly complicated routines. Pic below was on Monday (4/07/16)
  5. Any recommendations @faipdeooiad, beneficial Nitric Oxide supp?
  6. Total Nutri Greens from MP Tastes alright when mixed with Oats and whey for a breakfast shake. Not sure how much effect it has on your well being though.
  7. Had a glass of champers with ol' queenie. Prince Harry a couple of times. Oh and Dr.Dre in Vegas. Nice guy, Queens pretty damn short.
  8. Sounds right, read about the benefits and just went for MP's version as i buy everything else from there. Will have a go, had a bit of a read on citrulline malate and seems like a good road to go down, Cheers!
  9. Pays for the whey bro! Thanks for all the comments aswell! Will probably start up a workout log at somepoint, better than scribbling s**t into a notebook all the time!
  10. Started taking Nitro extreme from MP, sucked into the "Superpumps and vascularity" pitch, however doesn't seem to be doing anything atall, anyone had any issues with this? Everything else i take is from MP and have nothing but great things to say about it.
  11. I am indeed! Cheers for the welcome
  12. Hi all, Picked up weights again around 8 months ago, didn't really bother with the nutrition untill around 4 months ago, however enjoying life. 5"11, 190lbs, No idea what my BF% Is. All Natty, Gear is frowned upon at work. Seem to be spinning my wheels a bit at the minute, Trying to keep the BF Low as i've gotta look good for the beach in a month! So Piling on the weight is a bit difficult at the moment. Any advice/pointers will be appreciated. Hope to get involved around here!