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  1. Half way through my cycle, haven't been running hcg whilst on as i was planning to pct, but now I'm contemplating blasting and cruising for this year, was wondering what are people's recommendations from here on out if I do b&c, as far as hcg?
  2. My original post was the middle of November, it's hardly a new topic.
  3. 600mg test e p/w, gonna start on .25mg of arimidex every other day and see how I go. Yeah glute injection, I'm going 2ml once a week, so wouldn't want to try and stick that in my delt.
  4. Nah second cycle, yeah I'm on their test e, ran cyp first time, so I thought e would be harsher pip, but seems to be ok.
  5. First pin last night, 2ml into glute, very smooth, no pip at all today.
  6. If you have to ask if you're ready, the answer is no.
  7. I used to suffer from anxiety really badly, been managing it better recently and it sounds exactly like what you're describing, it's amazing what getting something stuck in your head can do to you physically. I had similar symptoms on my first cycle, because I was shitting myself for weeks about it, went to the doctors and everything was fine. If the doctors are saying they can't find an issue, then take it as that, and try to relax.
  8. Haven't started running this yet, first Monday in Jan I'm on.
  9. Don't think I'd ever run test p, too much jabbing for me. Go test c or test e, 500mg a week.
  10. Try having a shower or a bath before hand to help relax the muscle, take time injecting and massage the area for at least a minute after.
  11. 15 weeks of 500mg per week, arimidex throughout, then nolva pct.
  12. I had began to notice that lol
  13. Get what you pay for, had mine a year, used practically every day, still feel brand new and battery hasn't diminished at all. Feel like they could go on for years.
  14. I'll see how I go on once a week for a couple weeks then asses where I'm at, my only reservation is as you've shown with the half life of test, is a lower but more sustained level of test in the body better for gains than a massive dose at the beginning of the week that then drops with the esters half life?
  15. Try those, got mine last Christmas, have been fantastic.