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  1. Your problem is you waking up in the night with muscle ache? (Magnesium and better recovery) Sleeping aid may help (not advisable long term). Additional to that - check your stimulants. You wont be able to sleep the night through if your body is high on stimulants like beta-alanine. Do you understand the concept? Ideally you want your brain and body to work in sync - and not in the opposite way. i.e brain - stimulant body- trying to rest. take @Natty Steve'o as an example - he mentioned that he takes a nap in the afternoon without any issues. This works why? His body and brain are in sync - they both want the same thing. as others have stated - re-think diet.
  2. imo - there is your problem - Beta-Alanine, is a stimulant and depending on how much you take this can keep you awake. I used to have same problem and only a combo of Gaba and Melatonin could help me get the sleep I needed. BA I would take earlier if you need it - trial and error until you manage to sleep better. If you have soreness through in some extra magnesium. Helps a ton, especially after legdays.
  3. I started with an Iphone way back in the day, upgraded to Samsung went through s6 and 2x s7edge (break too easily). Then bought a Huawei P9 lite as a spare. With my new contract got a Huawei p10 Plus. couldnt be happier.
  4. I preload the slin pins and freeze them. This might be useful
  5. IF you are open for something milder like EQ, there is a thread out there that discusses the differences and ppl's exp on either EQ or Deca.
  6. for brits its translucent
  7. There is nothing wrong with a well trimmed landing strip
  8. generally the body should give that away... unless u r into young ones. @Disclosure
  9. This! if you cant handle veet for men, then use veet for woman. Never had an issue with veet, except if on nipples, find it skin friendlier than shaving.
  10. As its been said. Tapper up from 20mcg. Especially on first time user. 20 20 40 40 60 60 and so on.. as you manage. (you can also start at 10mcg etc) increase your water intake heavily - all day round. Personally I throw in some extra magnesium + bcaas. There are some lads here that can take pretty heavy quantities, i am sure they got some useful tricks on how to deal with sides.
  11. That makes sense, thanks for clarification.
  12. Who's opinion would you rather trust, when it comes to medical things... Some roid head on UKM or a doctor? Not to say that either can be wrong or correct. In terms of who's info I would rather trust its clear cut - even if it is extra precautionary.
  13. I'm just repeating what a doctor told me, sorry you dont like it and I dont get why some of you find it so difficult to follow up a donation with a phone call- just to be on the safe side.
  14. A few things to this topic. The roids in your blood may be in small doses, but keep in mind you are not injecting pure roids. Your body will take up any contaminants, metals, bacteria etc. Just because you have no adverse effect to them, does not mean someone who just had open heart surgery does not. Their body is under enough stress as it is. It does not need to additionally deal with anything foreign. So when you donate - please think of the people who may get your blood and be responsible. After donating, within 48 hours call them up and say that you have developed a fever - this forces them to destroy the blood. It does not disqualify you from donating again.
  15. atta girl mine is similar, if she cooks I'll eat, she will give me choice A B maybe C. Ditto if I cook - generally I just tell her what I am making and she will eat it. Seriously - ordering food is soooo simple with me missus General decisions however.... oh lord