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  1. Can't really find a way around this issue if you ask me lol. She's a stunner tho which is good but also bad why Isit bad? Because every time I see her I want to fk her but then it jut annoys her that I want to touch n shag all the time haha
  2. Which bit there's three pages lol? How is this not just a normal thing to talk about? I banged last night anyway and sorted her out so it's all good. Problem on tren tho is I'm ganging for it again the day after.
  3. I'm not ending it with my girl mate lol. Money isn't the problem I got a bit lost with that paragraph. Its just now I've come to the conclusion to wank two times a day and just not expect it. I usually get it like once every 6 weeks. I've talked to her by the way I'm not a closed book. She wanted make up sex Friday night because we had a chat about the situation and the next day sat night I wanted to try again but she said no bluntly. Jesus I hope this site can't be read by her. I'd be fked. Thanks for the comments lads anyway.
  4. The post isn't that I can't make her cum mate. The post is it's happening now and want to sort it until cycle is over. And obviously in pct I wont be wanting it so tryna get best out of it. I can use my tounge yeah she loves it but she likes my weapon inside her. Why you sticking up for her lol. It turns her off when I cum so I don't use the dilly. Mad in it
  5. Well I didn't make her orgasm so she went mad. I don't get it often then when I do I expect to last ages. How can I win in this relationship
  6. Sorry I didn't explain fully. I meant the only dht steroid that makes me cum quick is provion. Never noticed it with anything else.
  7. I can't see this with me. The only thing that I can tell that definitely made me cum in seconds was proviron. I wil tell you know it was an embarrassment. Tren ain't making me last long at all. I must be a strange reactor to steroids to everyone else.
  8. Haha it happend last night. There was no stresses, she wasn't tired. We both went to bed and she just didn't want to. She was up for it during the day saying she wanted to tonight. It's getting me down man. Worse thing is it's making me think is the reason because of the early finishes. I even took half a viagra for a boost.
  9. It's strange then. Maybe my tren is under dosed? I doubt it though. I'm just wanting it all the time. If I take cialis f**k me i would be a sexual predator haha. I'd rather not cum in half hour lately than cum quick as my Mrs says she feels used haha. That old chestnut
  10. Any sides to this though? ED for example. I looked it up on internet and I last more than 1 minute haha. .... I think anyway ?
  11. Haha lads love replies that make me giggle. Well you may of hit the nail on the head with I gotta have more sex ... we have a few kids. Two that live with us that are young. The last time I had sex was I can't remember. So in fact this is her fault? And she gets mad because I finished early? Thanks for the counselling guys haha. Her libido isn't there really either that don't help. Kids for you eh. To make it worse tho I'm a horny fkin bastard on this cycle. From week 6 I'm wanting to kill someone if I don't get it. Haha
  12. Hate this topic but need to put it out there incase someone else has these effects. I'm on tren a and test250. 2ml of each a week. I feel good and libido is really high. Id say I was controlling estrogen because my acne is clearing (can't understand why?) anyway reason for this thread is because people say on tren they can last for ever and not cum. Due to prolactin rising? Im having an opposite effect. I can't control my orgasm I last 5mins max. This is on cialis also. Even if I hav sex one night the night after I still wont last. Whats the reason behind this is it high estrogen ? If so il take 1g of adex now! If no one replies I'm going to take it down as this is an embarrassing post. It doesn't happen whilst I'm natty by the way. Always can please her then ;-)
  13. Haahahahahaha. Quality mate
  14. This is my first ever time taking tren. I'm only on 200mg a week. .5 ml EOD. It's strange because I have no usual tren side effects. I.e. No insomnia (I wake a bit earlier than usual but that's getting better) no night sweats what so ever. No anger issues what so ever, infact if I control estrogen I can't get mad and things don't bother me much. I have slight tren dick and I think my hair line is taking a beating. That's it. I was going to drop it three weeks in but just hacked it. I'm going to finish 8 weeks of tren and carry test on until week 10.
  15. @Manlikegeo i wonder why some people are ok on tren and some inc me react the way we do. It's just strange to me. Libido is through the roof but erections are only good if I take cialis. Like literally only need to touch my Mrs and I'm ready fr it haha. If I didn't take cialis tho I wouldn't trust it to work. I had a problem at the start of the cycle too were I couldn't last more than 5 min. Literally 5 min was a good session haha it was horrible. Hopefully that wont happen again