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  1. I'm going to have to get some accutane I think. From docs yeah? Just a heads up for this post when I mean a safe cycle I don't mean one that wont give me acne. I'm just saying I'm prone to it. Chest area is reallyyyy bad. Just I'd like to do a street wise cycle we're I gain but the side effects are minimum and I don't crash hard after cycle. I remember my first test cycle I only used novla and I was fine with no problems. Weird
  2. Not posted in a while. Last year I did a few cycles and did too high dosage for too long of time. 1g of sustanon a week for 6 months I think it was. i crashed bad physically and mentally. So this year I want to get proper advice of you lads on what's the safest but most effective cycle I should do including dosage and time limit. I don't want to do a boring 8 week test either. Im not keen on deca because of deca dick and if somthing gives you bad body ache id like to stay away as I've still got acne now after 5 month off. Wont go away. Thanks in advance
  3. Haha this is why I don't want to try tren.
  4. To cut a long story short. When I tried cialis whilst on gear (high estrogen caused ed) it worked really well. (Probably the high test). How ever when I came off and started pct (after a long time on I think it was 8 month) I crashed badly like f**ked. Cialis n viagra wouldn't help. I used adex and still didn't help. I waited around 3 weeks and started proviron with test booster and novladex. And my sex drive was really high and ed wasn't bad. So my advice if your struggling get some proviron. Or get back on gear
  5. Ok lads thanks we're Can I get accutane from ? Isit prescribed by doctors ?
  6. I'm not sure if this has been covered before but here you go. I get bad body acne mainly on chest underneath it when I'm on gear towards the middle or end of cycle. Wel this time round it's stayed. I have been off since December I think. Maybe November. I'm feeling normal again and usually when I get back natural it goes. The cream I use helps but it comes back with A vengeance. Any help to stop this ?
  7. Big arms and shoulders with abs that's all you need really lol. Unless you're going on stage of course
  8. How did you look with no top on tho in first pic? You don't look like your tensing in first pic either but yeah anyway looking well is that how good tren is ?
  9. Il add it to then. Better than masteron for the aesthetic look?
  10. This doesn't sound good ? I was going to add it to my next cycle. Isit that bad for you ?
  11. I thought hgh is human growth hormone? Aka growth ?
  12. I may be wrong but I never got asked of people if I was using apart from close friends. I think we get away with it compared to small lads as they just gain all the weight on their biceps haha
  13. Yeah to be honest the first ever test cycle I got two vials of a blend of test e + eq. I didn't know what eq was but I loved the cycle. Forgot what lab it was now. It did give me huge acne outbreak towards week ten though on my chest back n shoulders. Il have a good read up on eq see if it's for me. I liked the idea of masterons anti e effect and that it binds to shbg. I'm not no steroid guro tho just go from what I read
  14. Ahh ok gutted thought it was a small muscle builder/hardener a bit similar to adding deca but with different out comes. I don't want to have the bulky swole fat neck look more just the aesthetic look
  15. I was wondering what actual worrying negatives there is to masteron ? Hair loss isn't too much of a problem for me as test doesn't effect me so cant see a negative to taking it in my next cycle ? Anyone want to give me some advice on it as I'm thinking on my next cycle to be test e and masteron. Is it any good to gain some muscle on it or isit mainly for cutting ? Thanks lads