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  1. I personally used creatine in my cut before and only saw benefits. Your muscle bellies will be saturated and making you appear to look fuller. This will not cause you to hold water between the skin and the muscle so don't worry about that. If that is an issue you need to go over your diet.
  2. If you want something really strong, wicked by innotivate labs. Something a little less intense with DMAA, mesomorph by APS Nutrition. A pre-workout with no DMAA, Nitraflex by GAT.
  3. http://www.samedaysupplements.com/catalogsearch/result?cat=0&q=pro+hormone And i never had an issue getting to the UK
  4. Glad you noticed
  5. Interesting post! Different compound but sometimes ZMA makes me feel all sluggish when i wake up but the sleep is awesome!
  6. Thats super easy to do just add more red meat, peanut butter, olive oil and carbs to your diet you'll get right there.
  7. Noixpro by ctd PSP by Metabolic Nutrition PMP by GAT http://www.samedaysupplements.com/pmp-pre-workout-by-gat-30-servings.html If your all out of supplements watermelon contains Citrulline which converts to arginine in your kidneys
  8. Read meat and complex carbs will get you size. Diet needs to be in checked first.
  9. I heard the old version would give you some sicking pumps but well see how the new one is.
  10. mens physique
  11. I'm not to sure about how you guys are with pre-workouts but i'm not too crazy when it comes to stims. My creative cocktail is Noxipro with 1 scoop of GAT PMP and the pumps are painful. But it's also claiming to benefit joints as well? I never had joint issues in the past so i cant relate, has anyone experienced joint relief from this.