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  1. Seriously, mate, don't do it. You look fu**ing awesome without them, and I always wish I never bothered.
  2. Yeah, test because, well, it's test.. and mast and EQ because I want dry, lean gains E2 lower on EQ? Interesting.. I know it doesn't aromatise anywhere near as much as test--some say up to half as much, others seem to say much less--but I haven't heard of that effect i.e., lowering E2 before. Bloods and time will tell!!
  3. 30/4/17 94.4kg Rest day! Just pulled the trigger on some EAAs, and to get free delivery including the 20% off on bulkpowders, I have decided to have a dabble in some digestive enzymes. I figured to make this as rigorous as possible, I am going to keep notes on how I feel a); re recovery, which should be improved by the addition of 30g EAAs intraworkout, and b); in terms of digestion. At least then I can refer to them before I decide to continue buying them. I'm also going to try to put on a quarter to half a kilo this week, so this time next Sunday I'll be ca. 95kg.
  4. This is my main worry about using it. But then, most of us are mentally dependant upon AAS (for the way we want to look), so, I guess it's not too bad!
  5. DNP Insulin Orals Thyroid hormones I don't think any of the above are necessary to achieve most people's goals. And definitely not my goals.
  6. Awesome feedback, thanks! Hadn't considered it that way, but you're obviously right.
  7. 29/4/17 92.8kg !!! (Need to eat more) Lower Foam roll - 10 mins Squat - 60x 8, 10, 80x5, 100x3x8 (all reps, so weight goes up next week to 110) Standing calves raise - 50x20, 100xF, 130xF, 160xF DB curl - 15x6xF -Session Mega session. Forgot how much better it is when you have headphones and listen to GNR really fu**ing loud. Excited to move the weight up on squats and go back to 3x5, then add one rep per session until I'm back to 3x8 (555, 655, 665, 666, 766, etc.). They don't feel heavy in the slightest, so I'm using a very slow tempo to get as much milk out of the load on the bar as possible before I move it up. -Bodyweight/bodycomp The blast is now about to start week 4, and I've gained about 2kg. I am happy that this is not too fast, as I don't want any fat, and I haven't perceptibly added any fat, but I think with 10 hours of physical exercise a week, I need to eat more if I want to gain more than just water and glycogen. So I am starting by adding 30g EAAs to my intra-workout drink (which is water). I don't feel like I need more protein than I eat now (which is 200+g/day). Might top this up with some extra junk food on BJJ days, to make sure I'm not in a deficit - nothing crazy, but enough to keep me in a surplus. -AAS update Love the fact the var is finished. Never doing orals again. Reflux was horrible. On a separate note, I've had my bloods done for E2 and while on 750mg of SG test e, and 400 mast e, I am at the low end of the E2 range using 12.5mg of aromasin E3D, so have, on the advice of @DLTBB, changed this to E4D. Will re test in 2 weeks. I am adding a gram of SG EQ to the mix, as of Monday. I've been thinking a lot about what I want from this blast, and really, it's to add zero fat with as much mass as possible. Perhaps I don't need 750 test while doing a 1g EQ, but we are where we are, and now that I am in week 4, with stable ish serum levels, the last thing I want to do is start fu**ing about with that. I have ready very recently that most of the sides from AAS comes from a); the A:E ratio, and b); serum levels of androgens that are all over the place (like when they build up and tail off). That seems to tally with my experience, reflecting on it, so I'll keep the test steady. Given my cycle history (400 test/400 deca, and 200 test/400 tren, and other than TRT-cruising, that's it) going straight into 2g of gear sounds ridiculous (750 test, 400 mast, 1000 EQ), but since I am entering the Worlds in August, and am not going there to make up the numbers, I'm keen to get this done. I can always call it a day early if I start putting on too much mass (need to stay <100.5 in a gi), or subtract a lot of the gear and go into a cut. Plus, (he adds, rationalising his choice ), EQ is low aromatising and fairly mild, so I understand, and mast doesn't aromatise at all, and is even milder. I will get full bloods done every 2-4 weeks, and give blood as necessary. Opinions are welcome.
  8. 28/4/17 93.6kg BJJ 1hr of 'Worlds Friday' - tough as hell.
  9. 27/4/17 On that note, I have f**ked the dates up here. I usually write this up the day of, but for some reason that hasn't happened this week. At least I know that today's update is today's workout! 94.6kg (heaviest so far, though that is after a rest day) AM - Upper Pull up - BWx, 10, 8, 6, 6, 6 (+1 rep) 45' incline DB bench press - 25x15, 30x 14, 10, 10 Low pulley row - 55x20, 75x16, [55x15] DB bench skull crusher - 32.5x15, 37.5x 11, 11, 10 So I noticed today that my incline bench pressing is at 45', and most other people seem to only have a tiny incline, like 20', or less. I did wonder why I was so weak at this compared to pressing a barbell. Now I know. LOL. With the pull ups, still doing them very slow and from a dead hang. Adding 1 rep per session = 2 reps per week. Doesn't sound like much but over a year it's +104 reps! The idea is to get to 5x10 then start adding load. Low pulley row drop set finished me off, as usual. PM - BJJ 1hr of passing guard, tekkers, and 5-6x 4-minute rounds
  10. @DLTBB - are you allowed to link to that forum...? Google searching for "blast and cruise" and "B&C +forum" just returns a bazillion t-nation pages, lol.
  11. Used TM for that cruise. Now using SG.
  12. I was recently cruising on 150mg test e and 100-200mg mast e, and no AI. Never felt better. Libido mental. No acne. Blood showed test and free test was just over the top of normal range, SHBG bottom of normal range, and E2 and PSA were smack bang in the middle of normal range... the perfect bloods IMO! Andddd... I was still gaining muscle and strength, even after coming off a test/tren cycle! I genuinely think that getting your cruise doses dialled in means you don't need to blast as often, because you're still optimised for growth and well being. I hired @DLTBB to help me with this as my coach... would highly recommend doing the same if you're struggling with getting your cruise and AI right.
  13. 24/4/17 94.0kg AM - Lower Foam roll - none!!! Only bloody forgot it! Probably placebo but felt crap starting squatting without it. Squat - 60x2x8, 80x5, 100x 8, 8, 7 (+1 rep, easily had lots more in the tank, and was tempted to do it, but I want to milk the progress from building volume slowly). Standing calves raise - 50x25, 100x25, 130x25 (am doing this in a hack squat machine if anyone is interested) DB curl - 15x15, 20x8, 20x6 + rest pause, 15xF + rest pause (all nice and strict) Great session. Was going to keep adding 1 rep per session (888, 988, 998, 999, 1099, 10109, etc) so my squat sets but I think I'll move the weight up session after next, and keep the reps in the 5-8 range. I'm not a fan of going for higher reps on SQ/DL. PM - BJJ 1hr of gi: pass guard, tekkers, 30 mins rolling.