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  1. Now usually I don't buy this stuff, but just as I was walking around Asda they had reduced them to £10 for 1kg. Anyone tried this before? First taste I spat out because I thought I was bleeding in my mouth, it has a really strong metallic/copper taste to it, nothing like chocolate at all. Thought it may have been a faulty batch but from reading online it seems others are saying the same.
  2. Similar thing happened to me on my last cut, had a bowl of Coco pops half hour before training, did 60 mins resistance then jumped onto treadmill for 40 mins, last 5 minutes on treadmill everything was going black, luckily I knew what was happening, jumped off and got some food, started shaking pretty bad. Horrible feeling.
  3. Maybe keep an eye on your blood sugar, buy a glucose monitor etc.
  4. This was my last cutting cycle.
  5. A place I used to work at years ago had some travelers come and set up over the road, we had CCTV that you could zoom in pretty close. We observed an old woman come out of the caravan and take a sh1t in a quality street tin, she then put the lid back on and took it back inside. This was all next to a busy road. If I was a betting man I would say it still probably had the gold round toffee's in as no one ever eat's those!
  6. This any good? Online trainer.
  7. I tried to open a Tie shop in Thailand, not easy trying to sell ties to Thai's Not only that, there were to many ties (business wise) I tried to sell ties to Thai's but I could see it in their eyes no Thai wanted a tie. My next business venture is selling French fries to guy's with big eyes, you think this is wise?
  8. On sort of a similar note, Dorian Yates did the same thing but on his tricep in 1997.....he never competed again. Good luck with your op and recovery.
  9. what lab is everyone using atm? This one, he's called Max.
  10. Hate Clen, I feel like crap on it.
  11. In one of enhanced athletes video's (its one of the day 1 - 6 videos he did on his own DNP cycle) he talks about the ammonia smell and in his words he says that is a very bad thing because your body is actually breaking down muscle, something to do with cortisol levels.
  12. Solution - don't eat white rice at all! Did you reheat the rice? Does this happen with brown or whole wheat rice, or any other food source?
  13. They talk about it here: