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  1. Squat rack
  2. How come only 4ml of each Part vials?
  3. My advice....don't bother, it's too restrictive! It's easy, eat what you want but track it in Myfitnesspal. Work out your TDEE and reduce calories by 200 - 500. Add in heavy weight training and cardio and you can't go wrong. For even quicker weight/fat loss do Morning fasted cardio and keep carbs low (under 50g for 3 days then have a normal day). I do this by having 4 eggs on one slice of brown toast, that,s my carbs for the day, the rest of the day just protein and veg. On training days you could add a little more carbs after training. @Ultrasonic will be able to advise more.
  4. Thinking of running HGH or Mod GRF/GHRP2 for say 6 months HGH would be at 5 i.u per day Or Mod GRF/GHRP2 100mcg of each 5 times per day. My goal is to add 6 months worth of lean mass, then cut later on in the year. Is 6 months worth of the above actually worth it (for once a year) or am I just wasting money? I will be doing Test E and Tren E also. Is the money better spent on AAS instead? Has anyone used the above and thought ...well that was sh1t? I had also thought about slin but the more I read the less I think it's the answer short term.
  5. My last cut was just 300 Test. But would have like to try: Test, Tren, T3, Clen, DNP, HGH
  6. Avi

    Top right click your profile. Next to where your avatar goes you should have one of these (what the white arrow is pointing to). If its not there you can't add one yet. If it is, click there and add pic. If the pic you are trying to add is to big, reduce it in windows paint or other program.
  7. This is the latest thing, no need to aspirate!
  8. Came back as Gold, Frankincense & Meth.
  9. We have dedicated armed officers who are on call for any situation deemed necessary, however most officers just carry CS spray and an ASP extendable baton. Some forces in the UK carry tasers but not all. Also dedicated UK airport police are armed.
  10. I just realised what sort of a party it is.....crack on pal (literally)
  11. 7 pregnancies in 2 years (all by accident) Think you might be better getting the snip mate.
  12. Great news mate! Take 2 tennis balls and 2 balloons with you and ask them, whilst your cut open to place one in each bicep and one under each pec! You'll look awesome
  13. How to remove skin tag, Hold ice on for a few minutes till numb or use Emla numbing cream. Use nail clippers to cut off. These can bleed for a fair while so keep pressure on, if you find it just won't stop use a dab of super glue to stop it (google it, it's not BS).