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  1. Sorry mate, I should have sat down and worked it out properly and posted in on a pie chart lol, lesson learned.
  2. What make is it? You have to be lean to see any benefit, like under 8% - it's for the very last bit of stubborn fat.
  3. Yes sometimes do the ice/protein mix. I try and get 90% of my protein from food, this is just to supplement when at work, so the ice isn't an option. Predator nutrition do a really nice chocolate one. Scitec is also nice but there is a limit to how much I'll pay, as one tin of tuna is the same protein content as most powder proteins out there.
  4. After 2 years of exclusively using PHD Diet whey (Belgian chocolate flavour) I opted to try something else. Just at the moment I've been cutting for 24 weeks and have got to the point where I only have 33g per day of carbs on my 3 low days. The PHD has 5.5g carbs for a 50g serving (2 x 25g scoop) and costs me around £33 for a 2kg tub (lasts about 10 days). This time I wanted something with lower carbs so I went for the Myprotein impact whey isolate Chocolate peanut flavor. Carbs are 2.2g per 50g serving, 2.5kgs cost me £27 with a discount code. Review: I mix my shakes with 500g almond milk to give a bit more thickness to them. I've gotta say the Myprotein is rubbish, it's just like water, no thickness or consistency at all, can't imagine what its like with just water. The taste is ok. It also separates when stood for a while. Its just not even on the same scale as the PHD, the trade off for the carbs is just not worth it IMHO. I'll use the bag but won't be buying it again. I understand that taste is subjective. Price 7/10 Taste 3/10 Consistency 1/10 Packaging 7/10 Delivery 9/10
  5. From what I've read this is very person dependant. Some can run longer than 4 weeks others only a few days. The only thing that bothers me is the mega toxicity of it. I will be running it with all the recommended liver support in the write up below, I would rather go overboard than not enough, especially seen as how I'll also be on winny and proviron at the same time. The superdrol safe checklist I have compiled a few commonly asked questions new users ask before getting into superdrol . Please note that this thread is by no means makes you completely knowledgeable. I am not a guru on superdrol and have no hands on experience with this ph so please do not take this as the beacon of knowledge. The safest way to use superdrol is to keep the dosage low. Start with a low dose and work your way up if you can handle the sides. All over the boards you can find people using superdrol up to high doses of 40mg. I would suggest the following cycle. Week 1 10mg Week 2 20mg Week 3 - 20mg I would personally never recommend over 20mg. 3 week cycles are proven to be safe and effective. What times of the day do I take superdrol? SD has a low half life, around 6-10 hours therefore make sure you plan your intake every 6-8 hours. Different people have different opinions to this question. From what I've seen, the overall consensus is to take the first dose in the morning with an empty stomach with loads of water. The next with your preworkout meal with good fats like EFA's , Flax and fish oils, peanut butter. Superdrol takes a heavy toll on your lipid profile. A carb and fat rich meal would somehow help a little bit here. This is my opinion, others differ with it. Pre Workout superdrol gives awesome pumps during the workout/weight training routine. Does superdrol require a PCT? Like every ph on the block SD needs a PCT. Give me a sample superdrol PCT. wk1: 40mg Nolva, 600 6oxo, 3 fenugreek caps, DHEA 200mg wk2: 40mg Nolva, 600 6oxo, 4 fenugreek caps, DHEA 200mg wk4: 20mg Nolva, 300 6oxo, 5 fenugreek caps, DHEA 100mg wk3: 10mg Nolva, 300 6oxo, 6 fenugreek caps, DHEA 100mg Is 6oxo and Rebound XT good enough by itself for a superdrol PCT, most people say it is enough No! By no means is 6oxo or Rebound standalone strong enough to restart the test production in your body. You need a SERM! Period! Nolvadex is therefore ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for an superdrolcycle. Please note its Nolvadex not novedex or nolvedex. Please look for Tamoxifen Citrate. You can also use Clomid, some users feel this is good as clomid does a lot of good to your lipid profile. Sample Clomid PCT Day 1- 300mg Week 1- 100mg Week 2- 75mg Week 3- 50mg Clomid has worked excellently for me therefore I stop it in 3 weeks. It takes care of any testicular atrophy that may arise on cycle. Please do not use clomid for prolonged periods of time, it is detrimental. You can look into combo cycles with both Nolva and Clomid in my PCT thread. Always use TUDCA OR UDCA, If budget permits you can also look into NAC. What are other good supplements I can run along side superdrol to combat side effects? Red Yeast Rice- A fermented rice product, that is our best fighter against negative sides form AAS concerning cardiovascular damage. Comprised of nine different mona****ns, which are naturally occurring substances that help regulate cholesterol levels. Along with sterols, and monounsaturated fatty acids, it packs a strong punch. Dosage : 1.2g ED COQ10- Although this is abundant in food sources, I feel it prudent to put on here. Not only does it show to help cardiac function, but it s also imperative to be used with Red Yeast Rice. Can be used in combination with other cholesterol lowering supplements. Celery Seed- A powerful antioxidant, shown to not only lower blood pressure, but may have cancer fighting properties as well. And there is evidence to show its ability in aiding the liver. Aspirin: 75mg a day (taken just before bed). Omega 3: 5g to 10g e.d. Vitamin C: 3g ed. Hawthorne Berry: Also very useful to lower BP and keep it on check. A great on cycle supplement. Dosage 1000mg ed on cycle. Policosanol- A blend of fatty alcohol s, shows great promise in its use as beneficial to cardiovascular health, to include the maintenance of healthy lipid profiles. There is also some theory to a synergistic affect with EFA s. Dosage : 20mg 2x a day Saw Palmetto: The prostrate is one delicate part of your system that you do not want to affect under any circumstances. SP @ 320mg/day I took superdrol, its 2 weeks up, I still don't see any change. Why? Well, its not superdrol s fault, there is some mistake on your part. SD will not work if your lipid profile is all haywire. Most people underestimate the simple dictum of eating heavy and eating right. Please make sure that your calorics are adjusted to your body weight and height. I do not need to comment on your nutrition, but make sure that you take in 1.7-2g of Protein /lb of body weight.Roughly around week 2.5 through 4 you should start gains of 1lb/day. Make sure your carbs and EFA's are at a maximum You need to drink @ least 1.5 gallons of water while on superdrol. My cycle is over, I have to keep my gains, how do I do it. If you want to keep your gains, make sure you take nolvadex. You will lose a little bloat/size due to water retention. Its good to take creatine and nitrous based compounds or cell volumizers at this point to keep your gains. I have not used CEE, but am looking to do so in the near future. I had a very satisfying cycle, my pct made me recover fine, I want to get back into another cycle. Well,this is something I've seen in many people, the temptation to use m1t and superdrol. Sure it does give good results, but you've gotta understand that you have a life apart from bbing. Imho make sure you give a full two month gap between cycles. After all you've got just one liver to use for a lifetime. I do not know where to get the necessary supplements/ chems for my PCT. Please do not ask on the forums for sources. I will try to help you through secure mail or pm s. READ! Most experienced users in their logs mention the brands of nolva they use, if some just had the sense to google them What are the important things I should know about Research Chemicals? 15.2 grams of Tamoxifen Citrate equal 10mg of Tamoxifen (nolvadex) If a research Liquid manufactuer were unaware of this, and they suspend 10mg of Tamoxifen Citrate in 1 ml of solution and claimed a dosage of 10mg of Tamoxifen/ml then it would be underdosed to the tabs. Of course if they claimed 10mg of Tamoxifen and added 15.2 grams of Tamoxifen citrate then they would be giving the correct dose of then 10mg of Tamox/ml relative to the tabs. If they say 10mg of Tamoxifen citrate there not lying about the dose, it's jus not as much as the 10mg tabs of nolvadex. NOLVADEX_ (tamoxifen citrate) Tablets, a nonsteroidal antiestrogen, are for oral administration. NOLVADEX Tablets are available as: 10 mg Tablets. Each tablet contains 15.2 mg of tamoxifen citrate which is equivalent to 10 mg of tamoxifen. 20 mg Tablets. Each tablet contains 30.4 mg of tamoxifen citrate which is equivalent to 20 mg of tamoxifen. So whatz the math? 0.5ml= 7mg tamoxifen 1.0ml=14mg 1.5ml=21mg 2.0ml=28mg 2.5ml=35mg 3.0ml=42mg 3.5ml=49mg 4.0ml=56mg 4.5ml=63mg 5.0ml=70mg I am not a doctor and neither do my opinions construe medical advice. These are just my views after using and researching about this product and answering a number of queries from users who were as confused as me when I first started it. Supplement links. Tudca & N.A.C. Hawthorne Berry 1000mg CoQ10 with Policosinol- 20mg 2x ed PCT: SERM :Nolvadex 40/30/20/10 AI :R-Xt or 6 oxo Prostrate:Saw Palmetto 325mg DHEA 200/200/100/100 Fenugreek Clomid (optional) RYR 1.2g ed Hawthorne Berry 1000mg CoQ10 with Policosinol- 20mg 2x ed
  6. Got some Triumph SD coming in next few days, ill let you know how I get on. Got 6 weeks left of my cut, would you do Sdrol first 3 to 4 weeks or last 3 to 4 weeks? Start at 10mg day then up to 20mg?
  7. Just seen your ankles on Insta!!! s**t mate thats some bad edema, showed our lass who's a medical professional and without saying anything and she said probably his kidneys. Hope you've not damaged em with the gear bud, is it worth running TUDCA?
  8. 16-17% You could try here: It compares 4/5 different ones, but as stated it's not 100% accurate but it will give you a ballpark figure.
  9. Would only ever run winny with a test base. Starting mine next Saturday for the last leg of my cut. Also dose/lab dependant, you may also want to run a high dose of Omega 3 and Glucosamine to help with the dry joints.
  10. T3

    Shortness of breath is one of the side effects of hyperthyroidism. You may just be susceptible to taking T3. Are you still on it or have you stopped? If it happens again I would just drop them.
  11. Over 20lbs, Kin ell bud. Hope your doing ok. That's almost 2 stone!
  12. A good few yes, will be reading a load more in Sept when on my hols.
  13. Just to give an idea, by doing what I said in the post above I'm down 3lbs this morning, so that's just a 0.5lb gain on a full day of eating (and that will go in the next day or so).