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  1. For effect I would like to be firing up his arse as the Eastenders drums start!
  2. For 1 million I would bum my Dad on TV, straight after Eastenders.
  3. Finished for this week, did an extra 200 reps each for bi's and tri's, that's 3000 reps this week. I have done a cheeky measure this morning with arms cold (not after training and pumped) and I have actually put a bit on. Mondays measure was 44cm (17.3228 inches). Fridays measure 45cm (17.7165 inches). Using a body comp tape. Not a huge amount I know but lets see what happens over the next 6 weeks.
  4. What was the source?
  5. Welcome, For someone with 'knowledge' of fat loss, I would have expected so much more. looking at your pics, you could easily be single digit BF in 12 weeks.
  6. I'm presuming your Dad is buying your food, Unfortunately grocery prices are rising but it is still possible to get good quality food cheaply. I shop at ASDA, 30 eggs £3.50, Mexican rice 59p each, Oats 2 boxes for £3, 4 x tins tuna £3 , Bergan bread £1, frozen broccoli £1 etc etc, I understand it can't be easy, just eat as healthily as possible, if you're worried about gaining weight track your calories and reduce if you have to.
  7. You at school or working? Do you get any money for yourself? if so how much (a week). Not being nosey just wanting to help out as it seems you're on a tight budget. You in the UK?
  8. You could have them in small amounts iifym, but if you have a look at the ingredients they are full of sugars. Oats and chocolate protein powder (or whatever flavor you like) would be a better option. The breakfast cereals you have mentioned are all simple carbs with a high glycemic index, they will spike your blood sugar and then drop off rapidly. A couple of hours later the low blood sugar causes cravings for more carbs.
  9. Not sure OP is banned now?
  10. Your body is very clever and as soon as it see's a huge calorie reduction it thinks....ah I'm being starved, it's at this point the body will do everything to hold onto as much fat as possible even burning muscle first. I wish you all the best and some things you have to try for yourself to see what works for you, God knows I must have tried every sort of fat loss over the years.
  11. Go for it, I personally would treat it as a trial run, you may be surprised just how much weight/fat you need to lose to get ripped. Good luck.
  12. Good post, of course AAS use can enlarge the prostate. Get the test!