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  1. I personally use Myfitnesspal. is also a good one. And the best BF (estimate) calculator is
  2. If this bothers you when wearing clothes, buy some micropore tape from eBay, you can put a couple of strips over each nipple and then wear whatever you want. At least until it's gone.
  3. To me, yes it was bad. I'd also bulked and put on far to much weight/fat which doesn't help.
  4. Letro can and most probably will crush your E2 to virtually zero, trust me when I say its not nice, think of the low horrible feeling you get when you have flu! This has happened to me after 10 days on Letro the first time I ran it. After reading on a US forum about adding low dose test into the mix this is what I did and just carried on as if I wasn't taking Letro. This time will be the 2nd time I have reduced it by at least 90%, I can live with the 10% (for now).
  5. Agree 100% bud. As stated before I would seriously consider a small amount of test every week whilst running Letro and Ralox. Good luck.
  6. Yes not a problem. Maybe try peanut butter or cashews/almonds?
  7. Used TM Test E for the last 2 years with no problems as all, received last vial only a couple of weeks ago and have pinned from it no problems. Can't comment on the Rip225 as not used any.
  8. I would do your morning cardio fasted and on the mornings you do your resistance I would have something to eat first. Nothing huge maybe 30g protein, 30 grams carbs and a little fat say 10g. Ideal would be: 50g oats, 30g whey protein powder, 200ml almond milk and a teaspoon of peanut butter, all mixed up, 30 mins before working out.
  9. Quoted: Yep i'm aware of this, but it can be combated with AI's along the way can't it? Was intending on a lowish dose i.e 250-300 mg per week, not aiming to completely blow up. I have Dbol induced gyno and up to 6 weeks ago I was on 500mg Test E a week, I was on Aromasin (exemestane) 25mg ed, Anastrozole 1mg ed and Nolva 20mg ed and the gyno just carried on getting worse. Most will say that should be enough to stop any sort of gyno but it didn't work for me. Currently on a Letro/Raloxifene gyno reducing protocol which has reduced it 90%. If you are going to take test make sure you start your a.i well in advance.
  10. What sort of calories are you on? because with that sort of exercise regime I would have expected 5000 or so? At least 4000.
  11. The long and short of it is you're just not recovering properly and in all honesty, over training. If you enjoy running great, but It's not needed for cardio vascular fitness and certainly not everyday, 30 mins steady state walking is enough. 3 times a week is ample. Extreme cardio and workouts hit the central nervous system and cortisone level shoot through the roof (stress hormone). I would back off the cardio until you start to feel less fatigued or if you would rather back off the resistance training. Maybe resistance Mon,Wed, Fri and Cardio Tues, Thurs, Sat (Still have Sunday off). Limit Resistance to 60mins and Cardio to 30 mins. A few other things I would recommend: Drop all stims and limit caffeine (one cup morning before cardio and one cup before resistance no more, caffeine also elevates cortisol). Melatonin will help you get a better/deeper sleep. Plenty water at least 3-4 litres a day.
  12. Probably do something mad like creatine 3-5 times a day.
  13. Proper OCD mate, you wanna see my food cupboards lol.
  14. You understand this could make your gyno matters worse? Not on any depression meds?
  15. Have you emailed TM direct and asked if/when it's coming back in? I bought two lots this time (there not for sale). Prob won't do the other lot till next year.