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  1. Yeah I've been recovering from a torn shoulder so trying to keep the pressure off it by stopping just before touching the chest. Obviously in powerlifting it wouldn't count, but as I train for bodybuilding and trying not to relapse my injury that's why I'm doing it . And also because it was heavy enough without having to actually do a full rep.
  2. Not a Pb but it's only vid Iv got. PB is currently 185x1, and 180x2 for 2 clean and deep reps. this vid is the first time I hit 180 though and is a bit unstable compared to now.
  3. im guessing you are referring to doing it via mobile phone? as i dont have anything in the top right on my laptop screen on instagram?
  4. how did you post this from instagram? ive clicked 'copy embed code' on my instagram video, just cant work out how to post it here ?
  5. hopefully this works? 140bench x2 . pretty happy considering ive been recovering from a torn shoulder for the past year/year and half.
  6. how did you post this via instagram?
  7. gutted i missed this
  8. off topic but do you live in teignhmouth then? also i did not realise these drones were that cheap! i was assuming they started from a few hundred quid+
  9. id go to a chiropractor and they will be able to tell whats wrong, and relieve any pressure on the shoulder through massages, acupuncture and the other tools they have .
  10. what creams/oils do you find best to use before jumping on a sunbed? ive tried the Australian gold cream they sell at consol. i have baby oil as well, but someone told me you should only use this for sunbathing in the sun- and not for use on sunbeds? is this true or does it not matter ?
  11. search for layne norton how to bench press on youtube mate.. his advice helped me alot and explains correct form really well
  12. try keeping your feet flat on the ground when benching, and then drive your feet down during the lift you will find it actually helps a lot.
  13. yeah i think thats the main problem tbf, my brother has exactly same bodytype i had few years ago so hes growing exactly like me obviously. and i have quite long limbs and short bicep insertations. when i tense you can see the bicep is big, but its annoying as f**k that it stops short like an inch short of my elbow, so doesnt quite fill out the whole arm. but nothing i can really do i dont think
  14. my bent over rows are 100/120 for sets now rarely ever do weighted dips when you say 4 plates do you mean 4 plates a side or 4 in total?(100kg)? because if im well rested, i do working sets of 6-10reps on 120kg bench