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  1. what worrying side effects are you referring too?
  2. how long do you have to take the fin tablets? everyday until hair is back how you want it ?
  3. going tomorrow
  4. i use bulkpowders own ones about £20
  5. would definately ask for cctv should be her liability as how can it be your fault when the damage to your car is on the side
  6. how would people rate this mesomorph compared to Grenade 50cal pre workout? grenade is the best iv ever used, but coming to the end of the tub and may get mesomorph if its as good??
  7. if you use a decent brand like malay tiger clen, then 40-80mg will be more than enough. if your running 100mg+ then that clen must be weak to start with!
  8. it will definately help you deeper into your cut - it will speed up your heartrate and raise your body temperature, eg burning more calories without you even doing anything. start with 40mg a day, take first thing in morning as if taken too late you wont be able to sleep. wouldnt recommend taking more than 80mg, better to stop taking it for a week or 2 then start again at 40mg it dehydrates you so drink loads of water, i got real bad headaches first 3 days of using it
  9. not me but this is doing the rounds on facebook atm
  10. sit off the edge of a bench, put a plate or 2 ontop your lap, then lift up and down using your calves smith machine- stand in it with the bar on your shoulders, then lift yourself up and down just using calves, i put a 20kg plate on the floor and put my toes on that, so that i can stretch the calf further on the way down
  11. is that melatonin good then? i used to be able to sleep fine, go for a pee, get in bed and could be asleep within 15mins if i wanted each night. but for the past month ish iv been struggling a bit to get to sleep, and then once asleep i seem to keep waking up literally 10minutes later , feeling hot and sweaty, fast heart rate and needing to pee again. this is when it then literally can take me between another half hour - 2 hours to get to sleep again which is doing my head in and making me tired all the next day as im not getting enough sleep. I have no idea why its started happening, its not because of pre workout as iv always used it, and i took a week off it altogether recently but still couldnt sleep right. dont really want to rely on sleeping tablets but i will if it means a good sleep
  12. i have 3 of these half gallon water bottles now. keep getting them free with my preworkout so may as well use them