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  1. yeah i reckon that makes sense. if youre in a deficit and muscles arent full of glycogen either
  2. thinking about doing this, sometimes its so rough after work, brain is dead lol is it better to go fasted or eat something quick?
  3. as a guideline or just advise, after a 14 week cycle (first), how long would you cruise for if at all until next blast? im mid 20s and do wish to have children maybe in a year or so...was hoping to do another competition late next year. is that too much?
  4. what does "shutdown" feel like?
  5. Whats the best pump product or pre workout youve had to get crazy pumps?
  6. this would have been a good idea! already ordered now
  7. dumb questions - whats sigma Rip?
  8. does tren actually kill or increase libido, ive heard so many different views? I felt a huge increase at first but after a few weeks completely didnt want it...
  9. best isolate whey flavour?
  10. how much tren you use? what was your cutting cycle for the show? Well done btw, looked epic!
  11. i been using them to put in my protein oats - tastes great and adds volumeeeeee
  12. haha bro if you need like 10, aint nobody standing there cracking and fiddling with 10 eggs lol
  13. Anyone know the cheapest site to pickup some liquid egg whites?
  14. picked this up a couple days ago. loving it!