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  1. ~I get them they do three of the quark cheese pots for a £3.00 in tescos, 20g of protein per pot strawberry or raspberry are nice, although relatively high sugar, but 140 calories a pot. I am not a fan of whey much so limit myself to one of those a day post training at best. Makes a nice alternative after dinner or in the morning if running late on breakfast.
  2. yeah right you will be saying TM is good to go next ... lol by the way I am using SG Test and have found it to be spot on so far for me.
  3. I was only kidding mate, your bloods look pretty good for someone doing the amounts you have been doing.
  4. this simply appears to be one of those arguments that just doesnt really warrant debate. Both are great drugs and its down to the individual which one they enjoy and respond to best. I thikn if you looking for those guys that have built serious size, @Chelsea for one member to mention, they always appear to have had deca/npp in their plans, and that goes for many pro's too so that must be for a reason. for the the smaller more physique style guys Tren might be a better answer. I will never be the latter by the way
  5. you not injecting enough then mate !! Lol
  6. it is but from my reading I understand Tren goes to another level when they are also in the mix. Although the best mass builder is the one yhou can eat surplus on. I Know whilst I like the way Tren made my body look, I could barely eat 2500 calories a day, which I was cutting on, I would never get anywhere near the 4k worth I would need to be growing. I also think you could potentially run NPP/Deca for longer terms, side wise but as I am only 4 weeks in I will hold judgement on that, I as I didnt really get to many sides on Tren to be fair.
  7. what I would add is that after running tren for 12 weeks last year with hardly any appetite, and now 4 weeks in to 14 weeks NPP and Test, my appetite is through the roof. SO to be honest for mass building if you cant eat you cant pack on mass, so I would go with the latter as I could eat all day long and never be full at the minute.
  8. please can @oldskoolcool go into his four pages of explanations as at present it sounds off. I do agree that Tren is much more responsive when GH and Insulin are in the mix.
  9. but enhancing shots then.... your cant knock a man for trying !! lol back on a serious note hope the training and mood picks up for you. Dieting down is a real pain in the back side for sure,I know my wife often struggled when competing around the time of her period, as not only would she bloat and gain weight, she would want to eat chocolate for breakfast lunch and dinner and snacks inbetween ! made her proper miserable !
  10. prove it,picture with gym shark leggings and picture with alternative brand otherwise your lying !!! lol I cant believe you have me at it now !
  11. Ultimately for Fat loss, it will end up being the old adage of calories in and calories out over the week. I mainly use higher calories on training days to fuel my workouts and aid in recovery there is an argument that you will create a larger deficit on training days in any event. We often make it to complicated ultimately you can juggle your calories as you prefer, consistency for the weeks calories in and out makes the ultimate difference. so if having a set daily calorie/macro split being the same each day works better for you to stay consistent then do it that way, all in all it doesnt make a massive difference. However there are members on here with far superior knowledge of nutrition @Ultrasonic being one. I have tagged him so he may jump in and give you better overall advice.
  12. hey snap out of it !! we all get low in this game, and one thing we should all learn from the manchester bombings is that take each day for what it is and make the best of it. Dont take this all so seriously enjoy it embrace it and do the best you can to be as consistent as you can. You have a great base for the body you want to eh achieve, in fact many girls would snap your arm off for the body you already have. cutting sucks big time, but dont let it beat you!
  13. good work fella, looking forward to see how you get on.
  14. i rate your Dbol 1out of 10 !! lol how ridiculous to make a statement saying they trust the guy down the gym more than the internet providers. Most of the bunk stuff I have seen has come from guys in the gym, quite often the more reputable sites are under significant scrutiny.