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  1. currently cutting on a cruise at 125mg a week been around 8 weeks so far ( increasing to 175mg a week purely for well being). good for me been sufficient to maintain muscle, a little loss in hardness and strength over the 8 week but this is not unusual as you drop calories anyway for me. Personally I would agree that cutting on the blast part would appear a waste of the compounds. Surely the purpose of the blast is to grow, for the most part you cant grow without being in a calories surplus (with the exception of some on Tren)
  2. I use Ramapril ( prescribed) but also Hawthorn berry in high concentration, since taking it it has further reduced my BP so much that in a recent medical the doctors couldnt understand why I was even on medication !! lol not sure if there is much science, i couldnt stomach beetroot in any form so this was a second choice but its seesm to have helped for sure.
  3. can we ask what your base BP was. I suffer from Hypertension and have done since I was in my late teens, and have been on ramapril since then. my BP isnt raised by T3 massively, but it does have a slight increase. The concern with your reading is both numbers are high. if you suffer fro Hypertension before use and its not already medically controlled, you need to be very careful in the compounds we use as all generally have a slight effect on elevating BP. if you are predisposed to it, then avoid it. I have tried Clen a few times and I am very sensitive, 10mg has my hands shaking, so I generally steer clear of it and avoid any stimulant types. what I would add it is weird as when on Tren, i expected my BP to go crazy. however it was better than ever, so you cant always the effects on the human body.
  4. was lucky enough to go to the premier of this, its and interesting watch, I do often wonder how much with Dorian is marketing babble as you dont get much detail. He doesnt discuss the problems with the DY gym in spain or subjects like that, i did hope he might have touched on modern bodybuilding and the competitors now in general but to be honest thats not the point of the documentary I guess. I find it fascinating the guy obviously made some decent money and I love the private smoking club.
  5. eat less and exercise. Honestly thought do some reading. it really is a simple of finding a calorie deficit and you will lose weight.
  6. How you finding the blacktops ? Just had to order myself a load due to the shortage in ansomone at the mo so will be switching over myself. I assume you have increased the dose slightly to combat quality of gear ??
  7. PP

    don't think anyone is hating so don't be so sensitive. perhaps re read your OP and heading and see why the responses are little negative. perhaps a little more information. but from what I see you are cutting, I don't know your size or muscle mass, I would think that Test only ( if your avoiding Tren if not then Tren added) and perhaps T3/Clen etc would be more than sufficient but it still does come down to calories in and calories out at the end of the day IMO.
  8. PP

    stats would be good,. Age height, weight.
  9. thanks bud, when your over 40 you have different worries to when youwer ein your twenties so take a bit more notice of it all !! thanks again for the input.
  10. thanks as Mentioned in the OP I have never used T3 in the past, so first time of interpreting the bloods whilst using. I assume the lower T4 was a sign of using the T3. I hadn't in fact taken the T3 on the day of the test either so that may have an effect. But fat loss is steady, 1.5lb - 2lb a week at the moment at sensible calories and still heavy training schedule and only one liss cardio session a week at present so I am happy with everything. going to try Carb Loading from next week to change this up a little but other than that I feel pretty good. I was happy with the test result as a whole to be honest, after a long blast with test/tren and Dbol thrown in with Adex used as an AI, so all in all satisfied. just wondered if anyone saw anything I didn't. thank you so much for your input.
  11. thanks for the reply I think I will keep cruising at 125mg for now during this cut, high end of normal is ok, I generally feel better at around 175mg a week but was trying a lower cruise dose. so might increase it slightly but not unhappy with that. the thyroid function was a concern, as I expected higher reading. Currently using Uni-Pharma and have seen a definite fat drop since commencing taking them. perhaps it might be wise to up that to 75mg a day.??
  12. attached is my recent medichecks blood test. I am currently 8 weeks into a cruise at between 125mg a week of Test Cyp after a 16 week blast of Tren/Test. I Pin every Friday and the blood test was done fasted on a Thursday morning. FYI I am 42, 6ft 240lbs. Whilst I not my HDL/LDL levels are not great they are coming in check so I think I have that. I have switched from Adex to Aromasin also for AI. Bloods have been donated again this week to reduce levels also. my concern is the testosterone result. Whilst the higher end of normal, would you guys think this is in range bearing in mind the cruise dose. please note my base score prior to AAS use is low around 10. also have a question over the Thyroxine T4 level. I am currently cutting on this cruise and for the first time trying T3 having had issues with weight loss in the past. Would the readings be correct for someone taking 50mg of T3 a day, plus 2iu of HGH. any input would be appreciated. S22C-6e17032113260.pdf
  13. I am in my 40's I blast and cruise,, I cruise at between 125-175mg a week I feel better at the 175mg. I am currently cutting and its currently been the easiest and most successful cut to date, even when I was in my 20's. I have retained a large amount of muscle from the last blast and steady losing 1.5lbs of fat a week.
  14. i am over 40 my pre aas test levels were hovering around 10! I'd had my kids and thought so it and went straight in after years being natural.