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  1. Personally I would cut for say 6-8 weeks drop 5% or as much as you can then bulk then cut again.
  2. you need to keep any eye on this, I have suffered from hypertension since a teenager which can be hereditary/. I have been medically controlling mine since 18 years old and now take ramapril after taking various others. My BP was remaining constant at around 110/80 regardless of cycle, but can get way above that without medication. I found Hawthorn to also reduce it but it needs to be high strength I currently supplement with 500mg -100mg a day. last blood pressure check a week ago was 98/65 my doctor nearly fell off his chair. tried to ask if I had come off AAS told him now, and was cruising at low dosed test with T3 and HGH, he couldnt believe it. wait until I go back when I am next blasting he will probably lose his marbles. !
  3. so not to heavy the Anadrol can can the liver, but wouldnt think it would give those sort of readings. Perhaps someone like @Pscarb who would have much more knowledge than most of this sort of subject, but ultimately let the docs do their thing.
  4. sorry mate hope someone can help but that is pretty damn high, I had warning on mine when they went over 218, but I had worked out the night before the test so the rise could be expected, and that was off the back of a heavy and long tren and tes cycle. what sort of cycle have you been doing and for how long.
  5. blimey thats a long read. its also posted in the wrong section, but hey your on to a winner from the start. you have been training for 3 months, your not ready to take steriods and in my opinion clen and t3 is also not for you either. What you need to is educate yourself properly. you have done well with your weight loss. it will slow after and initial rush as the first large part is lot of water etc, however you also need to consider dropping calories to manipulate weight loss as weight loss stalls. calculate your approximate TDEE ( google it) and then work from there and either increase or decrease calories from there. as for belly fat, if you hold it mostly there on your body in most men ( me included) its the last area that seems to go from so there is no magic way of spot reducing an area. to be honest if your 6.1 and 200lb thats hardly obese depending on your muscle mass, and potentially you need to consider actually building some muscle.
  6. superdrol spinx it is from now on!!lol
  7. problem is if you acutally praise a lab everyone calls you a lab pusher !
  8. honestly these types of threads need to stop as basically you have some say one thing, some say another.
  9. I agree with you perhaps discussion, honest discussions with the doctor is the way forward. It is clear the OP is suffering from an issue with anxiety relating to the potential of obesity and potentially body dismorphia, having seen the pictures posted the young guy should just eat well but plenty and train consistently and he would make great strides, but why is he watching things about obesity etc very worrying.
  10. honestly buddy, I am not an expert and still learning at 43 years but after 20 plus years of training, what I know now is that I could have eaten more and been consistent with my training it would given me a better foundation. as you get older and bigger then you can get more anal over your macros and calories. just train consistently and eat sufficient calories and you will grow.
  11. plus from memory your from Kent so that gets my vote !!!
  12. this could be one thing but ultimately your not eating enough all round. At your age you could get a lot more calories in an train without worrying about measuring everything all the time. just eat enough and train stop worrying to much, your making it so much harder than you need to make it.
  13. I think a number of us said similar to the op in another thread of his.
  14. I would add to all this the gentech I purchase one lot was from last year tren and test e but the test c was this year.
  15. Hilarious you blaming me for a bad experience with an underground lab how long have you been involved in illegal substances these places are not bloody boots. I am Sorry you had a bad experience with their products. I also don't really vouch for the I simply only comment as I found using them. I can also only comment on the test cyp I am using at the moment on the basis this has been tested and is dosed accurately. I have also had blood tests whilst cruising which also confirms approximately the range of test base on the cruise. So you based your purchased on my review of them, u then then spout off ur using sis and tm all the way in future. why them?? For exact same reasons I would guess other people's reviews. Sis have various tests showing underdosed gear yet I have also ran their test and tren and found them good also I didn't however have them tested. what I would ask is why you claim they are bunk ? Have you had bloods done ? Have you had them tested ? Or are we going on feeling or sides ?? What are you basing your experience on Just FYI as soon as any gives an honest opinion on the use of a lab on here they get jumped on I would add that once I run out the current vial of test cyp, my next blast is with southern ghost test e 300 and Tm npp products but at the time I had access to Gentech they did ok for me. Would I buy from them again potentially. It also seems @ILLBehaviour ran it and his experience was ok. I am not sticking up for gentech as the reason I got this lot tested was due to so many questioning various products. Just giving my honest findings from my personal use. If no one gave their honest review then we wouldn't have any opinions on labs good or bad.