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  1. ha ha dont sweat it mate, think I have been cutting for so long I am just grumpy and jealous !! lol
  2. my thoughts exactly ...
  3. I am so jealous right now
  4. dont get me wrong mate, I worked a wagamamas in yesterday evening with the mrs, but been cutting for too long and the foods list here seema little extreme even for those who might be bulking.
  5. blimey looking at some peoples diets, I must admit I do wonder who does really lift in here, I am all for IIFYM but my chicken, pastrami, broccoli and cauliflower sounds so F8cking boring in comparisons to burgers, sandwiches of all descriptions and crisps etc etc I hate cutting !!! lol
  6. i am not bothered about pictures personally, I value peoples experience with the compounds more than seeing someone else physique. there just isn't a great deal of information as to users experiences with MTren so always interested in others thoughts, perhaps just post up your experience at the end of the run then mate.
  7. would definitely be interested to hear you log your experience with it mate.
  8. i am lucky dont struggle with rage to much, raging horn how ever is a major problem, worse than ever now I have added a but of mast. I would rather f**k everyone rather than fight everyone !
  9. excellent, I am already 6 weeks in mate so jump on train !! lol
  10. I want everyone involved here to stop a minute, and just think..... how better this thread would be if we got everyone on a shed load of tren a week ... oh the handbags then !!
  11. have you stolen my gym bag !
  12. knew this would get a the guys going !! lol Dave Crossland mentioned it in a recent youtube video and he is involved with them somewhere along the line.
  13. Chem clarity is due to reopen its doors in September time I understand