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  1. Well tastes good so thats all that matters to me lol.
  2. Id say i have about 8 cups a week. Azera shits gold dust at work..
  3. T3 + either anavar or winny. Gonna be a pretty mild cycle though. Id just go personally to injecting lol its what i did!
  4. Id use all of them lol. I dont get bad sides from . anything other than tren. I suppose var i get mad shin and calf pumps. Ephedrine i feel on edge a little but its fine. Id go for t3 and anavar or winny mate.
  5. Hang about? This a troll lol. What powerlifter whos competed can only do 50kg squat lol?? Even if not used to volume. Even if thats 50kg each side plus bar thats only 120kg for 6 reps. Ive never trained for power and ive squatted 140kg for 5.
  6. T3 Winny Var eca DNP
  7. Post your typical diet and weekly activity. This will be the reason and then you can be helped.
  8. I admire your attentiveness to this matter. Hope im still shagging at 77 lol, happy days. But still i wouldnt. Would you?
  9. The answer to this question is.... no i dont think i could. 100mil is pretty tempting but i know how depressed id be if i couldnt disappoint my wife EOD for 2 minutes for the rest of our lives.
  10. Then hes dipped out paying 100m for my pecker.
  11. Wha sadistic bastard would give 100m for such a deed??? So unrealistic!!!
  12. Howd you get on with deca and test same dosage? Looking at it myself, or potentislly 750 test 600 deca.
  13. 23k aint that bad mate. But for london its not great, i live up north and take home about £1800 every month after deductions. Wife works part time around school hours gets about £350 a month. We have about £500 spare to play with after bills etc.
  14. 16.5" Still get complimented, im short limbed sooo....
  15. Id focus more on diet for the fat loss whilst simultaneously gaining muscle. I had a lay off AAS with training limited due to working conditions when i used to serve in the military deployed, s**t food/no gear/rusty weights. Lost a lot of size. I left, jumped on a lowish dose cycle and 14 weeks later bigger than ever and leaner. I used the approsch which isnt no secret, whole foods, carbs primarily around workouts and some at breakfast. Rest days were just at breakfast.