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  1. gotta be the t400. ive hsd worse pip stayed for about 2 days. bit s**t seen as i havent had pip off any gear since i been on july last year, probably going back to early 2015 last i had pip now i think about it.
  2. i do quads way too much, easiest spot imo. need to go bsck to my glutes but is a pain in the ass (pun shamefully intended)
  3. my kind of hell, not to mention the quality of food available no doubt. other drunken dickheads off their face on drugs and alcohol, stinking of s**t too.... no thanks.
  4. i just didnt wanna do over 200mg and fighred 175mg be nice. worked well, gained well kept my size and strength. slight recomp whilst getting stronger. but that was more diet related.
  5. tbh i felt good cruising and was gaining strength slightly on 175mg test a week. strength libido all good and my blood pressure dropped back down felt better generally. upped dose to a blast now and deca in and can feel blood pressure going up etc so need to combst that but i was enjoying my first cruise, hate PCT wsste of time frm my perspective lose your gains no matter what anyone says you lose some and strength etc not worth it imo.
  6. it was youre right. i got it on offer too that blend was bang on. wss my first tren experience and hsd to stop about week 10, too much for me. then went and tried it again a few months ago and had to stop again, mental sides outweighed the rest sadly.
  7. i guess but i was fine on 'guerilla labs TTME 450MG/ML' stuff was cheap as hell about 2 yr ago and the tren knocked my socks off. and that was more concentrated dont remember any PIP really. but your point does make sense 100%
  8. the navy totally different. they tell you the usual BS about every sample tested and for steroids etc. i been tested many times now and nothings come back got at least 5 friend who been tested on gear and nothings happened. i just stay away from eph supps and i reckon be golden. most lads know and senior rates know. tbh most the lads i know in 18-25 are on pills and coke every weekend znd shrooms etc lol.
  9. mate i dont work outside but been out all day, suns drained me i could only imagine being a scaffolder or whatever. no chance...
  10. or have a kid befoee you ever use and not care if youre even fertile anymore... lol either or.... personal preference ive got my little girl do not want another.
  11. how much hygene would you need to use and how long for making it worth while? @DLTBB
  12. i got told i could be offered 4.5x my pre tax salary. which is £28500.
  13. only west ham transfer im interested in is if Josh Cullen comes back on loan to Bradford lol or send us reece burke again.
  14. thats some pushing mate 175 is a dream i doubt ill ever get close to lol. can do 110 for 3 right now.
  15. ive got my first bout of PIP in about a year off this triumph test 400.