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  1. He says in the comments that his videos are scripted
  2. Cla45 AMG
  3. Some can be fast,I have a 2.0t that I would consider quick.
  4. I went to the 10year anniversary, found it easy to get tickets but we did the package with party plane
  5. Cruise all the way, having a newborn is hard work. I had to stop the gym completely for a while.
  6. I wouldn't take anything the dailymail writes seriously. This scaremongering about Russia has been going on for decades nothing will ever come of it, just look at what happened last year with turkey, Russia still haven't taken action. Imagine a country shooting down an American jet there would be air strikes within minutes.
  7. Exactly any logical person would avoid paying tax if they can whether they earn 20k pa or 20billion pa, it's better in your pocket than theirs.
  8. Ordered from same source before Christmas. I originally ordered sphinx test400 but was sent androgens t400, wasn't to happy as I was keen to try sphinx due to good reviews on here but I think I will still give it ago going off Collins comments on this and other threads
  9. Download SoundCloud app and search your favourite dj/producers most will do a weekly/monthly podcast or radio show. This is what I do.
  10. Meal prep business idea lasted long then?
  11. Your lucky then. I stupidly defaulted on my car finance when I was young and dumb. It should be dropping off my report this year was just curious to see if the debt stays, although like you stated it's been nearly 6 years and nobody has ever chased me for it.
  12. Did you ever pay of the balance or did that just disappear as well?
  13. Not sure about chems, but I feel something like that could lead to scars in place of the tags.