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  1. get the shakes past 100 but im sensitive to caffeine, ran it 5days on, 3/4 off. lost bout 5% body fat (20% to 15%) but that's with DIET!
  2. no mate never had any problems with pre workouts, just the fact im sensitive to caffeine so I bounce off the walls
  3. Not really a pattern forming was hoping people would rave about the same ones. Might try the cellular I'm like an magpie and like shiny things
  4. I like the idea of an granddad receiving some juiced blood and thinking he's the Don! aha
  5. I haven't bud. il get on flebay not heard of this either. had- no-explode - good focus mypre - s**t superpump- good for 2weeks cnp- not great sci-mix - again good focus
  6. Sooo just general one really, what's people favorite? I'm looking for a new one that gives a good pump. Had a few over the years
  7. like the look of that medi checks!. but looking on there to check my E2 levels would the finger pr**k be enough or is that how its normally done?
  8. sugars will be ridiculous though surely.
  9. I do 12 hour shifts on my feet all day. so I eat that much when im at working because the amount of steps I do burns 3000 calories apparently. but on my off days I eat less for sure.
  10. Ok thanks
  11. as in I don't need the almonds?
  12. defo, that's why I mentioned some form of meal. and the odd chocolate bar
  13. haha yeh all at 6 il edit hold onnnnn. calories 3400 ish I think.
  14. 6am. banana, pre workout train post WO whey and oats 8am porridge/Weetabix x3 11:00 2x whole grain bread, 4 egg whites 1 yolk 13:00 chicken/turkey/mince 200g, cup of rice and cup of veg snacks- 30 almonds, muller rice 17:00 jacket potato/ whole grain pasta with tuna and salad. mayo of course whey shake 19:00 chicken/turkey/mince 200g and cup of veg or some form of meal. porridge/Weetabix at night. supps. omega3, grape seed extract, creatine, N-acetyl cysteine. 4L water 23. 5ft11. bouncing around 15st. thanks in advance.
  15. 1 rep max 195kg. comfortable at 180 for 5reps. always been a big fan but I can't do the wide stance ones though! shoulder width for me