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  1. I don't agree with posting a picture, and wording can come across as a little off too, but after watching him discuss his point's, some of you guys have blown this way out of proportion. For argument's sake, how old are you? And do you have a child? I feel like you're responding emotionally more than you are rationally.
  2. I remember in your original thread you said you saw them in the club right? So it would be natural to assume they were over 18 anyway, you find out they're underage, and you back off. Personally I don't see anything wrong with that, it's not YOUR FAULT, that a 15 year old has just happened to matured early and has a face you consider aesthetically pleasing. If you were attracted to someone who was easily distinguishable as a 15 year old then there would be an issue, but that's not the case. (hopefully).
  3. TBH, there was a lass who went viral after exchanging messages with Tyga cos she looked older and was particularly attractive - (however she was 14). Several videos of people being asked how old she looked and there were also females commenting on how pretty she was, then stating she looked in her 20s. Don't remember the name though. - just had a quick gander, Molly O'malia is the name.
  4. Hiya again mate, whats your opinion on methyl tren both oral and injectable? Would it be useful in a cut, or best as a preworkout? (or both/anything else useful you want to add lmao)
  5. http://pump-audio.com/
  6. It's fine mate, same question now, without DNP? And your opinion on best things to combat hairloss, I see finasteride thrown around a lot but I've seen the psychological sides to be quite harsh?
  7. Thoughts on DNP, and is it possible to build muscle whilst on it? If so, what would be a good possible recomp cycle, given that diet and training is on point (I'm aware it's user dependant, just an example or two would be nice) Thanks for all this info, and welcome mate
  8. you using the 250mg tabs or 125mg? 125mg feels underdosed heavily
  9. pre-workouts are total bullshit? have you ever tried any??? I'm sure if you tried something strong you'd disagree
  10. Pathetic. It showed they have no confidence in themselves and no confidence in each other, which ultimately put them all at risk. It wasn't even a big fu**ing hammer.
  11. Same thing happens to me, I'm 21. I usually sit up and have to shake my arms violently then drop back to sleep, can happen regularly though, makes sleeping very difficult sometimes.
  13. feels when you wanna get involved but still holding that natty card... could this be the time?