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  1. pre-workouts are total bullshit? have you ever tried any??? I'm sure if you tried something strong you'd disagree
  2. Pathetic. It showed they have no confidence in themselves and no confidence in each other, which ultimately put them all at risk. It wasn't even a big fu**ing hammer.
  3. Same thing happens to me, I'm 21. I usually sit up and have to shake my arms violently then drop back to sleep, can happen regularly though, makes sleeping very difficult sometimes.
  5. feels when you wanna get involved but still holding that natty card... could this be the time?
  6. ever thought of you know... talking to her about it?
  7. real or not, this thread is funny
  8. I think the main issue would be potential hunger cravings from certain AAS. In which case you could just get an appetite suppressant such as sibutramine. It's down to convenience and adherence. I can't see there being much of a difference in terms of gains.
  9. Motivation is bullshit, you need commitment. Commit yourself to working out, JUST DO IT. Make it a habit, don't even question whether you 'want' to go or not, the benefits of working out and eating well will ALWAYS outweigh not exercising and a shitty diet, therefore purely based on comparing the positives and negatives of both, it would be irrational to choose the latter option.
  10. show us ya pics mr.genetics
  11. It's a tough one mate. Was there anything that you used to do when you first fell for her? Like buy her flowers? If so, do those things again, and make a habit out of it, you might slowly start to rekindle your love.
  12. Yeah right now you sound like theres very little except the gym you enjoy, and the little bit of 'freedom' you get on nights out.
  13. join a gym, eat at maintenance and do jason blahas 5x5, you'll lose fat and gain muscle if you're a newb, and you'll start making some great strength gains too
  14. Hit myself in the nose doing seated Ez bar curls.. And hit under my chin doing OHPS once and nearly knocked myself out