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  1. They are the most insane fade ins and fade outs I've ever seen
  2. The point of the hypothetical situation though is that we ARE going to die tomorrow, it would be silly to say that yes, I agree as that's the point I'm making, but, given the post, that's all we would actually know. Even if you did know, say you were going to die by being struck by a car, wouldn't you then also try and avoid that?
  3. In the post we haven't been given a specific circumstance apart from dying. So that's all you'd actually know. At some point tomorrow, you will die, what information can you give? If you were to just say I'm 100% dying tomorrow they'd think you were crazy would they not?
  4. Imagine going up to your family and saying your 'final goodbyes', surely they'd all be confused as f**k. Then you tell them you're going to die tomorrow? I was just thinking of, suicide watch, mental unit, etc.etc.
  5. Not as thin as the skin on my cock
  6. What if no-one knew you were going to inevitably die on that day though, and they thought you were going to commit suicide or something? s**t would get pretty hectic pretty fast
  7. I've done 50mg and 100mg, pump was good, vascularity better, but it gives me flushes and makes my nose all stuffy. Cialis >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  8. anabolics

    @ghost.recon Just as a standard base cycle to work on, 125mg test e/tren e/mast e first 4 weeks into 250mg test e/tren e/mast e next 8 weeks, 2ius Ansomone 5 on 2 off, 25mcg T3 (dunno how long for and what would be a good way to taper it up), and maybe throw in 250mg DNP ED for first two weeks, aim would be to recomp, mainly focusing on fat loss in the first few weeks, and then lean bulking for the next few. Really tired and should be in bed now so I might have f**ked up a few things here
  10. anabolics

    Hiya again mate, nice of you to do this again! Can I ask which company you recommend for getting your genetics and s**t tested? I remember you put it in the other post, also, would you be able to look at them and be able to recommend compounds etc?
  11. He watched a motivational video last night and his life has changed, we're all robots apart from him
  12. Had a quick check of its location this morning via the IEMI number, apparently it's in India had no choice but to report it stolen at this point.. all them nudes of birds I've lost
  13. yeah but thats the least of my worries