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  1. Hi ABC Well what a video and a real eye opener as well, I have been prattling on about the basics of this (ie what our ancestors used to eat compared to us and most importantly how often they ate, this 3 meals a day thing is crap) for a good while now, this next step with all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients in fruit and veg makes total sense to me and is absolutely the way I want to be in the long term rather than popping loads of pills and suppliments and injections of this that and the other. The fasting thing I find incredibly easy anyway, have been doing it since October so to do it and consume this much fruit and veg in juice form would be even easier for me at the stage I am now, I would be consuming a LOT more than I currently am but would be full to capacity with vits and mins, this 60 day fast would be agret thing for me to do now I think, 7 stone off already the next 5 achieved whilst brimming my body with good stuff seems like logic. I need to do a bit of research first and get a decent juicer, recipes etc but I might just try and start this on Monday and see how I go with it, I have been to the guys website seems cool, loads of recipes and an active forum to boot, was a bit disappointed to see he has monetized it with all sort of extras, I can understand him wanting to do this he is a businessman at heart but he was already "well off" to begin with so it would have been great to see it totally free in a genuine "this will change your life" way, however saying that the core principles and recipes are free so, hey money makes the world go round, unfortuunately! Thank you for sharing that movie with me I really feel like I have just had a light bulb moment...............
  2. I am slowly coming around to this way of thinking, it is the personal trainer at my gym that is cardio crazy, I only have an hour with him now and again mainly for weight monitoring and nutrition advice, he does not even like me doing the limited arm and shoulder stuff I am doing just keeps saying more time on the bike, treadmilll and cross trainer, which is fiine I enjoy the cardio side but really want to start developing some upper body muscle, especially chest and arms, saggy skin starting to show more and more now, got a lovely pair of droopy tits! My thinking is I can fill them out a bit with muscle............hoping anyway. I really want to do this: They too say lifting is the way to go but have you seen the guys on the site, I will just look like a ridiculous, weak blob in fron of them, I am confident but it seems a bit like entering the lions den.
  3. I did think of this but because of the 5 days fasting I am doing when I do eat large amounts of veg at the weekend I always end up bloated a crippled with wind, it has been really bad the last 2 weekends, had to resort to the old bicarb an milk on Sunday, amazed I did not blow away! Thanks This might work for me, will a good juicing rgime give me a full spectrum of what I need? Also what about taste? I am not into the old "doesn't matter it tastes like 5hit its good for ya!" Any decent tasting recipes out there? I know some people add fruit to enhance the taste but then I do not want the fructose, tricky....... also is wind a factor? LOL
  4. WOW! How did you know? It used to be 300 times but stamina is much better now, can manages 600 times now but keep killing bulbs, so called long life!
  5. ahhhhhhhhh I see, amazing chef from the looks of it!
  6. Hello AcidReflux Thanks for replying, ok total noob as said, bag work? Sprinting, mmmmm still just under 150kgso sprinting downhill is a problem let alone uphill..........
  7. HUM HUM! Not quite everywhere and I WAS the first to say hello Sadly my Frandeman body is still very much in the design stages............
  8. You look amazing buddy! And the food, WOW where in the hell is that coming from?
  9. At the moment breast stroke, can do front crawl but I have really poor technique and find it exhausting, I am starting swimming lessons when the Easter Holidays are over so hoping to master this stroke then with a little guidance from the instructor, another reason I though a bit of arm pumping might be a good idea
  10. Hi Quackerz thank for the reply, yes I know this will ultimately increase things for me just thought that at the moment my gym activity is mostly centred around cardio and weight loss tha it might be nice to try and do some kind of exercise that might help with swimming, presuming building muscle in arms and shoulders would help? Just need to know what muscles to target and what exercises are the best for those muscles? Hi Felon, thanks for the reply, sorry total NOOB, could you enlighten me?
  11. Hi IB Thanks for the reply, they do not have to be the cheapest there is, O am fine with spending up to say £50 a month, I want to make sure they are actually doing what they should, the reason I say this is that looking on here and also Google there seems to be a bit of a mixed opinion as to whether a multi vitamin is worth taking at all due to synthesised ingredients or soemting like that, so a bit torn on this and really do not know what to do. What does Omega 3 and Vit d do? And, sorry, ZMA? What is it and what does that do? I could search Google for this information but thought you guys would be able to cut through the crap so to speak. Thanks
  12. Hello I am half way through 100kg weight loss, I go to the gym everyday and swim everyday, I can swim but am slow and want to speed up a bit so I can get more lengths in so what are the best exercises I could be doing in the gym to improve my swimming? Thanks in advance
  13. Hello All Bit of background first, rewind to the end of last October, have always been a big boy (fat not muscle), last October weighed myself in Boots on their "industrial scales" and got the shock of my life, 30 stone 2 pounds at 37 years old and 5 foot 10, always carried it really well though and it had been a long time since I weighed myself so was a bit of a surreal moment Enough was enough, there was no way on this earth I was going to ever weigh more than this and the verynext day it began, fast forward 4 months and 50kg has gone! Great achievement for me but still a long way to go, now I have achieved this through fasting, a bit like the 5 / 2 diet but turned upsiode down, so 5 days "fasting" 2 days eating, on the fasting days all I eat is around 150 - 250g of meat and usually maybe 30 - 50g of hard cheese, lots of water and not much of anything else. The 2 days I eat, which are generally Saturday and Sunday all I eat is 1 decent size meal that usually consists of a good protion of meat, piles of veg and then 3 or 4 pieces of fruit for afters, zero carb since October, well apart from what naturally occurs in the foods I am eating but nothing, not 1 single crumb of amnything flour related, bread, potato, rice, pasta not a single crumb Now, yes this is extreme, yes it has been hard but the results have so far been great and I have lived by the idea that my body has more than enough of most things stored to not do me an serious damage, so far so good. For various reason I will go in to on another thread I only got back to the gym properly 3 weeks ago, I am there every day for gym, swim and sauna, gym at them moment consists of maily cardio (bike, treadmill and cross trainer) with leg presses and a very small amount of upper body, don't want to go wild on the weights yet until the bulk has gone. Swim 10 lengths every day (250m) and then unnwind in the sauna afterwards until I am on the verge of dying After having a chat with a friend in the gym whois also a personal trainer (known him for years so all good intelling him what I am doing) he suggested taking some vitamins as I will be very deficient in all sorts by now, no symptoms to report really, feel m#ore healthy and alive than I have done for 20 years but got me thinking that he must be right as I am just not eating the foods regularly enough to keep these things at optimum levels. Here is where you knowledgabkle lot come in, I need to start a daily vitamin "regime" but have no clue where to start and what, if anything would be a good thing to take to help me on my way, I am sure there are many things out there that will help but have no idea what. I would rather not be taking hundreds of pills a day and do not have a £200+ per month budget, I am fine spending money on this but would like to somehow see a return for my invstment, also I would rather not go widly over RDA's either unless there is clear almost guaranteed benefit with minimal risk, I just want to make sure my body has all it needs to get the rest of this weight off, start to build muscle in the future and keep me in tip top health. I am noob to vitamins and this kind of nutrition so please assume I have no clue what anything is (probablt don't anyway!), I know a bit about Zinc and have already decided to take a daily suppliment of this but apart from that have no clue so I thought I would try and tap into the wisdom and knowledge all you have built up Thanks in advance
  14. I'm new here to but welcome
  15. Hopefully, that is the plan anyway Not too sure where I will end up but anywhere has to be better than 30 stone and sat on my arris with a bad back! Plenty of distance to go yet and no doubt lots of chellenges along the way, saggy skin seem to be the latest one Still I expected that, I will deal with that when I get somewhere near to where I want to be, no idea what that is yet, hoping I will know when i get there................. I can't thank your posts as I am limited to 10 thanks a day but thanks anyway