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  1. Need something to help me sleep. Melatonin leaves me groggy in the morning. Anyone try somatomax from hi-tech?
  2. Would not take before bed
  3. BPI sports makes great protein and they certify their products through an outside lab which is nice because you know you are getting legitimately what you pay for. The ISO HD Smores flavor was great and is only 3g of carbs and 2 g of fat with 25g of protein, so this fits in well if you count your macros. I also tried the Vanilla Cookie one, which isn't as good as Smores, but still isn't bad by any means. Mixability could be better but definitely not bad at all. The price is a little high , but it is worth it to enjoy your shake instead of just slamming it down.
  4. not familar with this. Is this anavar and supervar stacked or something?
  5. Anyone try Anavar or Superdrol from Hi-tech? Looking to do my first prohormone and was thinking about try one of these and following up with reversitol as a pct.
  6. This product really surprised me. I've bought Gold Standard, Iso-100, supertein , and Syntha-6 in the past, but I began to have sensitive stomach towards those products somehow. I decided to try something new and so far I haven't had one bad experience drinking this protein! It mixes extremely well, and, when you drink it, it's not heavy, avoiding that bloated feeling. It's light and goes down very smoothly. Knowing how much a sensitive stomach from a supplement could affect my day or even my mood, it's important for me that I don't have to be afraid to have a shake in the morning, after my workout, during my day, or even at night.. I got other things to focus on! This drink doesn't taste like chemicals like some other products do. Animal Whey tastes amazing with both water and almond milk too. My training regimen includes an hour long weightlifting followed by intense endurance training. Recovery wise, I think it serves the purpose of a protein product just like any other protein supplements do. I have definitely noticed feeling a little more recovered and less sore the next day compared to having used other products (probably because I can actually take this consistently). Everybody's different, so I can't speak for everyone but, this product is definitely what works for me. I recommend the chocolate chip flavor.