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  1. Looking super fly @BestBefore1989! Congratulations once again buddy!
  2. Congratulations to everyone involved, in particular those guys who saw it through to the end! Some very impressive transformations throughout. If the top 3 placed entrants can drop us a private message we will sort your prizes! PD
  3. No worries at all @richardrahl we'll get everything sorted for you as soon as possible. Thanks again to everyone who entered.
  4. As promised we are pleased to announce the winner of our brand new Chocolate Caramel Crunch DynaBars is @richardrahl. Congratulations buddy, drop us a DM and we will sort the rest. Many thanks to everyone else for entering and don't forget you can grab a box here with a massive 20% off right now, so that's just £17.59 for 12 bars.
  5. Great stuff guys, keep them coming as the competition closes tonight at 8pm.
  6. WIN a box of the brand new DynaBar Chocolate Caramel Crunch! Yep, you heard it right, the brand new flavour of the best tasting protein bar on the market has landed! We've added the amazing Chocolate Caramel Crunch flavour to our existing best seller Chocolate Vanilla Crunch. Packing in an impressive 20g of protein per bar, protein genuinely never tasted so good. To stand a chance of winning a box of 12 bars all you have to do is tag another UK Muscle user below. Simply enter their username preceeded by the @ sign, for example "@otheruser". The competition will close on Thursday 15th of December at 8pm. If you can't wait that long you can grab a box here with a massive 20% off right now, so that's just £17.59 for 12 bars.
  7. You heard it Friday is now LIVE over at Protein Dynamix...what are you waiting for?
  8. BLACK FRIDAY IS NEARLY HERE We've got you covered this Black Friday, so listen up! If you are looking for the best deals for Black Friday don't go anywhere else. Best prices on supplements including: Whey protein shakes, Protein bars, Pre-workout supplements and fat loss products? Simply sign up below to receive these exclusive black friday deals before anyone else! Get exclusive access to our Black Friday sale 2 hours before anyone else! Guaranteed stock of everything on site, be the first to grab those supplements! Plus a little extra something from us too! All you have to do is click on the link below and sign up for exclusive and early access to our amazing offers... Go...
  9. As one of the most exciting, revolutionary sports nutrition brands to hit the market, Protein Dynamix™ is changing the face of the sports supplements industry. We’re here to help more and more people achieve their fitness goals without compromising on cost or quality. We provide only the top industry-leading ‘Best in Class’ sports nutrition products, from fat loss supplements to high quality whey protein blends with only the finest combination of scientific ingredients - giving you the best product range on the market. At Protein Dynamix™ we understand that you take your health and fitness seriously, which is why we do too.
  10. Hey @mrwright, many thanks for the great review and congratulations again on your win. Glad you like the product and good to hear it helped out with DOMS. The over sized box was to help you take any old supps from other brands down to the skip!
  11. Apologies, email address should be!
  12. No probs! If you contact our customer services team at customers@proteindynamix they can provide you with an independent lab test performed on our unflavoured WPI. Most WPI starts around 90% protein and then when you start adding flavour it will reduce to around 86% protein content. In terms of flavours, it's obviously totally subjective. We've had very positive feedback on all flavours. Jammy Dodger and Marshmallow are particularly popular right now.
  13. Hi @SwollNP, if you use code "JON" at checkout the price of our flavoured WPI 2.5kg comes down to £34.49! We can assure you of our product quality and recommend having a look over our site including the review sections on the WPI product page. We are currently running at a 98% positive feedback score on the independent review website FEEFO.
  14. Slightly later than advertised, but we are pleased to announce the winner of our awesome flavoured Micronised BCAAs is... @mrwright Congratulations! Drop us a private message and we will sort your prize. Thanks to everyone else for entering and don't despair, you can still get your hands on these awesome Micronised BCAAs right here.
  15. Good to have you on board @G-man99! Fingers crossed.