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  1. it's hard to find a legit source that sells peptides with credit card facilities in the UK / if they are 100% legit they will be a registered business selling research products and they will find it very hard getting the green light and get accepted for such facilities due to it being such a grey area and they will class it at a high risk to them and their brand. usally some online stores will register as another business and take payments via that.... You will find that most sites are using Bank transfer, this may appear unsafe but if you were to not receive a product your bank can actually claim back that money and in some cases they can shut their account down if they believe it was fraudulent ie selling without attempting to even sell the product another plus is that you're not actually sending any of your bank details or card details you will only receive their account details to pay into to With me working in Ecommerce i know how it could be possible for a high risk merchant but they do require a large volume of paperwork and high costs
  2. BPC can also work systemically or locally so you can still benefit from subq - affecting the entire body the BPC-157 going to render some amount of benefit in whichever part of your body needs healing. ive even read studies were subjects used BPC orally however i would opt for Locally or SubQ
  3. i thought BPC 157 would be a more advantage with ligament damage. how far away is your surgery ?
  4. You sure it wasnt from another site ive seen a few set up similar to uk-melanotan like melanotanuk & ukmelanotan appartly they are apart of megatan.ws who are taken orders who dont hold stock and take payment via a cosmetic buisness ? the guys at uk-melanotan.com seem to answer me fairly quickly and have the goods within 3 days ive emailed them for next day and i paid £3 on top seem good quality too good firm puks that. if it was them email them via their facebook LJ but yeah 100% i use them all the time and have just got an order from them this week
  5. add this guy on facebook as he is currently running a log on Folli Fanis Niros and his instagram is fanis_ni ive asked him a few things and he is happy to answer any questions you may have.
  6. Hi Steve Im currently using Aicar with my GHRP6 & MOD Cycle i also use Ipam before bed im using small doses of 10mg each morning i have only started this on Monday so i couldn't give any personal input yet. i know a few lads that are using it at a more higher dose and are ripped but again their diet is really religious and recorded to a t i usally find with the Cycle that im using without the Aicar it brings me in well around the stomach which i find normally hard to lose, im hoping that by adding the Aciar it has a faster
  7. if you find that the bac water is pulling in with the vacuum air you can always add a pin at the other side of the rubber this should stop that happening,
  8. crazy again going on how bac water cannot store peptides but where are you backing up sterile can ? i basically think you work for nucleus in which they supply sterile water.. ive never once said guys don't use Sterile water it will kill your Peptide and its make your money worthless. i have however explained that sterile water does not contain an additive to prevent medicines from developing bacterias. you pulled your link out again about Denaturation = its saying an 70% alcohol which i believe it referring to a swab and not a 0.9% Benzyl alcohol it's pulled out of context it could be on about topical peptide that cells are Disrupt ? If you show someone who doesn't do their research before using peptides im sure they are happy to use sterile water but their is no context out their that back up your claim you're assuming as you simply don't know and to be honest i personally don't, what i do know is i use bac water and a see a difference in skin, sleep, i feel tighter, i dropped body fat and ive healed a rotary cuff injury that my doctor was amazed at how fast this had healed all with reconstituing with bac water i don't have a PhD you're correct on this however let's use a common Peptide Melanotan 2 I used Bac water i leave it in the fridge i leave it there for 20 days cause i can and i inject and it will 100% work Melanotan is a small chain so why wont it rapidly die from this mega amount of benzyl alcohol? So basic Peptides will be fine ? GHRP, GHRH ? Melanotan ? i know of dedicated bodybuilders who have use bac water and small amount of acetic acid in what can i say advance peptides such as IGF-LR3, IGF Des, MGF, PEG MGF, Folli and they have seen dramatic difference. TB500 ? BPC? both work 100% with bac water again did you take a look at this book about Processing and handling of Therapeutic peptides and proteins https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=nXo5M0FjPdoC&pg=PA153&lpg=PA153&dq=peptides+and+bacteriostatic+water+for+human&source=bl&ots=cMCt7l2vlA&sig=r3bcF8CDvqL5Ur25-DEj2KZawlk&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiTxtjbk_bQAhXESCYKHaxOD-E4FBDoAQggMAI#v=onepage&q=peptides and bacteriostatic water for human&f=false This book is written by Ajay K. Banga, Ph.D. Educational Background B.S., Pharmacy, University of Delhi M.S., Pharmaceutics, University of Oklahoma Ph.D., Pharmaceutics, Rutgers University Research Background and Interests Dr. Banga's training has focused on formulation development and drug delivery systems. His current research interests are to investigate traditional and non-traditional approaches for topical and transdermal delivery of pharmaceuticals and cosmeceuticals, especially for water soluble small conventional molecules and macromolecules. His laboratory has received over 80 funded projects from industry in skin delivery system drop them an email Degradation A peptide bond can be broken by hydrolysis (the addition of water) h20. In the presence of water they will break down and release 8–16 kilojoule/mol (2–4 kcal/mol)[9] of free energy. This process is extremely slow. In living organisms, the process is catalyzed by enzymes known as peptidases or proteases. All the best
  9. about the " fear is that I have messed my natural production of testosterone up" do some reading on GnRH Triptorelin i haven't personally used it but i know people that have guys that have been living on Test's with no brake when they finally did it just don't seem to get back ive added an snip of an article i read this is a one shot thing i believe "we administered a single dose (100 μg) of triptorelin (triptorelin test), which showed a normal response (Fig. 1). Ten days after the triptorelin test, the patient reported a great amelioration of energy, and his serum testosterone was 7.0 ng/mL. One month later, his serum testosterone was within the normal range, and he reported a return to normal libido and energy. " i don't know much about HGH to be honest just that a few guys that use it and don't seem to change lol im sure someone else will comment who knows about this I would personally look into Peptides possibly a GHRP 6 & CJC1295 without dac cycle This will naturally increase IGF production, along with natural GH levels each time you pin this will release a pulse of GH, another pluse side to GHRP 6 it will increase your appetite which is a plus for a rugby player right? there are many other benefits that can easy be found on the net IGF LR3 is usally injected into the muscle to increased muscle cell growth this will also cause localized IGF levels to rocket. and in theory create new muscle cells If you want to keep away from test and not worry about PCT worth looking into Peptides
  10. No problem have you had a MRI scan to confirm its a tendon injury? good luck with it and keep us updated always good to see the effects on different injuries.
  11. Hi i would firstly add TB500 twice a week this will help with its anti inflammatory effects and has many other benefits for healing normally used for muscular injuries but this should easy some pain and make it more mobile, keep up with the AM / PM wouldn't normally see a great deal of difference with the first two weeks, i would run it at least four weeks and if their is no improvments at all i would re look at your options definitely add some TB500 2mg in their simply add 1ml of water and 0.5ml (50iu) twice a week its not extremely expensive
  12. Hi try searching google with "osteolysis TB500" "osteolysis BPC157" seen some logs with people with the same issues seems to help no guarantees but definitely worth a try
  13. The Video is from Kingsberg Medical, you're fighting for us to use sterile water for what reason? I've used a range of Peptides and have seen results i used Bac water. so a few posts that you claim 0.9% benzyl alcohol will kill the peptide simply i can say it never did. you're putting a link up talking about 70% alcohol can make the peptide bonds brake, i can say that evently all H20 will have an effect on peptide bonds at a slow pace, that's why most people would not store their peptides more than 30 days once reconstituted. like mentioned if your into Peptides and you didnt even know about datbtru then you missed out their were important studies that you wont find on the internet these guys had labs and knew what in lamen terms and in scientific terms. you cannot find many scientific Human trials on the internet there's a few but none will go into detail how they reconstituted their peptides and why this forum did it was a private member invite only... Botox is stored in Bac water as my partner practises this i can pull some links and Dr's recommending this if we need to backlink sites ? Good sources stock lower mg Peptide incase any degrading of stored peptides Notice the link below also mentions bac water for sermorelin again these are in the states http://www.defymedical.com/resources/health-articles/156-using-sermorelin-for-growth-hormone-restoration-therapy https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=nXo5M0FjPdoC&pg=PA153&lpg=PA153&dq=peptides+and+bacteriostatic+water+for+human&source=bl&ots=cMCt7l2vlA&sig=r3bcF8CDvqL5Ur25-DEj2KZawlk&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiTxtjbk_bQAhXESCYKHaxOD-E4FBDoAQggMAI#v=onepage&q=peptides and bacteriostatic water for human&f=false http://defymedical.com/resources/health-articles/185-introduction-to-sermorelin-acetate http://defymedical.com/component/content/article/20-instructions/295-medication-and-injection-instructions-lyophalized-medications there's also two doctors that i know of that prescribe Peptide in the USA, possibly not sport enhancing Peptides but anti ageing its slightly off topic now we can source links all day were i don't take it out of context and then claim hey look it says don't do this when clearly Hospira its a disclaimer so nothing gets back to them if a user injects a reconstituted 9 month old medicine the day you show me 100% fact something that states PEPTIDES and 0.9% benzyl alcohol will ruin the bonds of my peptides then i'll listen, i can give you many links that state Sterile water with no preservatives are made for one shot use
  14. Hi Mate, If it's from that source it will be definitely be Bacteriostatic Water i use this source myself most of the time, they don't supply sterile water as this is used for one shot usage. 1ml is 100iu so you will be getting 10 shots of 10iu this dosage will = 1000mcgs On your first post you bought from peptides uk and now its uk peptides i used uk peptides easy to get confused but both sources are good Bac water is sterile water with 0.9% benzyl alcohol just check and peptidesuk is the right stuff
  15. injections are the most common means for administering therapeutic proteins and peptides because of their poor oral bioavailability. it would not survive the gastrointestinal tract, i would say the first 3 weeks you wouldn't have noticed a difference with it being oral when switching to pinning did you micro pin around the injured areas or was it sub Q ? i found TB500 helped alot with my shoulder with lowering the inflammation to increase movement i still run TB500 every now and then as a maintenance dose. ive ordered from each of your sources and can say i would back them up. i know there are many positives with these healing peptides its a shame they didnt help you thanks for doing a log always interesting to see