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  1. The idea of IGF-DES is very fast acting so it is normally pinned after workout (post) and Peg MGF would be Before workout (pre) If you bought the IGF-LR3 this is long acting and can be pin before workout and again you could look at MGF for after workout, The information is based on looking at these products myself however i opted out of trying the IGF due to little real effects other than an expensive pump as pscarb said in a previous post. i can see the idea around it but you can generate an increase of IGF via using a foundation cycle such as a GHRH and a GHRP
  2. Where did you get these from? usally you would find that a supplier would use a different colour for most peptides if possible to avoid any mistake with mixing products up, they may have labeled the wrong product up best thing would be to directly ask the source ? strange buy 1 x ipam 6 x TB500 it is also strange that you have TB500 in two different colours that would alarm me do you have an injury ? Did you know by adding a GHRH with the Ipam will see that you get the best results ?
  3. i find i bloat using the Pure Whey,
  4. im using PURE WHEY ISOLATE 97 from bulk powders 29.3g of protein in a 30g serving
  5. Info todays weigh in was 97.7kg body fat 17% Height 6.1 im trying to get my head around a HFLC diet ive never normally needed to stick to a diet since turning 30 i can't seem to get my abs back lol i used to eat what i like and then before a holiday eat slightly cleaner and that would work for me so ive read up on a High Fat low carb diet as im just experimenting at the moment im still eating around 2700kal i know if i reduce this = fat loss however this can also mean muscle loss ? now i may be wrong as im new to this and trying to learn An average day Breakfast 4 x whole eggs 3 x bacon medallion - black coffee with drop of full fat milk Train Plain protein shake - PURE WHEY ISOLATE™ 97 from bulk powders Lunch - half a large chicken - + black coffee Tea - Meat with Eggs + greens Super - Omelet + shake PURE WHEY ISOLATE™ 97 My macros from my fitness pal are 65% Fats, 30% Protein, 5%carb i was 101kg now 97.7kg i don't really want to drop to much. My question is should i add more carbs after workout or before? i am leaning up on this diet which i was surprised as i feel like constantly eating. im also thinking of adding Peptide hgh fragment in before bed
  6. depending on how many mcgs you want ? the reconstituting is different. usally the base would be 100mcgs split bi laterally into the muscle and DES would normally be post workout however some users may take a high dose let me know what dosage you are looking to use and i will tell you how much water you need to mix, With IGF you will find sometimes it may go slightly cloudy however this would not affect the peptide to prevent this users will ad 1/4 of acetic acid
  7. i use UK-Melanotan.com with no problems one of the legit sites out there sounds like you had a bad experience, what site are you using now? i buy in bulk especially in the summer i might even start my own i know ones to avoid meagtan ukmelantoan2.com easytan
  8. melanotan

    They are all linked as scam sites, i use UK-Melanotan.com never had a problem always answer questions however there are other similar sites that i know are scam as i have made the mistake i ordered from ukmelanotan2.com its apparently all linked to mega tan they try to get a similar sounding name to a legit site. try calling your bank and report as fraud payment
  9. What Dave said, i personally use the above and uk-peptides a general background check on social media will show customers and their progress with their supplier, ideally you should be looking for a source that will offer next day delivery, fast feedback and can point you in the right direction to help you with your research. is it your first time using peptides?
  10. you should be really looking at a GHRP and CJC1295 without dac.. my understanding is that GHRH (CJC 1295) is completely ineffective if Somatostatin is at the receptor sites. GHRH (CJC 1295) cannot work at all if Somatostatin is present.
  11. Yes you can pin any subQ , stomach belly fat area is the most popular area but as you said it can start getting painful if using this area for a long time.
  12. (formulated Peptide) is diluted into Sterile filtered white lyophilized (freeze-dried) so it wont weigh 2mg in the vial if you add a liter of water it will still be 2mg of CJC such as adding 2ml of bac water it still will be 2mg / 2000mcgs 1mg = 1000mcgs split in 500mcgs twice a week so adding 2ml of bac water you would need 50iu 0.5ml twice a week. I'm not clued up with sarms but i know by adding GHRP and GHRH can increase the GH pulse dramatically.
  13. With IGF1-LR3 & IGF1-DES we really should be using Bac water this has a preservative in to stop any build up of bacteria and also can be store for multi use injection saline water is basically salt water 0.9% this would be fine for single shot vials Getting back to IGF1 if you only use Bac water or Saline the peptide may become slightly cloudy this wont affect the peptide in any way however some users claim it's "bunk" Here is the "fix". 1/3 of .6% Acetic Acid will completely resolve the situation! The IGF are completely solvent in that mixture.
  14. Depending on your dosage with CJC1295 With dac normal recommended dosage is around 1000 mcgs and is to be taken twice a week this GHRH should really be used with a GHRP Bac water is preferred method of reconstituing and yes subQ into the fat area of the stomach away from the navel area how many vials are you using and are you running this on its own? just a bit of advice I would seriously do some more research in the products if you don't know how to reconstitute a single vial,
  15. Most Peptides sides are Bank Transfers, due to them not being able to get a merchant account as it would be classed as high risk i asked this question years ago to a supplier who explained it in detail, i also work in it online e-commerce so it seems to make sense,