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  1. there are a few peptide sites that sell it but you wont find a site that accepts paypal, Bank transfer is safe
  2. wellllll basically i didnt mean i was doing a "how to guide" to post on this forum or any other forum its for blog that i will be doing mainly for the lads around my local area as im always talking about peptides, im very interested in them Peptides have mass potential , more so the healing benefits. i don't just read the forums i look into the clinical trials even today i read a post off topic " Study reveals using synthetic peptides could be a better solution for grass allergy sufferers " as i mentioned to Paul, he has great knowledge on Peptides a hell of a lot more than me that's why i always take note of what he says, i try to give the odd bit of advice on here but im always open to be corrected and i will take note
  3. No time frame from that i know of, i basically used morning and before bed however i believe it can be fitted to suit
  4. Just dropped you a PM, wasnt meaning what it looked like explained in the PM
  5. in a 5mg vial 10 mark on this pin = 10iu
  6. thanks for pointing this out learn something new about these everyday i'll put this into my peptide folder as im planning on doing a basic guide to most common peptides "Oldtimer" i stand corrected ^^
  7. 100mcg GHRP-6 and GHRH (CJC1295 w/o DAC) is quite a low dosage what is your current weight, in the past ive used 250mcgs GHRP and 100mcgs of GHRH this is per pin at 3 times a day for needles i use 30g insulin needles and i get them from exchangesupplies.org/ for these peptides you want to be pinning into stomach fat area and you can put both GHRP & GHRH in the same pin, only mix for one vial at a time and always use bac water to reconstitute Peptides to get the best benefits try to always have an empty stomach 1 hour before a pin and wait at least 30mins before re pinning, there is no limit to how many times you dose per day some lads are doing 4 micro doses a day, i wouldn't advise to increase dosages per pin above 250mcgs for GHRP and 100mcgs per GHRH as studies show by dramatically increasing them above this point had little more effect, but adding pins through the day did normal users would opt for 2 - 3 times this infomation is what ive picked up in the past from researching on several different forums and reading studies on pubmed
  8. Please see image for subQ injections, i have only personally used stomach area away from the belly button, always use a alcohol wipe on the area and rotate, just recently i seen a video of a girl injecting melanotan into the thigh area twice a day in the same position and she was blaming the melanotan when it clearly looked like bad pinning. this can happen with all injection if not done correctly we need to make sure the area is clean and suitable
  9. TB500 would normally be SubQ BPC-157 SubQ or IM ( near to injury )
  10. Usually running a GHRP would inhibit somatostatin, if you were running a GHRH on its own this is where you will be hitting or missing if Somatostatin is present at the anterior pituitary, this is why it's a no brainer to run GHRP and GHRH
  11. To be honest i would rather pin 3-4 times a day with a insulin pin than 3 times a week with a 23g lol i don't find pinning peptides a problem i started doing Pre bed - middle of the night (going for a pi$$) straight back to sleep then before breakfast i find this a better option for myself and on the plus side i know im fasting.
  12. thanks for the feedback going to give them a miss, i have a cycle of keifei their and will be starting it in the next few days hopefully put some size on my legs opting for the fast acting will also be adding some peps in too later on the cycle
  13. Yes you are correct that TB500 will sweep away Inflammation however this isn't the only improvement that it will make TB500 is a synthetic peptide that has been directly linked to recovery as it is plays a vital role in building new blood vessels, new small muscle tissue fibers, cell migration and blood cell reproduction. ive seen loads of success stories with these peptides regarding healing it all comes down to the type of injury as they are not 100% guaranteed to fix all problems however they are definitely worth a try. the reason people use TB500 as a maintenance small dose as it improves recovery time others claim it has helped with hair regrowth Its versatility even extends to its molecular structure and low molecular weight, which lends to its mobility and ability to travel long distances through tissues. This means when targeting injured areas (chronic or acute), TB500 has the ability to circulate the body and find those areas of injury in order to take corrective action. Added benefits of improved flexibility, reduced inflammation in tendons have been noticed, and some users report some re-grown lost hair (also reports of grayed hair darkening).
  14. i would use 2ml due to the vials only max holding around 3ml if you used this you would need to release the pressure as air would build up, 20iu with 2ml would = 250mcgs on a 5mg
  15. TB500 dosage sounds good to start depending on injury you could increase it, per week. TB500 does not need to be pinned near the site of injury sub Q is fine, Its half life is around 84 hours. BPC 157, what type of needles are you using ? for 250mcgs with the amount you have reconstituted it would be 10iu on a insulin pin