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  1. Yes it is, pain, the tissue grow.. I stoped the pain but is 100%
  2. wtf is this? i don't use steroids at the present, i had a small gyno in my right nipple but i killed it. i was traveling in AU and i ate some fast food , a lot... but only 15 days! and now...and i gained some lbs, 2-3... estrogens up? i bought tamoxifen, 20mg is enough? thanks
  3. and why i got gyno only eating? i killed a old gyno 2 years ago, now, im not using steroids (2 years ago). I was traveling in AU for 15 days, eating fast food and the 10ºday, my right nipple started to pain , growing the tissue too. Im on 20mg Nolva ED. Estrogens up for eat ? awesome ... im really angry.