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  1. Anyway.. I'm pretty much done with you lot getting your knickers in a twist.. it's one thing to answer questions but pointless to provide answers with such attitude. I'm an educated intelligent guy and I listen to everyone. Getting aggravated with me isn't going to enhance my ability to interpret or read your response. In fact, emotional outbursts (even if accompanied by decent info) are likely to detract from a constructive result, and/or take away from your credibility. I'm a patient guy but it's pretty exhausting to read posts with so much attitude. After almost my first question, straight away I was fired at. It was bizarre to say the least; I hadn't made any comments, simply asked a question. I've realised after research that many new users end up leaving UK-M for the same reasons. A shame really, as it's needless. I've found many other forums with educated people who give answers and advice without the attitude. Ciao
  2. I hadn't seen any guidlines so far- all people are doing here is getting emotional and ignoring the questions I've raised. today is the first time you've said that. But no one told me what those guidelines are until today, which was my question I've asked several times; instead there's a lot of bitchiness, bickering & emotional outbursts going on.. if you want new members like myself to disappear to other forums we'll gladly do so and leave you all here on UK-M alone. Bit extreme. As I've asked before, can you suggest a better or more up to date study? It would seem the fact you haven't is even more worthless. Being so quick to shoot things down without an alternative suggestion isn't exactly constructive..
  3. Well.. finally someone answered my question (another forum was great at answering the actual question).. UK NHS guidelines on Free T.. got this from educated guys in another forum ""must be measured in ALL cases...should be treated in ALL cases (below 8nmol/l total testosterone or 220pmol../l free testosterone)"" above quote is in the british medical journal from geoffrey hackett. Your free is about 200pmol/l, So, let this be a warning to forum members on here (and helpful for new users)- despite the angry remarks of various users on here ignoring my Free Testosterone level and saying 'you're fine', it turns out my Free Testesterone level of 7nmol/l is clinically low and I should get it looked into. So in case this helps anyone else to stumble here in the future. Apparently my blood test results also call for thyroid, B12, iron, and Vit D checks to be done. Armed with this info I can now go back to my GP, show him the guidelines and he should no longer be able to refuse testing me for himself. Hopefully I can now at least make some progress healthwise.
  4. What do you think? Why don't you start your own thread? Just be ready for trolling, bullies, and emotional outbursts, as it appears this forum is famous for it. I've only been registered for a short time and have garnered very little constructive info from anyone so far; the only person willing and educated enough to interpret results hasn't logged back in, I suspect for the same reasons. Everyone else here will just read the lab's 'OK' marker on your samples and repeat it to you (which you obviously already know). If you want a remotely educated interpretation, you'll have to find a decent endo and he'll calculate the Free T for you and interpret it in a more detailed manner. (it's well know that many guys with clinically low T, have Total T in normal range, but crucially, Free T, below normal). This is a key point that most people on this forum don't understand. Or use the 'Free T' calculator (just google it).. but good luck asking anyone what the normal range for Free T is on this forum.. or for any constructive info for that matter. Many have tried, and given up. Lots of hot heads on here.
  5. The question in the original post. Here is it again: What is the normal range by age for free T? I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything, I simply am looking to find out what the normal range of Free Testosterone is. As for the rest of your emotional outburst, I'll take that as a firm 'I don't know'.
  6. So can you suggest any better studies? Everyone here seems to be on here just to poo-poo everything anyone says, but doesn't suggest anything constructive. Those were the only studies I could find, so I'd suggest unless you can find better ones, these are the only ones to go by at present.
  7. Thank you for making presumptions about me and my motives, but you're wrong about me. I don't do any selective reading. I'm reading everything I can get my hands on. No one is yet to confirm the normal range for Free T. And as I've already mentioned several times, Total T is meaningless, and in the UK it's nigh on impossible to get a GP to do any tests full stop, let alone hormone tests. I won't bore you with my experiences of ending up in hospital due to GPs refusing to do tests, or the many people I know who have ended up with chronic conditions and / or died due to their GP not taking them seriously. If you have any large experience of various GPs in this country you would know this already. I pay £hundreds a month to the NHS but I still had to pay for my blood tests to be done privately. In the meantime, I will keep searching for a half decent GP who is willing to do his job and not dismiss all his patients citing 'stress' without running the available tests. However, until then, if anyone on this forum has any constructive info re: the normal Free T range rather than emotional / accusational remarks, please post. Thanks
  8. But you haven't given any answer to the key fact in question; what's the normal range for Free T?
  9. It can be. Google it. But that's not why I looked up my T. It's after exhausting everything else.
  10. A blood test isn't a 'symptom', and no one is yet to dispute that my free T is below range. If you think my Free T IS in range, could what evidence / article / source are you going by? Everything I've found shows it's below.
  11. Worrying that you know the above yet aren't aware that total T is meaningless. Free T is the meaningful part. There are many guys with clinically low testosterone who show Total T within the normal range, because their Free T is below. Type 'free testosterone' into google. Articles everywhere point out that the Total T does not correspond to the 'available' testosterone to the body, this is why good endo's and doctors calculate the 'Free T', not 'Total T'. I'm fortunate enough to know this by now, but I don't yet know what the normal Free T range is. If you're going to post answers in such a definitive manner, be careful to make sure you know what you're talking about in case of misleading people on forums..
  12. Can anyone actually answer the question?
  13. What is the normal range by age for free T? Mine is 7 ng/dl and I'm 35 years old. I found this: , plugged my values in and they came out low. and this: and loads of others. All seem to indicate I'm well under though. Found a few more resources online.. but is there any well respected study out there with a good range? Or are the above the same as what any doc would rely on. Thanks Only been here a short while but already noticed there are a few users going around bitching.. we're all here to talk and learn so if its possible pls try to minimise the bitching replies and stick to contributory posts that would be great.. thanks
  14. ok.. so no then. lol
  15. you really think I'd post a question on a forum *before* searching google? sigh.